New Moon in Libra on October 14, 2023 at 12:54 pm CST
By Carrie Gane

At new Moon time on October 14, 2023 and new Moon and Sun are conjunct both the South Node in Libra and Mercury in Libra. In fact, the new Moon and Sun are sandwiched between these two energies. With the South Node’s presence here, we are tasked with releasing emotional patterns tied to other’s approval (Moon). We are also tasked with releasing entangled or enmeshed thinking (Sun).

We need to release viewing ourselves through the eyes of others and determining our value or “correctness” through THEIR eyes. We cannot keep score, always insisting everything needs to be fair, with a tit-for-tat attitude. We need to release any co-dependency trends and move into a state where we feel complete as an individual without needing outside relationships to complete us. Being our own partner and self-nurturing ourselves brings us into a state of inner harmony. We can then feel empowered to be the leader and pioneer in our own world. We can leave behind the tendencies to measure our own ideas and inner promptings through the input from other’s opinions.

Mercury in Libra allows us to speak from a place of inner harmony and balance without testing others’ response to us first. When we do this, others naturally feel our inner balance and harmony and are soothed by it. However, if we don’t balance ourselves first before looking outward to others, our self-expression and communications will dip into first feeling out others for their approval. Then we are speaking from a state of people-pleasing, which causes us to dip into others’ energy and try to appease them so we can feel peace and harmony within ourselves. This does not work.

In fact, we have Mars in Scorpio also joining in to drive home this point. While the South Node, Sun, new Moon and Mercury all hold hands together, Mars is on the outside perimeter, acting as a kicker. Mars will continue to kick us back into balance if we start acting in overly emotional, dramatic, aggressive ways. We must use Mars in Scorpio with a focus on our inner process and let our emotions go fallow when we get riled up.

Keeping our balance through the essence of the new Moon and Sun’s light waves in Libra allows us to better recognize and reap the rewards the Earth is gracing us with this month.

At the new Moon, the Earth is sandwiched between the North Node (our soul path) and Chiron (our deepest wound). By the time we arrive at the full Moon, the Earth will be sandwiched between the Full Moon and Jupiter. This brings us a great opportunity to move a lot of energy forward in a positive, empowering way. 

This new Moon will highlight where we have a desire to let go of fear and just go for it (Aries), yet find the scars and pain of our past (Chiron) holding us back or causing us to give up and quit. If we can understand how both our Soul push and our deepest wound are working together to help us develop our world in a greater way, we can see how all of our past life experiences have brought us to this present moment. We are now empowered to see the soul path with have traveled in this lifetime and how it has taught us lessons of personal will, strength, assertiveness and our true expression of self. 

Then, at the full Moon on October 28, 2023, we can take full advantage of manifesting our intentions through Taurus’ full Moon energy. We will have the exalted full Moon sandwiched between the guiding light of Earth in Taurus (exalted in Taurus) and Jupiter in Taurus. Jupiter in Taurus is a benevolent assistant and giver of all we need, including material and physical gifts. Experiencing and continuing to share our inner wealth, optimism, positive feelings and joy with others will enhance our ability to manifest well at this full Moon.


We also have two very uplifting Sabian symbols to reflect on and tap into their energies this month.

The Sabian symbol for the new Moon and sun in Libra at 21 degrees 7 minutes is “A CHILD GIVING BIRDS A DRINK AT A FOUNTAIN”. There is an innocence found in the child’s nature. There is no though of reward or compensation, just a generosity of Spirit coming through the child. The water represents an essential quality of life, the well we can drink from to replenish ourselves. A fountain has an unlimited, moving quality to it. Its sound calms us. To give another water is to share in the giving of nourishment, nurturing and substance of life. Water heals and renews us. 

The Sabian symbol for the new Moon/ Sun’s opposing partner Earth at 21 degrees 7 minutes is “THE GATE TO THE GARDEN OF ALL FULFILLED DESIRES”. This speaks to a “fenced-off concentration of fertile reward”. We must go through a gate way to enter this inner garden. Where is the gate located? Within our partnership with Spirit-Soul. The word “Desire” comes from the Latin word “De” which means the absence of , and the Latin words “sidus, sideris”, which mean “Star”. Ego desires can take us away from our own inner Star/ inner Light. Moving towards our inner Light, our inner Star, brings us through the gate and into our own inner garden, where our true Spirit-Soul desires can be manifested abundantly.


Venus in Virgo at 5 degrees is opposite Saturn at 0 degrees Pisces. How do we recognize and love our wholeness, have faith in ourselves and value the inner wisdom we carry? How are we in service to the Divine and others? These are questions Venus in Virgo asks. How do we built an inner foundation based on our spiritual nature and the Oneness we feel with the Divine? These are questions Saturn in Pisces asks. With Saturn in the potent 0 degree, we have pure energy potential here.

Pluto has turned direct after 5 months of being retrograde. This means whatever deep transformational process we have been going through (individually and collectively) has hit a milestone. For the past 5 months, we have been reviewing, evaluating and revising, reworking and releasing the inner and out foundations and structures (Pluto in Capricorn) that we see are not beneficial to us anymore. Now, we are ready to move forward again, feeling a stronger sense of clarity around what needs to go, what needs to stay, and what needs to continue to transform. 

This movement of energy will definitely been seen on a world-wide scale since Pluto is a planet that brings transformation at global levels. Yet, if Pluto makes contact with any planets in your birth chart, you will feel and see this process taking place on a more personal level. Those people born with their Sun or Moon in Capricorn will also feel this shift acutely, as they have been enduring being under the “direct focus” of Capricorn’s energy these past several years, and especially these past 2-3 years as Pluto has been moving through the final degrees of Capricorn.


At the full moon on October 28, 2023, the Sun and the full Moon will be in opposition to each other (an occurrence at every full Moon). The Sun will be holding hands (conjunct) with Mercury and Mars, both in the sign of Scorpio now. 

Mars in Scorpio brings us more into our feeling nature and this is how we feel prompted to take action at this time. Our need to go beyond the surface of life and wade into our emotional depths will drive our actions while Mars is in Scorpio. We would prefer to feel drama, crisis and emotional excitement than to feel nothing at all. There is a sense that these emotions and experiences will brings us powerful opportunities to purify and follow through with this cycle of change and clearing. 

With Mercury in Scorpio, and working closely with Mars in Scorpio, we will express and speak about the deeper, darker side of human living and the experiences in our lives that have brought about deep, personal transformation. The “Me Too” movement is a perfect example of Mars in Scorpio, where verbalizing and speaking about our emotional depths, our “personal Hell” and those experiences that have been out of our control, can be transformed by bring them to light and giving verbal expression to what we have experienced.

Opposite the Sun, the full Moon in Taurus is conjunct the Earth and Jupiter. The process initiated at the new Moon in Libra, that of releasing and coming into an inner balance, has progressed as we have crossed the bridge into the energy of the Scorpio/ Taurus polarity. At the time of the full moon, we can see the purification occurring within us through the way we speak and take action. The full Moon in Taurus is a very fertile, abundant moon! Whereas Scorpio will work with our deep emotions, Taurus will work with our physical bodies, our psychical senses and the physical, tangible world. It is also our Soul voice made manifest. With the full Moon conjunct the Earth in Taurus, we can experience a sense of personal life mastery if we can keep our emotional nature open, caring and authentic. 

With Jupiter in Taurus and holding hands with the Earth and full Moon in Taurus, we can experience great abundance within ourselves and our world at full Moon time. We can do this by allowing Jupiter to help us expand our sense of worthiness beyond what we have previously known. Jupiter and the full Moon working together will also allow us to expand our emotions and feeling nature in positive ways, shifting our emotional states from over-emotional or insensitive into sensitive and expressive feeling states. With the full Moon exalted (at its greatest power/potential) in Taurus, we truly have a blessing in manifesting and expanding our experiences of abundance, material success, physical health and sensual pleasures this month. 

When we stay in inner balance and harmony and express our true selves without fear of others reactions, we use the new Moon energy to seed the inner harmony of our Spirit-Soul harmony and outer self-expression. When we stay connected to our soul voice, allow the depths of our feeling nature to water us and allow transformations to occur for our Highest good, we are guided into our inner garden and our partnership with our Spirit-Soul. Here, we can receive our “fenced-off concentration of fertile reward”.