During my flight home from TX WomanSpirit brought this inspiration forward. Thought you all might like to contemplate this:
At times we enter phases of negative thinking, acting or reacting. It is a call to notice something going on within us. A call for a change.
When we are in negative thinking, emoting, and frustrations, we are also blocking the channel of Higher Mind/Higher Heart. It is a time to use the Power of Positive Rejection:
Reject thoughts, attitudes, actions and interactions that keep us separated and living unholy in our life experiences.
There is no need to live an unholy, unsacred life style…when you appear to live in this space Use the Power of Positive Rejection. Then Live the Power of Positive Acceptance.
Positive Acceptance: I Am the Way and the Light. I AM the Christed Being spoken of for centuries of time. I AM, the I AM and Blessed in my Human Form.
Rev. Katherine Torres