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Prayers Created by Rev. Katherine Bell

O Holy Mother of Miracles, I come before you and bow down my head into your heart. I call forth ten prayers, one for each stone on your fingers that radiate your light and love to serve all who ask for your guidance, healing, and blessings.

  1. From the Light of Sapphire I pray: May our world feel the angelic protection and experience your calming nature. May we rise in your wisdom as the Holy One.
  2. From the Light of Amethyst I pray: May our wold turn to quiet empowerment in union with Spirit. May honesty prevail and grace- filled attitudes occur that we may form our union…an All Knowing Holy Oneness.
  3. From the Light of Diamond I pray: May the everlasting love and light of trust prevail amongst all, forming the circle of Oneness.
  4. From the Light of Ruby I pray: May the virtuous spirit within us rise with integrity in full consciousness, and an intention of honoring the higher blessings of Oneness.
  5. From the Light of Blue Topaz I pray: May acuteness of intelligence increase a positive disposition, a sharpened cognition that recognizes a destiny of All Love and balance in Spirit and Mind.
  6. From the Light of Pearl I pray: May the purity of morality, the perfection of wisdom, and the glory of faith, bring all the prosperity of our soul that knows only Oneness.
  7. From the Light of Coral I pray: May the modesty of wisdom prevail through the agency of morality, and the joy of happiness for all.
  8. From the Light of Jasper I pray: May all polish the knowledge of our body-mind union, be inspired to transform, and bring forth the greater wisdom of Oneness.
  9. From the Light of Emerald I pray: May the gift of praise be heard as all realize the greater promise of compassion that is known after the storm calms, integrity reigns, truth is known, love, and compassion is lived in the heart of Oneness.
  10. From the Light of Garnet I pray: May the enriched energy of the earth increase healing, enhance creative consciousness, and bring master awareness to the will of all. May the blessings of expanded clarity increase within all peoples that we may rise to the state of High Priestess and High Priest, able to honor, support, and protect All Life.

Oh, most Holy One, Hagia Sophia, Mother of All Life, Grant us Peace and the return of our memory that we are Holy. Awen!

©2020 Katherine Bell, PhD, DD

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