Hello Everyone:
Love is a huge theme to understand. Guided by the Divine Feminine, we are called, once again, to access love through the energy of this lunar month, anchor love deeper within our personal selves, and of course, share it. We will find inspiration throughout our three levels of consciousness and the field of the Moon will produce activating, anchoring and using the blessing of Love. Also, be sure to listen to the Prayer/Meditation for this month. It is more of the honoring of Love.
We will have a Total Solar Eclipse at this New Moon. It is the first total eclipse in 2 years. It will be clearly seen in India and noticeable in the South Pacific. Also, the number 2 is associated with the Moon. India uses a lunisolar system in order to align with the Western world. However, like the Celts, they honor the Lunar calendar system.
Eclipsing the Sun most certainly calls us within. To come within, we work with the Moon which guides us inward, helps us feel, provides the waves of inspiration/intuition, and reflects deeper aspects of our self. It may reflect our desires, it may reflect our outstanding emotions that free us or bind us, it may reflect our soul and our True Face (our Divine Essence). What will it reflect to you this lunar cycle?
What else happens during a Solar Eclipse? We know that the Moon slips in between the Sun and Earth and conceals the light of the Sun. This impact of energy is strong, and during this eclipse we have a very challenging influence of the Moon and Sun with Saturn, Pluto, of course the Earth, and the South Moon Node in the configuration of opposing forces. There is also an influence with Alhena, a fixed star at the foot of one of the twins in Gemini. Yet, this fixed star is 9 Degrees 2 Minutes of Cancer and conjunct the Moon and Sun at New Moon, silently presenting a flow of energy to the same opposition. This star releases artistic inspiration, emergence of spiritual concepts, and one may find a greater interest in Science as well as Science of the Mind. I will speak more on these energetic events via the Cosmic Influence notes that you can find on the website: www.katherinebell.org.
I was inspired to decipher the word, “Love,” through the English correspondence via Hebrew Letters and other correspondences within the interrelationship with the letters. This allows us another way to to comprehend the value of love.
L = Lamed, Libra, Law of Cause and Effect
Lamed means Ox-Goad and the power to be instructed or/and to instruct.
Libra is the Astrological sign of intimate relationships, fairness, justice, and balance. The Law of Cause and Effect (Law of Karma) reveals the power of what thoughts we carry, emotions we emit, and desires we promote are causal and will create an effect. This may be very good, and it can become very challenging. Our focus of Love for All creates the very positive outcome we want to express in our life.
Thus, we might remind ourselves that it is great to be directed (Ox-Goad) by the Highest Power within us and through this instruction form right relationships, encourage fairness, live in the power of being open-hearted, impartial, and create causal thoughts, feelings, and actions that bring balance and harmony to our lives and the lives of others. This is the Action of Love!
O – Ayin, Capricorn, Law of Living
Ayin presents the two eyes of the human being that are the eyes of the Divine seeing the value in the human existence of Itself. The encouragement for us is to look at others and see the Divine Being they are.
The Capricorn effect in love reminds us to be at the highest level of awareness that allows us to see the Light within the world of all beings. (Capricorn’s house placement in a zodiacal chart is at the top of the chart and noted as noon when the Sun is at its highest and brightest.)
The Law of Living is the power to rejoice that all life is a living dimension of the multidimensional universe.
We can now add that in the blessing of love we see the living expression of the higher nature of everyone and recognize the glory of the Divine in the 3rd dimensional world as well as the worlds beyond our human vision.
V – Vav, Taurus, Law of Life Mastery
Vav translates as “nail” and is the constant reminder that we are “nailed” to the Divine, not separated. It encourages the wisdom that we are worthy of being exactly the replica of the Divine that we are; and we are loved beyond measure. Taurus reminds us that we are the fixed value of love, worthy of love, and creatively expression that love through the agency of our soul and the actions of our personality.
The Law of Life Mastery teaches we are the masters of our reality and the more we realized this, the more we claim it. When we truly claim it through the agency of unconditional love of self and others, we become the master of all realities and the magician in charge of transmuting energy of the spirit world into the energy of the physical world.
Thus, we now add the understanding and living reality that we are not separated from Divine love, we are constantly expressing it, and we are mastering the power to be the unconditional love for self and others.
E – Heh, Aries, Law of Worldly Development
This final letter in Love brings a wonderful acknowledgment of the meaning of this word. Heh translates to “The Eye of God,” the All Seeing Eye that views everything with love. It sees it immediately (Aries). It sees Itself (Aries) in all. Through the Law of Worldly Development, this final letter allows us to recognize the All Seeing Eye of the Divine Develops the World with Love. With all this in mind, let me present the flow of Love through our three states of consciousness and have a look at what WomanSpirit is wanting us to contemplate this month.
Oak – The foundation of Cognitive Consciousness of this lunar cycle:
The Oak tree and Celtic Letter (Duir/Oak) maintain the highest degree of honor in the Celtic world. When Oak trees are planted in a circular grove, they are used for ceremonies that are carried out with the highest intentions, clear focus, and heart centered purpose. The circular oak grove provides the most sacred space to invoke the power of the Divine Feminine’s energy to create and manifest the pure potential of desires. It is the containment for this Holy Energy and a conduit for each of us to gather the energy into our daily living.
Although we may not have an Oak Grove circle nearby, we can create it, image it, in our sacred journeys when initiating our Shamanic practice of expanding our consciousness beyond the limited view of our human existence. We can visualize an Oak Grove as we set a sacred circle. We can place ourselves in the most potent place in the circle…the center. We can feel ourselves contained by the blessed Mother of All, and we can begin by asking to be presented with wisdom needed at the very moment via the energy of the Holy One. We then begin the creative visualization of desires and ask for guidance, purpose and energy to manifest the pure potential of this union of spirit and matter as it becomes the form and function of our wishes.
To truly bring about the pure potential of anything, we must begin with love. Oak reveals the power of love through the Holy Mother of All. Oak also asks each of us to come to the point of this love by beginning the act of releasing attachments to the old memories of our dysfunctional experiences within our family (this includes our worldly family, not simply our biological family). We are asked to let go of the memory of abandonment, abuses, anger, resentfulness, mistakes, and all offenses. This allows us to let go of the “messenger of blame” in our psyche that stops us from moving on. In our release, we can say, “I am honored to let go for I know as I do the causal energy of perfection is activated. I live in harmony in all ways, as does my family.”
Once we can move beyond the memories of our challenging families, we can clear the way for the nurturing and creative ability to come forward. This power provides us with the blessings of knowing the gift of being nurtured and freely nurturing others and our creative processes. This power provides us with the blessing of cherishing our dreams, desires, and abilities to bring about the manifest of what we want, need, and are intended to manifest. We become the “Pro-Nurturer” and bring forth the realization of our desires. We stand in the Power-Point of the Oak, strong, centered, creative and constantly birthing the new stages of our self and our passions. We are centered in relationship to everyone within our World (our close relationships and our worldly relationships to all beings). Of course, in Oak we are centered in Motherly Love. This motherly love is an energy field of guidance through compassion, nurturing with understanding, aiding transformation with the desire to clear the debris in the river of our life, and openly healing disruptions that previously brought the offspring of dysfunctional desires into lands of illusion and delusion.
With Oak being the blessing of cognitive awareness, it is another opportunity to dip into our inner self with awareness, exploring the depth of who we are today, nurture the positive knowing, heal the negative challenges, and clear the debris in our river of life. It is our time to continue to clear emotional struggle with the love and understanding of how the past has led us to this moment. Let us look into the watery mirror of our self today and note our growth, emotional strength, a sacred alignment we have chosen. In this knowing we can honor we are “ready” to birth the purest potentials within us.
Active Consciousness of Oak – Moon
The Moon reminds us how to change the inner plane of our reality with conscious awareness. The vibration of the lunar power draws us within to hear, feel and know the positive or negative directions of our thoughts, feelings, and instinctive actions. It provides us with the flow of our intuition with conscious awareness when we move more into the field of true cognizance of our self and our relationship with the Divine.
The watery pattern of the Moon (and Oak for that matter), can create the space of clarity or illusions, the mirror of our inner reality and outer expression, and so much more. The Moon provides us with awareness of our pure potential if we are willing to “feel” our true self rather than the dynamics of our family life, (whether with our birth family or the family of people we have gathered over the years). The moon cycles contained in the essence of Oak and Moon will help us review, release, and rebirth our true self, our intentions to manifest our full potential, and nurture every aspect we bring forward in our world. We are asked to remember to be in a state of unconditional love as we move through the phases of the moon in contemplation, meditation, and creative action in our personal world.

New Moon: We begin with a dual energy at New Moon: Completion and Beginning. Thus before planting our seed thoughts and desires for this lunar cycle, we take a few minutes to honor all that we have experienced through the last lunar cycle. Then we plant seeds in the Womb Of Intentions of the Great Mother.

Crescent Moon: Feel and then consciously acknowledge the manifestations that are desired and develop clear goals for achieving what we want to manifest this month (and even into future months). Don’t drift in the river of life, as we are called to remain in clarity as we feel and visualize our potential outcome.

First Quarter Moon: Let the inner lunar vibrations be felt. They are urges from the depth of our soul knowing. When we are in clarity we recognize this. If we are in illusion, despair, or disgruntled, we will create a challenging outcome. Allow our self to release ourselves into the sacred depths of our soul and connect to the Holy expression of urges felt.

Gibbous Moon: Allow inner and outer support: Guardians are always willing to assist. Humans are the outer expressions of guardians. Ask for and allow assistance as we forge ahead into this powerful manifesting month.

Full Moon: Our desires have created the cellular union that forms the fully developed essence of our intended manifestation. We are at the moment of birthing process. Contractions start, stop, expand, go quiet, and push the field of Spirit and Desire into a oneness state. We are the mid-wife using nurturing love, patience, and perseverance.

Disseminating Moon: Allow fruition to occur. Hold our manifestation in heart-humbleness and loving awe. This is the moment we recognize what we have sown and now reap. It is time to be in the joy of our manifest.

Last Quarter Moon: Give honor to the power of our conscious state that has held the loving strength of inner knowing and outer birthing. Prepare the way for additional “children” of our desires by preparing to clear the ground of our conscious state, sub and unconscious state, and opening to our Supernal Conscious state with a receptive emptiness.

Balsamic Moon: Be in the state of pure gratitude. Move to the state of emptiness and silence. Clear our emotions, mind, body and ego of expectations. Simply be in the silent womb of the Holy Mother, the essence of the deeper waters of Causal Perfection.

The Subconscious/Unconscious World of Oak – Reed
The dynamics of our subconscious is powerful as well as lethal. In its lethal process, we feel nothing is in our control and no matter how much we pray, love, search, and try to understand, we seem to not gain clarity when we fall into the dynamics of the subconscious saboteur.
We may believe that the messages we imprinted long ago of “I can’t” are true. Messages that claim we are without merit of love, no merit to achieve a goal, fulfill a desires, birth a wish, and so forth, are the fodder for rebuking and sabotaging the ability to manifest what we have been working so hard to achieve and take precedence over truth.
In the power to love, we use the subconscious to get “clingy,” perhaps inappropriately sexual or non sexual in order to attempt to gain what our neediness is demanding. We are in conditional love states with partners. We are also in conditional love states with the Universe…. “Give me this and I will do that!”
Conditional states are not acts of love. They are fear of love, fear of rejection, fear of harm, and fear of unworthiness, for sure. We experience negative karma (cause and effect). Conditional states limit out abilities to live the full potential of unconditional love and manifestations of desires. We cannot share nor do we allow another to share with us.
When we are in the powerful state of our subconscious, we are also dipping into the soul range of our unconscious realm of the level of our being. This powerful state provides us the deeper wisdom of our soul journey and provides the passageway into soul creativity and procreation of the multi-intentions the soul carries into an incarnation. We feel and are passionate with the energy of love that is so dynamic it causes delightful shivering. Creative abundance occurs and the power of manifestation is incredibly procreative.
When in a personal relationship and sexual encounter with our partner, the love quaking reveals soul unity or what we like to call “soul mate” awareness. Love is unconditional and powerful. Sharing in all levels of our relationship is harmonious and we continue to manifest in all levels of our life together.
When we are shivering from soul consciousness of pure love for life, we are in states of supreme joy, creative bliss, love, and acceptance for all. The dynamics of this is beyond the word “powerful”…it holds no conditions and it weaves light and dark with the ribbon of love that carries the constant will to create and manifest.
Active Power of the Subconscious/Unconscious of Reed: Moon
If we are in the challenge of the subconscious, the Moon’s dynamic is lethal. It leads us into the land of lunacy. We are subject to mental-emotional illnesses (that can become a medical problem at its most negative power of the spectrum). Denial is restless and keeps the emotional conditioning in the state of “lying” to ourselves to such a degree we believe it and shut down our reasoning mind and ability to hear any directions others might want to provide us in service to our better good. We travel through the channels of grey to black in our thinking and feeling. We convince ourselves nothing is wrong while completely feeling everything and everyone is wrong. We want to share love, but feel the danger of love, thus avoiding it. We let memories hold falsehoods, twisted by a lack of clarity, and let them guide us in patterns of inconsistency. The experience of insanity is deeper and more powerful. We are truly in need of nurturing care and support by family, friends, counselors, teachers, lovers, etc. But will we accept it?
The activity of the Moon at the Unconscious soul level is very important and extremely potent here. The moon can release the wisdom of the soul’s evolution. It can allow understanding life experiences that have caused an effect and the power to change the tide of negativity. It reveals the greater power of love for self, love for self realization, and love for all others. It reveals the wisdom of the procreation of soul intentions that ultimately carry the keys and code to unconditional love and ultimately to the power of sacred oneness; which is the power of the Supernal Consciousness of the cycle of three for this lunar month!
The Supernal Consciousness of Oak is revealed through Ash
This nurturing element of our Supernal Consciousness is the vibration of Oneness. Its essence is the dynamic Sacred DNA in every cell of our being; and every cell carries Its memory. Its initial memory is Love. Every cell carries the instructions to retrieve the memory of Love, the dynamics of one’s Holy Self and the wisdom of all potentials to be realized throughout an incarnation.
Ash is the Effect of the First Cause to go forth and multiply. Its effect is Oneness Love. It is the wisdom within us that knows the Divine Loves Its Oneness that is the Everything that is seen and not seen of Itself. It is us and it is the Us that is the Divine. It is pure potential realized at the very moment of First Cause. It is the excellence of the Holy Spirit that is the spark of life in us. It is perfect Love imprinted in our very being that is constantly nurturing us.
Active power of Moon in our Supernal Consciousness with Ash
This vibrational quality in our Supernal Consciousness uses our wisdom senses to aid us in recalling the perfect Love imprinted in our very being. It courses through our intuitive feelings. It provides impulses that activate our excitement to live the love we feel and be the whole person we are recognizing at the very moment we consciously honor the impulse.
In this state of being, we are centered, feel peaceful, know we are connected to our higher essence and accept and use the guidance we recognize. We become the oracle of Supernal Consciousness. No doubt, no fear, nor lack of action gets in the way of living the power of love through the actions of manifesting our potentials. We feel and know the Oneness. We rejoice in living the creative flow birthing through us into the realm of matter.
I am quite frequently awed by the direction of the Holy One as She directs the way to view a lunar cycle. When She began with the message of Love, my humanness was in great question. Why? Because I was associating love to the goddess Venus, which would be noted in Willow and we are in the field of Oak. Oh, yes, I took on the honoring of the Motherly Love of Oak and accepted it. I even let my mind go to, “Well, the final number for this year is 3, relates to Venus, and thus, okay, Love.” However, during a review of the New Moon astrological chart that I was sharing with Shannon, I looked at Venus and her arcing power and discovered her essence is not arcing light to any planet or the North or South Moon Node. In fact, as a master teacher of astrology that I studied with, Noel Tyle, would say, “She is running as a renegade.” Okay, she is on her own, doing her own thing, and bringing forth her significant signature in any way she wants. I had to laugh and say to WomanSpirit, “I get it! Thank you. Yes, Love is the theme!”
May you all celebrate the deep and abiding wisdom of Love as you birth your potential during this powerful time of Oak! May you create many days in the Grove of your Oak Circle.
Love and Light,
Rev. Katherine Bell, PhD, DD

~Lunar Phases of Oak~

New Moon – July 2, 2019
Crescent Moon – July 6
First Quarter Moon – July 9
Gibbous Moon – July 13
Full Moon – July 16
Disseminating Moon – July 20
Last Quarter – July 24
Balsamic Moon – July 27
New Moon of Holly – August 2

Please know these are not exact dates, but very close.

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