I’m always delighted to enter the phase of the New Moon. The gift and opportunity to seed intentions for at least the lunar month gives me such pleasure. I feel my connection with the Divine Womb and know that what I desire to birth will occur over the Lunar Month. When I know I will be working with a Solar Eclipse, I also know to be in awareness because I can seed intentions that can continue unfold, strengthen, shape-shift and successfully be identified over the entire year! So it is for you and I hope you will seed your intentions at this new moon with a definite desire to dip into yourself to connect with your Higher Self.


When we have a Solar Annular Eclipse, the Moon moves between the Sun and the Earth and blocks the center of the Sun. A glow at the circumference of the Moon is seen—the slight reflection of the Sun. The power of the New Moon has the Sun and Moon at 19 degrees 31 Minutes of Taurus and the Earth is at 19 degrees 31 Minutes of Scorpio—the Axis of the Soul, The Axis of Abundance, and the Axis of Self Worth can be seen in this alignment.


Mars, Mercury, the Moon and the Sun are all in this energy field of Taurus. Creating a wonderful determination to take action (Mars) with conscious attention (Mercury) to the Inner Plane (Moons) so the Higher Self (Sun) can be recognized and communicated with in order to receive the direction of soul purpose. Always, one must have the discipline to do that and the determination to succeed. Saturn is in Scorpio offering a hand to do just that. It remains in retrograde, causing the energy to swing over to the Taurus stellium event and stirring determination and dedication to follow through. What do you need to follow through on right now?


Venus has moved in to Gemini and want to get quite chatty about that inner event and ability to be determined to gain the wisdom and take action with it. She will encourage talking to others, at least someone significant to you, to aid you in deciphering what you are hearing, and encourage you to take the action.


Pluto is in an Grace alignment with Mars and Mercury and will help you stay in your will power to dip in and learn, listen and then come forward to communicate what you have gained. Pluto will help you administrate the wisdom, clear out what may be in the way of your true hearing, and call you to head into the shape-shifting power of your Higher Self. Within about 10 days, the Square between Pluto and Uranus will be the strongest and much can occur. An eruption of some sort, unexpected by many, and flushing out, once again, the old so the New Consciousness can occur. The energy is very tight already and most certainly is part of the world-wide events that have continued to occur (bombings and terror). Our responsibility is to move forward with conscious intent to live in a world of harmony within our own self, our own inner constellation, so we may radiate the brilliance of the Higher Self throughout our collective field and effect a change! Pluto is working with Chiron to open the doors of opportunity for this to happen. With Neptune, Pluto is working toward the goal to open the doors of opportunity for compassion world-wide to exist and awaken the world to harmony, peace, love and life mastery.


Be sure to read the Moon Mother Letter of the Month on this page: http://facesofwomanspirit.brownrice.com/pdf/Hawthorn%20-%202013%20Moon%205%20Website.pdf