The Womb of the New World!

Hello everyone:

I’m writing this well before New Moon. Simply, I was inspired to do so as I meditated and prayed for worldly assistance. During the meditation I was brought into a space of memory of poems I used to write. Why? Well, sometimes, I simply don’t know why I drift where I do. I give honor that more is beneath my human knowing. So, I pause before I write of the Moon Mother Musing for Oak and the Inner partnership of Birch, in order to share what occurred in writing of a poem with a special purpose. It has the tip of the message of Oak, for Oak is symbolic of the Divine Mother.

In High School, and in College, I loved my English classes. A remarkable teacher in college taught more creative writing than didactic teaching of the English language. She always stirred something greater than my intellect. My whole being came alive. Poetry was what I often wrote and whenever it dried up, I knew I was in a funk. One training this teacher presented was writing in an acrostic manner. I haven’t done that in ages. I encourage you to look up the word, if you don’t know its meaning. However, from beginning a prayer and drifting into poetry, I began an acrostic message based on the way I had initiated my prayer-meditation. Please enjoy the poem and the discovery of the sacred words within it.

Hourly I stand

One in spirit and body Living in my heart Yearning for Oneness Love

Morning light bids me:

Over yonder wonder Traverse with joy and laughter

Honor everyone Eveningtide will call you Render then to silence

Hear the night bird twitter Orating its message to all

Leave footprints of this knowledge Youthful ones will recall

Order of the darkness Frees the mind of the day

Head toward the star path Over the hills and far away Lean on wings of angels Identified as love

Enter heaven’s gateways See your self as a dove

Harvest from your dreamscape Orations of your soul Learn from its mastery Your tasks yet to be told

Once knowledge is accepted Newness will occur

Each and every moment, creation is yours

—Rev. Katherine Bell

Entering the New Moon – Oak: Active Conscious – Universal Law of Containment

Holy Mother, Holy of Holies, Holy One

Yes, I have mentioned that Oak has a reference to Mother, amongst many things. In Astrology, she reflects Cancer, the symbol of Mother and Family, the foundation of life that is set as we birth and develop through our childhood, and ultimately, the sacred wisdom of our soul incarnating.

The Tree of Life reveals one of the pathways of the soul incarnating. It is the Path of Cheth, that emerges from the Sephirah (sphere) called Binah/Understanding. Binah is the Universal Mother. It is the Great Womb of the Shekinah (Soul of the World). The color of Binah looks black/dark

blue, and is the Sacred House of all Souls being created to exist in individuality. Cheth, more yellow orange, extends just below Binah merging with the Red sphere of Geburah where refinement of creation occurs, and the soul is on its journey to explore its own mastery and creative powers.

Cheth is translated as Fence and/or Gate. Gate is the theme of this lunar

cycle as noted on the first page. Will we open the Gate (or womb) of our Soul or will we keep it closed? The choice is ours to honor as each soul is gifted with an incarnate journey, offering choices to make and a material life to explore.

Oak also means “to contain” and I have written an affirmation to honor the blessings of this energy that is within our soul consciousness:

Affirmation: Contained in the Universe, the Universe is Contained in Me. I constantly contain Wholeness.

Law of Containment. This law states, Energy is abundant passive and active frequencies. In order to manifest the expression of contrasting energetic qualities, a synthesis must occur from within a boundary-less boundary of the Universe. By the containment of the active and passive energies, a fusion occurs and the result is a manifested reality that is greater than the sum of the two.

This law provides the consciousness that forms the union of matter and non matter, passive and active energy, and the fusion of boundaries in a boundaryless Universe. The quality of a boundary provides the ways and means to use the wisdom and vibrancy of Source.

We are constantly using this law and it is revealed by how we contain and use our inner power, our thoughts, our emotions and our actions. We reveal this containment in our outer reality by setting the parameters of experiences and expressions.

The parameters you set bring about self awareness and therefore self expression. It is very important that you know yourself and share yourself with others by setting boundaries, so you may live victoriously on your Life Path. It is within this parameter setting, self awareness, and self expression, that you unveil the patterns to create and manifest.

As we, a collective group of souls living in matter, continue to ignore our diversity, fight for separation rather than unity, we will contain ignorance and limitation. We will not free the field of higher wisdom, the sacred divinity that is within us, nor create the soul expression we are called to manifest. As we open to the realization each and every one is a diverse expressions of the Holy One, we will live in the containment of nurturing self and others in order that Creation may express in multiple patterns of various realities of individual souls that fully color all life with options and opportunities to explore and enhance living in the realm of matter. We will open the gate of full expression.

We are Gate Keepers individually and collectively. Are we going to keep our soul gate closed or are we going to open it? Are we going to block the gate of others or help to open their gates? When we truly examine ourselves in the wisdom of the Universe, what we see as others is the Holy One and it is our self. Thus, to open the Gate we open to All Possibility.

In the deeper recesses of mystical wisdom, we discover another statement of knowledge of many Souls. We learn there is only the Soul of the Holy Spirit expressing in many rays of energy. Each is a colorful expression of the Holy One. We are but a beam of light reflecting as an individual soul encased in a human configuration in the full range of Light called, “The One Light.” Ultimately, we are contained in the ONE LIGHT, thus nothing and no one is truly different, simply expressing the multiplicity of the Consciousness of the Divine. If we shun another, we shun our self; and ultimately, we shun the Divine.

The One Light is Strong, Nurturing, Life Giving, and constantly birthing Itself in waves of light and matter to reveal Its multiplicity. It is the Shekinah – the Father/Mother/Soul-Child. This is a concept to repeatedly think about, contemplate, feel, and Understand (Binah).

To the Celts, the Oak Tree is the most powerful and most sacred element. In the Celtic letters, Oak/Duir is placed in the middle of the alphabet. Some say to protect its power. Perhaps it is to balance the power so it does not destroy by imploding or exploding.

Duir also means door which can translate as a gate. A fence with a gate can protect, nurture, balance, and close for growth within the confines of an area. It can open for the freedom of expression, when something is fully developed. It can contain or restrain. Ultimately, when a gate is opened, the fenced-in arena can freely release and fully express what has been growing in the field of life.

However, if containment is held for too long a period, deterioration can occur. For instance, if you keep a child contained in a room, they have no place to grow, no interaction with others to learn of the greater whole. If we contain our spirit of intentions, two things may occur. First, we may allow our soul roots to become strong and grow into a mature state of consciousness. If we maintain the confinement, not listen to the voice of our soul or the urging to move forward, we may keep our soul from its expression and the roots become entangled, strangling life force. Our evolution of growth will be stifled. We are called to learn when to close and when to open the gate and expand the parameters of growth.

When we look at the sacred card of Oak/Duir, we can see that the Oak Grove has a doorway to it, but that door is not the only way into the grove. The trees do not bind each other though they form a sacred circle, a place to congregate, hold ceremony, and learn from the High Priestess or Magi. The space between the trees allows entrance and exit as well (as long as the circle is honored). Another container within the symbols is the cauldron. It is without a lid and steaming with the aromas of life sustaining energy, yet it does contain the foods and fluids of nurturing essences to be used at just the right moment. The pregnant mother is most certainly ready to open her cauldron of life to birth a child. However, we do not see what is yet to be birthed. Nearby is a book. It is opened revealing wisdom can flow out of the container of pages, written with knowledge of every day wisdom as well as sacred insights of life.

As we work with “containment consciousness” this month, consider our true wisdom is to nurture what is in our cauldron so it may birth a new state when the gate is ready to open and free the avant-garde expression of our soul. As we honor the changes in our society, may we pray that the gate can be open to new states of living that are indeed daring enough to be the expression of nurturing all life, enjoying the medley of various human beings, and allowing a potpourri of new ideas for harmony to exist, modalities of sharing life, and fearless systems of balance brought to bear. Are we ready to let a gatekeeper leave the gate to us to monitor? Or do we want to believe we are powerless over our own life and continue to fall into the belief we are less than the Soul Being of the Shekinah?

Let’s look at the Active Partner and the Inner Builder to discover more of what we can utilize and weave into our cognitive power to build a new reality in the realm of 2020 (Soul Evolution and Worldly Development).

Activator of Oak, The Outer Partner: Moon – Law of Wisdom

The moon is also called, “Mother,” the “Womb,” “Reflective Light of the Sun,” and on the Tree of Life it holds two positions on the Middle Pillar. It is first seen as the path of Gimel. It is a blue ray of light emerging from the top of the Tree from the White Light [sun] of Kether/Crown: the Emergence of the Divine from No Thing. It flows into Beauty (Yellow Sphere), where the Highest Order of Soul Consciousness is embedded in individuation.

Gimel translates as camel and represents consciousness traveling from the Conscious State of the Holy One, through ITs state of Unconsciousness, creating and presenting to every soul All Wisdom and creative powers. It then continues to travel into the Unconscious State of the Human nature where the soul inspires through intuition, dreamtime, creative impulses, and emotional fluctuation. Finally, it travels into cognitive consciousness of the human quality of each soul, where wisdom is translated throughout an incarnation.

The second position we see of the Moon on the Tree of Life is the purple sphere on the Middle Pillar called Yesod/Foundation. It is also the center of the Triad of the Soul of Humanity. Archangel Gabriel holds court here, calling out the destiny of each soul to be known to the individual.

Let’s review the gift of the Moon as the active helper of Oak. Do read the Law of Wisdom below, as each and everyone of us has it imprinted in our very being.

The Law of Wisdom. This law flows and reveals that the expression of containment and the synthesis of opposites produces a body of knowledge. This body of knowledge develops within the synthesis. It is expressed through the quality of being discerning, educated, and possessing the ability to become aware of the unknowable known (Universal Mysteries).

How do you use the Law of Wisdom? You utilize it through your power to be aware of and synthesize polarities and dualities. In so doing, you know what is necessary to manifest your desires. You may activate the empowered use of this law via:

  • Supplicating Prayer (asking for assistance to use your higher wisdom)
  • Meditation to gain access to higher consciousness
  • Dreaming to gain access to your inner consciousness and decipher what is going on at your subconscious level (clearing obstacles of fear and false beliefs)
  • Intuition
  • Educating
  • Schools (of all types)
  • Reading
  • Listening to Masters Living with awareness
  • Understanding and synthesizing what you learn
  • Using your wisdom

Oak is a powerful yet nurturing and compassionate nature within us. It is strong and endures the challenges we weather. Why? Because our lunar power guides us like a radar. It is the system within us that detects the presence of our inner wisdom, our fear, our courage, our creative power, and our mastery (just to name a few). We can get lost in the collective unconscious of humanity or we can rise up into the ocean of consciousness of our Divine Essence. But first the inner guiding light of our soul must aid us in our own psycho-spiritual independence from the masses so we may live in the Holy Truth of compassion, oneness, and the Tribe of Holiness.

Affirmation: As my soul journeys it brings wisdom from Divine Mind-Heart. I use the wisdom and reflect it back to Oneness. I learn the power of creation through the knowledge of the causal world as well as the results in the world of effect.

The moon is the influx and out flow of Divine wisdom through the agency of intuition that passes through our mind as a thought appears not “belong” to us in the moment. It seems to have been impressed in our awareness by an Angel or the Shekinah. It is the gut feeling that we know cannot be changed by rational thought (or when it is, we have the hindsight of regret). This is the field of knowing without knowing we call clairgnosis. No rhyme or reason can tell us why we know a truth, or that something is going to happen…but it is, and it will, and, we know.

The moon is our dreamscape when we slumber and learn what is within our subconscious that needs our care and healing. It is the dreamtime when we meet with the voice of our soul directing our evolution. It is the moments in dreams when we meet a loved one, long passed from the Earth, or an Angel, and at the highest level of our dreaming, when we connect with the most Sacred Level of our Being, the Holy One, the Wisest of the Wise…the All Knowing.

It behooves us to know our lunar power, use it, and advance our whole consciousness with it.

Birch the Opposer of Oak – the Inside Builder – The Law of Living

The opposer carries a message of challenge. Yet, as the inside builder it carries a message of positive reward. Yes, I imagine you are realizing we are now moving into the second half of the year. Birch began our year as the Outer Builder and Oak as the Inner Builder. Now the Holy One reveals the power of Her Face, Birch, as the Inner Builder and a reminder of how we are the Law of Living. There is nothing that is not living on all levels of consciousness and realms of existence at the same time. Yet what is it serving in this evolution of the year?

The Law of Living reveals that we are living in multidimensions all at once. We only appear to be living in the 3rd dimension alone, and separated from Source, guardians and souls departed from the Earth plane. As we seek to understand this state of consciousness, we are aware of this activation within our individual selves.

We feel, know and act from more than one dimensional awareness all of the time, and can recognize how we are existing beyond our personal perceptions. We can live with one eye open and one eye closed, and believe in limited realities only. Or, we can open our eyes to the Greater Truth and Greater Wisdom and live fully, moment-by-moment, aligned with a more complete awareness of our Inner and True Power.

Dimensions of consciousness include: Our personal reality, our subconscious reality, the collective unconscious of our Earthly tribe, the automatic consciousness of the galaxies, and the total and complete consciousness of the Divine. Our dimensions are filled with matter and non-matter. We are experiencing all of it all of the time. we are Living!

As you continue to contemplate the power of multidimensional living, how are you allowing yourself to be in a more effective use of the higher dimensions. Are you understanding the power of That which is Above is That which is below by realizing the higher dimensions are seen in the lower dimensions? For Instance, the 1st Dimension is the containment of Source to be utilized in the expression of Earthly existence. It is Source and it is Matter. It is the Highest Dimension and yet it is most dense in the 1st dimension through earthly existence. Can you recognize the power of the Higher Dimensions in the lower dimensions?

Birch is not really so quiet as the inside builder. She is calling us to know the great laws of our self, the universe, and our worldly laws. In Astrology, Birch represents Capricorn–the Law Giver. In fact, Capricorn represents our Government, heads of governments, heads of religions, heads of corporations, heads of the military, etc. For those who follow Astrology, you know that Pluto has anchored in the field of Capricorn since the very day President Obama was inaugurated. It remains in this field for several more years, rocking back and forth in Aquarius and Capricorn until November 20, 2024 where it will remain in Aquarius until 2043. Thus, it will be the uproar of our inner consciousness and outer reality for quite sometime until we learn the massive lesson of who we truly are. Oneness Personified, and know we are called to contain the glory of that Oneness by honoring, loving, and caring for all.

Birch is the inner builder of Oak. This energy is building the new laws, new order, and new leaders. In fact, it is important to recall that Oak, revealing the aspect of the Astrological Sign of Cancer, also represents the Foundation of America that was anchored under this Sun Sign on July 4th. During that time, our nation had the inner builder, Birch, creating the “father’s of our nation” who were to develop the foundation of our government. In fact in 1776 at the time of the Birth of our Nation, noted as 5:10 pm, 1776, Pluto was at 27 Degrees of Capricorn. This year on the 4th of July at 5:10 pm, Pluto will be at 24 Degrees of Capricorn. I believe this is very significant for changes of our nation. (In fact, it is a Full Moon on the Day, and another eclipse. The Moon, Earth, Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn will all be in Capricorn.)

This knowledge can also be what we use within our inner nature throughout this lunar cycle. How are we building new laws, new order, and new leadership of our own self? How are we using the greater wisdom of the Moon to recognize that we are a soul, expressing and living in a multidimensional reality? How can we develop and create our inner nation to be strong, and worthy to sign a new contract to live with the highest integrity, express the highest truth, and honor the perpetual intelligence we all carry into our embodiment as a soul? These words I have just used continue the expression of Birch on the Tree of Life.

Birch flows on the path of Ayin, translated as the Eyes of Humanity, now able to see form and function created by the Single Eye of the Divine. It emerges from the yellow sphere of Tiphareth/Beauty into the orange sphere of Hod/Splendor where we note a covenant (or contract) is created between the Soul(individual) and Source(Holy One) for all that will be experienced in the land of matter (the final sphere called Malkuth/Earth). A gateway for this contract energy to be used passes through the path of Shin (red pathway/Plutonia) which carries Perpetual Intelligence (all knowing of the Divine unceasingly processing through an individual).

What does all of this present to us from the inner builder, Birch? We have it all! We are connected to it all (Law of Living), we are to Use it All, and we are to see it all with our own two eyes. Creation is complete within us (Birch nature), and we can birth it (Oak) at any moment we realize the wisdom is contained within us to do so.

Moon the inside activator for Birch

The moon has active power within. Her power is her Law of Wisdom and her gift of reflection. Recall, as the Earth and Moon evolves around the circle of what we know as the sky and the Sun, as the Moon reflects light, or reveals partial light, or no light. In fact, on New Moon we have a Solar Eclipse. We will not see this occur. It will be noted in Africa, parts of the Congo, Ethiopia, Northern India, and China. It is called an Annular Solar Eclipse, thus the moon will come between the Sun and the Earth and a “ring of fire” will only be seen as the light of the Sun.

A ring of fire presents an opportunity to burn out the last vestiges of the dross of illusion and separation from the true and sacred being we are. The moon is part of the power of illusion as it seems to be a ray of light, yet it is reflecting light, not emitting its own light. Thus, we have, once again, a chance to look at illusions we have of our self and let the dross of false perceptions burn away. We can use this lunar activator to help us realize our human eyes are within, as Birch is our inner power, and we can “see” the true essence of our natural qualities as compassionate, creative, loving and nurturing beings (Oak).

We can also recognize how we need to build our inner laws of sacred wisdom and live by them through the nature of our human existence. We are the authority of our life! Will we honor that or succumb to false beliefs that we have to hide our true self, live outside our sacred honor, and find excuses for not expressing the Divine in our self and all living matter?

Our lunar activator can fool us or lead us to the greater foundation of wisdom and the power to understand we are living matter in the realm of Earth. We are the living matter of all dimensions and, thus, the ultimate expression of the Holy One. In fact, everything we see is just that!

At Full Moon on July 4th we will have another Lunar Eclipse and will see it in North and South America, as well as in Africa. During a lunar eclipse, the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon and appears to hide what is within us. Let us not forget the sacred inner knowing that Oak, Moon, and Birch are providing us this month.

May you discover deeper wisdom within this containment of your sacred self.

New Moon Love and Blessings,

Rev. Katherine Bell, PhD, DD

~Lunar Phases of Oak~

New Moon – June 20/21 Crescent Moon – June 24 First Quarter Moon – June 27 Gibbous Moon – June 30

Full Moon – July 4/5 Disseminating Moon – July 9 Last Quarter – July 12 Balsamic Moon – June 16

New Moon of Holy – July 20, 2020

Please know these are not exact dates, but very close.

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