New Moon

September 9, 2018
12:01:22 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time

Intertwine vs Choking Out!

Autumn Blessings:

Sometimes I’m amazed at how fast the last part of the year moves. Yep, this year as well. The trees in Colorado are trying to color (A bit due to the lack of sunlight, a great deal to do with our drought, and we are chilling down in the night time in some of our upper altitudes). Aspen trees, who don’t color this early, are showing up in their brilliant yellow in Gunnison, CO. Oh, my what does it mean to us? Slow down, enter within, let the inner colors of your true nature reveal their self to you.

The New Moon and most of the month are influenced by Grapevine. Full Moon, the direction of Ivy reports Her power. Each month I review what is to occur throughout the rest of this year with the solar and lunar processes. Amazingly, we continue to be touched by the interconnection of the previous lunar honor to the new lunar honor. Cooperation from one to the other. An, “I got your back, sister,” message. Quite fitting for the Lunar time of Ivy. Ivy most certainly is a time of “we,” joining together in loving support, honor, fairness and justice for all.

As we move into our New Moon Cycle, I’m pleased to announce another completion and renewing experience happening. All of my websites that are part of my business, Transpersonal Development, are being integrated under one website: The and are wrapped into this along with the new area: Clan of the Whispering Grandmothers – Tribe of the Soul® (soon to open the doors of Daughters of the Moon and the Whispering Grandmothers mystical studies). This website is filled with many things to stir your ideals, inspire your spirit of movement, and just rest in the healing essences of wisdom shared. Do peruse it. Also, we will bring in my Etsy store onto this site. On the Etsy site I have been offering the colorful affirmations that have come through Instagram, as affirmation cards for sale, and easels to hold them. An inspiration came to keep everything in one site, thus, soon you will see them available as well at

Over the next year, the service of our WebMagician, Shannon, the website for will be renewed! However, please look into our blog page for updates on our present site, view the University pages, and all other aspects of this website. We are continuing to bring in new ways for students to learn and study and more will be brought to your attention in 2019.

It is during this lunar cycle that we will not only flow with the moon vibrations stirring our inner being, but we do have the Celtic Festival of Alban Elfred (Autumnal Equinox). The ritual will be on the blog page of will continue the cosmic influence notes on the blog page of the website: I see we may still have some challenging energy to work with, but also a Grand Trine offering the Grace of the Divine. Our conscious awareness will assist us in accepting the blessings.

I offer an excerpt for Ivy: The Faces of WomanSpirit, Sweet Mystery, Katherine Torres, 1998.


In the night Her moonbeams brought
the path of knowledge
her children sought.

Tho the veil between here and there
still kept the Mysteries beyond compare,
The Mother-Goddess, it’s true you see,
Imprinted a desire in you and me.
To seek the knowledge of
—Sweet Mystery

To help us on our personal quest,
She arranged in the sky what would be best
to guide us to the manifest of,
—Sweet Mystery

Dancing in the Moon so bright,
She placed the twinkling of starlight.
Guidance and power for you and me,
so we could find our destiny.
We would find it, we would see
through the veil of Great Mystery! Ivy – Still Movement

This Month we have the opportunity to honor the Face of the Divine that represents the underlying flow of 2018 as we recognize the sum of the numbers equals 11 – The Law of Cause and Effect and a number associated to Ivy. Ivy-Gort’s edict to honor Still Movement is quite important for the most effective use of this law.

In the use of the wisdom of “still movement,” we can center ourselves, observe our mind and emotions, our true intention to follow the inner guidance of our soul, and our willingness to create outcomes in our life that are harmonious. Ivy-Gort also holds a great position in universal consciousness of the Hebrew Letter of Lamed. The power of cause and effect reminds us how to take what we learn (Lamed) and urge our personal self to move in the direction that will bring about positively exciting results of the creative flow that stirs us.

So very often our ideas and desires surface with an incredible excitement and we feel incited to get busy, get going, and “get it done.” However, we need guidance to hone it, direct it, and contain it. The power of Lamed provides that. It is the blessing of the call within us that says, “stop, pause and allow the teaching that is before you to be learned.” Allow the wisdom to direct the creative flow.

In the wisdom of symbology, Ivy-Gort provides us with directions to follow. We can begin with the young woman at the fence. She is a representation of the individual filled with excitement. She does not stop long enough to observe and learn how to get into the field. So anxious, she misses the path that leads her to the gate that is open. Anxious to “get it done,” she is not willing to “wait a moment,” in order to get centered and realize the observation state can guide her right to the opportunities, learning, and experiences that need to be woven into her actions to succeed.

The next symbols to review are the man holding the arm of the woman. This reveals the “relationship(s)” that help us along the way of our quest. It brings to mind the ability to become inclusive with all beings in our path. Sharing, gaining wisdom from each other, and of course utilizing help along the way, can bring us to a greater avenue of joy.

We can also put another correspondence to this situation. The Woman can be a representation of our intuition while the Man can represent our cognitive mind. In this vision we see, the intuition is guiding the conscious mind. Awen! A good way to be directed. However, as with all realities, it can carry the “spirit of the shadow.” In this regard, the woman can represent our unconscious fears leading our conscious reality and a true use of our creative powers are not available to bring about our joy. If you see that the woman looks anxious and put off by the man as though he is holding her back, then consider fear has a grip from your unconscious.

We can see that the young girl and the man and woman are heading toward the Robed Woman walking a path with a stag. When the flow in Still Movement, they are observing the path that can guide them to the Hut of the Divine Feminine (WomanSpirit). The humble-one walking toward this hut is using instinct (stag) and higher, intuitive consciousness (horns of the stag) to reach the place of Great Mystery. The sweet un-abiding wisdom will be revealed in the sacred environment of the hut (higher states of mind). It is here the point of still movement is used in meditation, quieting the mind, and allowing the visions of the Divine to guide the next level of one’s personal path.

Finally, let me speak of the Ivy plant itself. Though not a tree, it is considered a sacred tree of wisdom to the to the Celts. As I worked with a student this last week, she made an important statement. As we all move into the wisdom of Great Mystery, we very often move into the path of learning the spiritual knowledge we gain when studying the Tree of Life (Qabalah). She spoke of how the plant, Ivy, spirals itself around every tree it can come in close contact with….perhaps a symbol of intertwining all of the levels of wisdom of the Tree of Life. Awen. Great insight.

In this reality, it reminds us to keep spiraling and intertwining with the greater wisdom of the Tree of Life. Having taught and lived this wisdom for nearly 35 years, I can tell you that continuous study, meditation, and union with the wisdom opens the Channels of Light that calls us ever so close to the Divine Heart-Mind and a knowing of how to live in this human and spiritual state. I have watched several students enter the realm of this wisdom and be astounded at how our life is so deep, rich, and astounding as it is revealed in Qabalah. They see all philosophies within the tree. I call it the “…ologies:” Angelology, Astrology, Colorology, etc. We learn of the philosophies of ancient ones from the Hebrew, Greek, Zoroastrian, Christian and more. All are recognizable in the philosophy of the Tree of Life: A divine study of the Universe.

With the Ivy, we can see how intertwining into and with other philosophies allows us to weave All Wisdom into our cognitive awareness. We can live in a greater wholeness of our self. We learn to honor and live with all people, no matter what their creed, color, and genetics may be because in truth, we all can follow the spiral and find we all are the expression of the Oneness within our own DNA.

We do have the shadowy challenge of Ivy. It can get entangled and choke out all that we intertwine within our daily and lifetime realities. Perhaps it is the entanglement of a relationship that is bearing false witness to our glory. Perhaps it is in the entanglement of an addiction we may have, competition we may believe we need to be involved with in order to prove our worthiness, or perhaps we are simply entangled by the life-defying saboteur that we hold tightly to our heart as a relationship we must keep. Oh, No! When we find this entanglement, we need once again to Sit Back, Observe, Learn, and then move forward (Still Movement of Ivy). We need to prune our Ivy so we can use the power of the Law of Cause and Effect in the glory of its intent.

Venus – Great Active Partner of Ivy

Last month you saw how Venus brought out more insights of our worthiness. This lunar month she brings out more of the power of the universal laws within her flow of energy. Two laws are intertwined in Ivy: The Law of Creative Imagination and the Law of Attraction.

When we set the alignment of Still Movement as our foundation, we have the perfect opportunity to recognize what our T.E.A.M. is doing (Thought, Emotion, Action, Manifestation). We are able to note if our thoughts stir the creative power of our emotions or temper them with the memory of our inabilities. We recognize, as we use our Creative Imagination, whether or not denials of our desires occur. Or, we absolutely feel the true state of inner empowerment that is excited, delighted, and fully onboard to create from scratch and deliver the goods into our manifest reality. When in the positive, we most certainly recognize that the flow of energy from our creative ideas and designs instigate the flow of attraction. We begin to meet the people who will help. We are drawn to the pathways of many experiences that will enhance our creative desires and final outcomes. We have a silent giggle because we “see” the results of Spirit and Matter coming together in an outcome fulfilling our desire. Well, it may be more than a giggle, it may be an out-an-out shout of joyful wonder of how Spirit and Matter have indeed come together. A great and powerful relationship revealing the love of each other.

So, this month, we look at the Causal patterns of Ivy as one who is able to encourage moments of still movement to observe our inner self and our relationship with the Divine, our intentions to manifest, and our ability to use the weaving of knowledge from the realm of spirit, and design with colorful threads of our desire into an outcome in our realm of matter. Our active practice in the Causal realm is to think, feel and understand our self enough to recognize when we are in the realm of true alignment or in the realm of our saboteur activities. In the causal moment, we can adjust (Ivy) all levels and come into our center point. In this position, we can enter the realm of creative imagination in our whole being and bring in all that we may need to truly form the tapestry of our intentions to be manifest. Causal Venus aids this process. The true Effect is the manifestation that occurs. It always shows us if our path of congruency was well established, or if our path of incongruency became the helm to an outcome we thought we didn’t want.

Let this month be a creative month. A gift of knowing what you have harvested and a gift of knowing what you can do with your harvest….design from the beauty of what you have learned and weave it into a beautiful tapestry of your desires! Take time to truly contemplate, meditate, and learn intuitively what the symbols of Ivy and Venus present to you.

May you enjoy this lunar cycle. May you honor the power of Cause and Effect and all that you have learned of it so far this year.

Love and peace,
Rev. Katherine Bell, PhD, D., CEO/Founder
SPICA – Way of Light

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