Another Lunar Cycle with Eclipses will occur this lunar month. We start at this New Moon with a partial Solar Eclipse.

The Moon and Sun are 11 degrees 1 minute into the sign of Gemini. The Earth is dancing in the middle of them and keeping the full expression of the Solar Light and thus conscious insentient from being revealed. Gemini is the sign of communication, early childhood development, dealing with siblings and neighbors, and finding the power of discernment so we may make right choices. It is the Law of Union expressing within us and may not be revealing everything we feel outwardly if we allow the eclipse to take over.

The Sun and Moon will get some assistance to focus and communicate well and intimately through their arching lights that reach out to Saturn in Libra in a positive and grace-filled reality. This will most certainly help in the communications necessary with our significant others, with our partners in business and the most important friendship we have (BFF). Though Saturn is in Retrograde, it nonetheless will activate our inner ability to recognize the importance of the “We” factor, not just the independent, “Me” factor.

Then, the Sun and Moon arch their lights in a challenge way to Chiron in Pisces. The agitation will call forth the inner wounds that we have carried for a long time. Bringing them to light allows us to clear them. More reevaluations of the secrets of abuses of the Church (Pisces) will continue, but greater healing will also arise. Will you take this call to turn what was abusive in your life to what is now life experiences you have learned by and gained personal healing and self-respect for being alive and able to deeply care for yourself and others?

The Sabian message of the degree the Sun and Moon activate is, “A topsy saucily asserting herself.” Fun loving, bold, assertiveness actions from those you would not expected are activated here. In a child-like manner, you might find yourself or another creating statements that are a bit abrasive, but call forth the truth in an irreverent manner. You may find yourself or another shockingly speaking out (and it may look disrespectful). Listen well if you hear someone speaking in this usual-for-them manner. See to learn a truth that you may need to hear. If it is you speaking, this may be the opportunity to come out of your shell and break free of false shyness keeping you from revealing the inner truth you do know.

Blessings of this New Moon-Partial Solar Eclipse….time to set the pattern for the month with gentle intention (eclipses can eclipse your outcome, so do be in clarity of your desires and note them, speak them and feel them boldly).