New Moon in Scorpio on November 13, 2023 at 3:27 am
By Carrie Gane

The new Moon in Scorpio occurs on November 13, 2023 at 3:27 am. The new Moon and Sun are holding hands and in tight conjunction with Mars in Scorpio at new Moon time. Scorpio is THE sign that brings ultimate transformation at many levels of ourselves and our lives. Scorpio often asks us to surrender to experiences of transformation that are beyond our control. Scorpio, and its ruler Pluto, bring necessary upheaval to our lives to allow the seeds within us to push up and out, expanding our soul’s evolution. We are a human, and yet the path our soul chooses to take in this lifetime is focused on growth and adaption. We will enter the adaption phase next month with Sagittarius. First, the soul must clean house of what is keeping us from moving forward in our transformation. The wisdom we have each acquired so far must be separated from the waste that we are done with. We are composting within this month. The inner soil of our soul is in its dormancy period right now. 

Mars in Scorpio equals purification, especially in how we speak. Mars gifts us with a very active, masculine energy field that motivates us and show us where our passion lies. Mars in Scorpio brings us the resources to combine the fire of Mars and the water of Scorpio to bring about an alchemical effect. How do we express our personal power? How do we take action to purge and eliminate outdated ideas about ourselves? 

The new Moon and Sun are occurring this month in what is considering the “deepest and darkest areas of ourselves and our psyche”. This darkness can be disturbing. It can bring up a natural fear that what we find in our inner darkness will be ugly, wicked, unholy, unsacred, broken, uncontrollable. It can feel like opening up a Pandora’s box within and then being taken over by its intensity. Most often, our darkest secrets, taboo fantasies, power plays and abuse take place in this area of zodiac ruled by Scorpio and Pluto.

Yet, this is where we “have become”, through all the iterations of ourselves we have grown through, continually shedding, evolving and transforming again. Our “darkness” within holds the greatest “space” to heal, listen and connect with the Divine. It is where our greatest, inner creative power lives. To discover this space, though, we must be willing to enter the darkness. We must be vulnerable and receptive to ourselves. 

The Sabian symbol for the new Moon and Sun at 20 degrees and 43 minutes is “A soldier derelict in duty”. In the beginning stages, when we enter into our own inner darkness, there is fear. We have been “schooled” throughout our life by societal rules and expectations. Beyond that, we carry “human conditioning” from past lifetimes of what it is to be human and what humans are suppose to do. “A soldier derelict in duty” asks us to release our sense of duty in upholding outgrown ideas of who and what we are. Is there an area of our lives where we desire to go “AWOL” and escape self-imposed limitations or ego-driven choices? Soldiers fight and war. They do not compromise or back down. Mars represents soldiers and wars. Do we want to continue battling and warring with our sacred inner nature, especially our Divine feminine nature? Our Divine feminine nature is what is found in our darkness. Can we abandon our “military post” and be true to our soul’s calling for transformation?

We have a few helpers here to help us with this. First we have Scorpio’s opposing partner of Taurus to remind us of our self-worth. Taurus strengthens our inner hearing of our soul’s voice and our conviction to follow that voice. When we start to fall into illusion of what we will find in our own inner darkness, Taurus will remind us that all life is seeded and grows in the dark womb before it is manifested in the Light. Taurus will cultivate those inner seeds with Love as long as we stay connected to our Divine inner nature. 

Since Taurus is ruled by Venus, we find the inner power to create and attract the experiences and circumstances we desire. Venus teaches us to do this first through the love of ourselves and others. The Sabian symbol for the Earth in Taurus at 20 degrees and 43 minutes, opposing the new Moon and Sun on November 13, 2023, is “A finger pointing to an open book”. We can think of Taurus and Venus as the fingers pointing us towards our soul. Our soul’s voice is what desires to be seeded now. With Uranus also in Taurus now, holding hands (conjunct) with the Earth in Taurus, we can receive sudden insights and ah-has from our soul. 

Another helper this month is Mercury in Sagittarius. Where Mars is asking us to purify/ refine how we express ourselves, Mercury in Sagittarius is asking us to speak with a sense of benevolence, expansion and generosity. For all its wisdom and fiery nature, Sagittarius is often found to be a quieter, almost silent energy. Mercury in Sagittarius brings forward both inner reflection and the outer sage. It has shaken off the intensity of Scorpio and is now experiencing the expression of a new cycle of being. Sagittarius can bring a warming, Light-filled quality to our speech- in both our inner dialogue and our conversations with others. Often, Mercury in Sagittarius needs silence to heal and to prepare for inner guidance to flow in time.

A sextile, a blend of two complimentary energies- in this case Fire and Air, is occurring between Mercury in Sagittarius and Venus in Libra. Venus feels right at home in Libra, as it rules Libra. When Venus is in Libra, we are more gracious and tactful in our relationships. We are willing to give up having our way to reach a compromise, a blend or a balance. Venus in Libra will first guide us into our primary relationships, the one we have with ourselves and the one we have with the Divine. We can feel an inner sense of balance and harmony if we have cultivated a stable, primary relationship with ourselves and the Divine. Then our inner essence of Love draws to us like vibrations for manifestation. Yet, if we become dependent on primarily experiencing self-love through others and our relationships with others, then we have not truly cultivated the self-love and self-worth Taurus is asking us to develop. We have an unstable foundation.

At new Moon time, we also find the new Moon, Sun and Mars all in a grace-filled (trine) connection with Neptune in Pisces. Neptune rules Pisces, so it is at home in this placement. If we are stuck in emotional tangles or turmoil, we can go within and step into the great Ocean of Divine Consciousness. We can let go of our struggles and our sense of a personal self and return to a state of Oneness, much like walking into the literal ocean and becoming one with its movements and energy. We can let go to this grander sense of connection.

Rounding out our team of helpers, we have the North Node (soul push) and Chiron (deepest wound/ greatest healing) in Aries. The North Node and Chiron are making an awkward (quincunx) connection with the new Moon, Sun and Mars in Scorpio. Scorpio and Aries do not speak the same language. They do not have any obvious “common ground”. Yet, they have a hidden connector. Mars was the ancient ruler of Scorpio, before Pluto was discovered. Now Mars is considered the ruler of Aries. We can choose to see this as an evolution of the zodiac signs. Has Mars evolved from ruling Scorpio (deep transformation and our inner psyche) to ruling Aries (pioneer, trailblazer, firecracker, assertive leader)? What does that means to us? When we are tempted to fall back into the lower vibration of Mars in Scorpio- war and infighting with ourselves and each other, we can instead move into a state of seeing through our single eye- the eye of the Divine. We can express our bright, innocence, active energy from a place of self-love and self-empowerment. 

With both the North Node and Chiron holding hands (conjunct) in Aries right now, we are continuing to move down the path our soul is pushing us to travel. Our path allows us to bring additional healing to our greatest wounds by seeing them through the eyes of Divine wisdom. This also allows us to use the energy of the new Moon, Sun and Mars in Scorpio to “see” ourselves in the darkness, but not get swallowed up by our fears of our inner darkness. Nothing exists only in the light. There must be a balance and a flow between the two.

Lastly, we have Pluto in Capricorn, who will drive home this point. Pluto is moving direct again and is at 28 degrees and 09 minutes. Pluto will be moving into its critical 29th degree soon. For now, Pluto in Capricorn squares both the South and North Nodes. Capricorn is a builder, a slow one. Ruled by Saturn, it moves step by step though processes and does not waste. Saturn is a builder of foundations. 

As we see the new Moon’s energy guiding us to move from the South Node in Libra to the North Node in Aries, we see we are being guided back towards our relationship with ourselves. We have spent most of our lifetimes on this Earth evolving our sense of self through our relationships with others. We have become overly-developed in how we dissect, discuss and determine who we are through our outer relationships to others, be it people, power, status, objects, etc. But, if we’ve been walking a spiritual path, we are also highly developed in our relationship with ourselves and the Divine. We’ve journeyed, we’ve sat quietly and listened, we’ve harmonized internally. 

Now, we are being guided to move into new levels of independence, inner-authority and inner Creator. We can be a leader. We can be a trailblazer. We can be a bump on a log that has no need to prove anything. However our soul is calling us, pushing us, to come to know our Divine essence, we can go for it. We can abandon our soldier’s post and follow the Divine’s finger, pointing us into the open book of our soul. At this time of year, the veils are thinner. Our connection to the 3D world of Earthly living and the spiritual world of sacred, vibrational beings is more blended. Our invitation is to come within, get cozy in the darkness and open ourselves up to knowing another layer of our evolving soul and our inner Divinity.