In the wee hours of the morning on April 21, 2012, 12:18:23 a.m. PDT, the Moon and Sun join perfectly together at 1 degree 35 minutes of Taurus. They are activating the Sabian message of: “An Electrical Storm.” In the vibration of Taurus, the Nature Energy of Spring is released. This vibration stimulates the vibrations of Earth, disturbs the atmosphere, and shakes things up a bit. Yes, this may mean more storms across the world that are quite physical (tornadoes, earth quakes, etc.). Yet, within each and everyone of us, there will be a stirring of a different kind.

We may find we are experiencing the sudden discharge of energy that creates another level of release in our inner psyche. The “pent up” energy that longs to be released, removed and transformed will be occurring. As always, are you willing to let go and let the tremors occur?

In the blessings of the Sun and Moon conjoined, they initiate a Grand Trine as well as the sacred Geometry of a Kite. This is wonderful, since the Grand Square of the Full Moon that has been jostling us is still an energy in motion. The Grace of the Divine (Grand Trine) and the Release of the Soul (Kite) is a welcomed energy. The Sun and Moon are also initiating the sacred geometry of a Mystical Rectangle causing the opening of the Treasure Box of wisdom. Much can be initiated with all that is going on Cosmically at this New Moon. So, let’s give you some ideas to contemplate so you may make decisions that can help you flow through the challenges and reap the rewards as you continue to cultivate the year of 2012 and, ultimately, the New Garden of Life.

The Grand Trine/Kite configuration has these joining powers: The Sun and Moon in Taurus call you to cultivate your inner garden, listen to the voice of your soul, and direct it through the stable environment of your Higher Self. It activates the vibration of Grace to Mars in Virgo (who recently came out of retrograde). The Sun/Moon connector calls the Mars energy to actively honor the healing that has been done through the retrograde and honor the cycles of life you have reviewed.

From the Mars/Virgo energy, the Grand Trine continues and moves to align with Pluto in Capricorn and the call to continue to step into the major transformation of your Inner Authority to emerge with the higher intentions to administrate the greater change, not only for yourself, but for everyone. On a personal note, this is a call to transmute your awareness of “authority” messages and always know you are able to activate the higher authority within you especially when you allow Pluto’s energy movement back to the Sun and Moon in Taurus….calling for the cultivation of the voice of your Soul to illuminate the Light from Within.

The Moon/Sun Alignment joining forces with Pluto arch light to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. This is the high point of the Kite configuration which asks for the Soul to Soar and express its most sacred intentions, shape-shift the old paradigms, and wisely bring about the true and deeper knowing of the Divine Plan.

Neptune and Chiron oppose Mars and they continue together in squaring the North and South Moon Nodes…in other words, they are continuing the Grand Cross I have written about at Full Moon. Fortunately, this alignment is weakening and the tension, therefore, not so strong on the psyche. I do know many of you visited “inner daemons” while others just experienced a few challenges during this Grand Cross. However, please remember, with Mars in Virgo it is all about clearing and purifying the old attitudes, moving the cobwebs of the mind, and opening to the sacred inner authority that calls you to honor all life and make holy your own reality.

Another gift of energy that is occurring is through the Mystical Rectangle. Though this too can offer a challenge, it offers a greater connection to understanding the mysteries of life. Again, the Moon and Sun initiates this power…..connects to Mars in Virgo, which connects to Earth at 1 degree 35 Minutes of passing through Scorpio, and the Earth sends a vibration to the Neptune in Pisces to call forth the newer and deeper awareness of the resources of the Divine implanted in the collective memory of the world. What do we need to do to open the treasure box of awareness? Be willing to get beyond our fears, our beliefs of less than, and our inference that seeing each other in different bodies, different thoughts and different expressions means we are separate. What are you doing that opens the treasure box of oneness and the understanding of the mysteries of life? How are you leaving the realm of darkness and entering the realm of light? (Scorpio-to-Taurus).

Just for a moment I will digress to the Earth traveling through the zodiac sign of Scorpio and the New Moon time that has the Sun and Moon traveling through Taurus. For in lies some wisdom. From the ancient myths, we are seeing the experience of the Hades (Scorpio) release of Persephone. Of course, you may all know the story of Demeter (the Mother) so distraught when her daughter Persephone was kidnaped by Hades and taken to the Underworld. Demeter, goddess of crops and harvest, traveled all over the world to find her daughter. She spoke with many other goddesses, and begged her husband Zeus to help. When he refused, she took a stand and no longer provided the crops or the harvest, creating a devastation while at the same time demanding an awareness and change. Eventually, a deal was made with Hades to let her daughter come out of the Underworld during the Spring and she would return after harvest was complete. So why this story now? Because the power of the Crops comes during this cycle of the year (Taurus) and the power of the Underworld comes in the opposite cycle of the year after crops are cleared (Scorpio). It is time to come into the light, plant the crops of the new vitality of your soul and cultivate that crop.

In the power of Taurus, the power of the Soul emerging in the Light can be seen (Taurus/Willow time is Soul Retrieval Time). In the retrieval of the Soul (Persephone coming back into the Light), a great magick is released…it comes through the Law that Taurus/Willow reflects, The Universal Law of Life Mastery. Taking on the power of Mastery, one truly let’s their Soul Light emerge, their empowered state be known and the wisdom gleaned in the dark is now brought to the light. Healing, vibration of purpose, living the Inner Knowing in the outer reality of the Earth journey, and expressing one’s empowered state of life mastery can be seen. Where are you on this junket? Are you still in the dark of the Underworld? Are you emerging with the lesson’s learned, the wisdom of your soul purpose and the creative expression that now can be released in your Earthly manifestations? Only you can answer this and only you can be active with your soul emergence. 

Well, I must honor the Mercury, Uranus Conjunction that is upon us and over the next few days will create and even greater impact, if we take the higher road of listening to the I AM center of the Divine Mind. A Lightning Flash of awareness can occur. Both of these planets are in Aries. Both planets are Active Air, while you know that Aries is Active Fire…..nothing subtle here….all action, and possibly reactive rather than responsive attitudes, may occur. For sure, communication at higher levels will be called for when we honor the Spiritual Nature of Aries which esoterically honors the Eye of the Divine and the Power of the I AM Presence building a new world. Mercury offers the Conscious Channel of Awareness moving through individuals and Uranus asks for everyone to move on the higher levels of the open channel to express Divine Love in all experiences. Though the very active energy of these two planets in Aries is available, they are in an inconjunct aspecting to Mars (ruler of Aries) who continues its journey through Virgo (thus slowing some of this energy down). An inconjunct vibration slows things down because we perceive we cannot hear or understand what is being communicated. If we are not careful, we will try to over analyze (Virgo), while the Mars energy keeps marching along with vigor and a great need to release the energy of its recent retrograde, while also completing the cycle through the Grand Cross and accessing the value of the Grand Trine/Kite. Relax..Relax…and allow the inspiration to guide you gently, rather than trying to rush thru because of the urgency that Mercury and Uranus feel while traveling the energy of Aries. Let the ideas and ideals emerge through the Lightening Flash of awareness, then gather your focus and express from the Higher Mind and higher levels of communication with others.

Make sure you are paying attention to your speach. These two planets (Mercury and Uranus) want to talk a lot and riding in the energy of Aries, one may become “motor mouth,” and not think before speaking. Another vibration that may stir that communication activity is Venus who is sitting in Gemini and on New Moon, is not aspecting any other planet—a Renegade quality occurs through this time—Venus is going to do what Venus wants. Oh My, the desire to talk about yourself, your needs, wants and desires will most certainly be on the front burner. Okay, don’t hide from what you need, but be responsive to others so you can have open communication rather than one-sided communication. Use the opportunity to share (particularly if you usually keep yourself hidden), speak with the ability to decipher how you are speaking, what you are saying and what will be experienced through your words, your tone and your timber by others.

Okay, so Saturn has been left out (Still in a Retrograde until June). Saturn, who will finally finish the jaunt through Libra by October 6th, continues to ask you how you are relating, where you are responsible for your partnership qualities with others, and what you truly want for future alignments in fairness, justice, and harmony. The review continues until June and the power of what you have learned over the last two + years of the journey will be completed in October.

Pluto has turned retrograde (Hades going back to the underworld) in Capricorn. For our world, this is the power to reach deeper into the hidden realities of our governing structures. I found it quite interesting that as Pluto began its plunge, our Secret Service Agents (Government), were caught in a sex scandal (Pluto). Oh, I could go on, but not worth it. It simply is a vibrational awareness that the “clean up” is occurring, the secrets cannot be held by any one or any entity. We must transform and transmute so we can transfigure. The Light is the gift of all of the challenges and we are moving through the challenges…clearing the debris….and accessing the Light that we truly are!

Plant the seeds of your desires with the New Moon holding your highest intent to seed the crops of your New Garden with the vibration of your sacred desires and let the seedlings grow into an awesome harvest over the next several months.