At 4:36:07 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time, September 5th, a new moon occurs. It reveals the tremendous continence of powerful sacred geometry as the planets and the Axis of the Anima Mundi (World Soul) explode in vibrations we all can use.

The Grand Sextile is activated by the Moon and Sun in Virgo charging their light to the North Node of the Axis of the Anima Mundi, in the energy of Scorpio. It continues to charge the vibration of Jupiter in the frequency of Cancer and Jupiter activates the polarity of the Axis of the Anima Mundi as it touches the South Moon Node in Taurus. This node activates our Planet Earth and Chiron and they in turn Activate Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto also activates the North Node in Scorpio, thus completing the Grand Sextile. This energy is a cosmic blessing to experience opportunities to Serve humanity (Virgo) to dip into the Anima Mundi (World Soul) and transform the inner qualities of the psyche of humanity to meet the empowered state of Oneness (Virgo’s infinite Partner Pisces–do note the infinite partnership message on the website under the New Moon – Hazel-Grapevine information above). Jupiter will benevolently assist the world family nurture and contain the power of Oneness. The South Moon Node in Taurus will help us remember how to retrieve the Soul of the World while assisting us on Earth recall our Oneness, heal our separation issues, and present the world with healing vibrations. Earth and Chiron will help actualize the activation of Pluto the transmuter, and call us to a greater authority that will guide us to the Collective Field of Oneness Activated as Pluto sends light to the North Moon Node of the Axis of the Anima Mundi.

The Six pointed star is seen in the Grand Sextile. The points of the downward energy of the six pointed star (Universe speaking to humanity) is activating the North Moon Node…the continued message to the Anima Mundi–transform and move forward in the New World Consciousness. The assisting power in this grand triad is Jupiter and Earth/Chiron. Blessings and abundance, strength and endurance is presented. The point of the upward energy of the Star (humanity speaking to the Universe) is at the connector of the South Moon Node (memory within the Anima Mundi) and reporting, “We shall call forth the empowered voice of our soul and cultivate the new world.” The assisting points are The Moon and Sun in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. We are saying we will stay alert to our inner consciousness and focus on the power of Oneness while allowing our personal souls to evolve and remember we are a multi-conscious being.

We also recognize the Mystical Rectangle in the heavenly arch of lights. It calls us all to open to the mysteries and activate the powers of great change, compassion, and service through benevolence. Earth/Chiron in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn, Moon and Sun in Virgo and Jupiter in Cancer.

The Planet that is in the strongest alignment of energy applying force is Pluto. Not only does Pluto create massive and deep changes within our personal and collective consciousness, but Pluto aligns us with the Universal Law of Soul Evolution. As Pluto continues the agitation of energy with Uranus, it causes unexpected transformation for a soul purpose of the World with the intention to create ascended consciousness through the Law of Love (Uranus alignment). The power of change is incredible. We can flow with it and make the changes or we can resist and be shoved through the changes (Pluto). We can experience what appears to be unexpected realities, or move in the ascending spiral of higher consciousness and change with Grace (Uranus).

As always your choice is in front of you…may your transformation be with your conscious awareness.