The New Moon initiated its power at 4:08:40 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time today. The Sun and the Moon connected hip-to-hip at 4 degrees, zero minutes of Libra. Mercury is right behind at 2 degrees 52 minutes. And, just in front of the Sun and the Moon, Venus and Saturn are joining at the hip in Libra. They are carrying a power-packed field of energy. Peace, Love and Harmony.

These five planets are the creators of the Sacred Geometry of a T-Square. They oppose Uranus in Aries. Then all six of these planets square off with Pluto in Capricorn. Tension rises and I realize why the Wyse Women on the Isle of Avalon are in silent prayer. I entered their circle as I made a journey to greet the New Moon. They are usually jovial, calling me to embrace each one as I make my way around the spiral of the Inner Plane. One gracious goddess invited me to sit and pray with them. The Prayer was for our Humanity, for Peace, and for Acceptance of the energy from The Matrix that is ever-changing and shape-shifting our awareness of Its Wholeness. We remained in prayer for a long time before I was sent to the depth of the lunar vibrations. May I call forth the prayer used:

In the Name of All that is Holy, Be Blessed by Love

In the Name of All that is Holy, Be the adhesive Energy of Love

In the Name of All that is Holly, Follow a 3-fold Path, Be Blessed by Light

Purify the self of judgements, emotional negativity, ill feelings of family, friends and others. Purify the inner dwelling place of the Holy Blessed BE-ing. Be Blessed by Love

Illuminate the Power of All that is Holy Within. Be aware of your Empowered Self. Be aware of your Holy Self, Aware of the Light Within. Be Blessed by Light

Be in Union of your Holy Self and All the Individual beings of your life. Mystical Union occurs when you see the Illumined Multi-Self. Oneness Occurs. Be the adhesive Energy of Love

Purify, Illuminate, be in Union and Peace is the result for Love is the Master.

Awen! Awen! Awen!

The Cosmic Alignment:

The 5 planets in Libra are calling us to form the Balance, reach for the Justice of All Mankind, and experience the Union with All others. Mercury reminds us to be alert, aware and diplomatic in all our interpersonal events. Communicate with Heart. The Moon and the Sun remind us to bring our hearts to our head and use our Intelligence (right use of both intuition and logic) to form the bounds of harmony, peace and love. Venus and Saturn teach us to be kind, concerned, and loving in our outreach to succeed in equalizing all life so that Peace Prevails. They All activate Uranus in Aries and take use into Divine Right Action to live a Higher Purpose of the I AM Center of our Being. The six planets activating Pluto in Capricorn reminds us that we are in such a Major Point of Change that New Laws, New Expressions of our Living, and New awareness of THE MATRIX is occurring….and we must Move With It, for as we move against it, the Warrior Mentality exudes its fear and fights for the old and outdated past.

Most certainly, we can see from the challenge of these energy fields that unexpected disruptions can occur and cause a havoc in our worldly and personal lives that make us change, no matter what. Relationships will be bombarded with the revelation of any lies that have kept you trapped in false harmony. These relationships are not only your intimate and most personal, but your friends and acquaintances, and your jobs and careers. Eruptions may cause pain and change…yet all will be for the Higher Good. Of course, anytime we see the activation of Pluto in Capricorn and its connections with Uranus in Aries, we can see the Powers of the Worldly Governments being Challenged. As they point to the stellium of planets in Libra, they are most certainly challenged to form an Alliance of Peace. Help them, prayer for Peace.