Jan 22, 2012 at 11:39:16 pm Pacific Time (2:29:16 a.m. January 23, Eastern Time).

Ah, more movement into our New Year as the Sun and Moon enter into union at 2 degrees 41 minutes of Aquarius. They lock into a union, create a Grand Square (when looking at their angle of Light to Earth), and establish an energy for us to seek Transpersonal Awareness that leads us into our new way of living, thinking, being, feeling, expressing and jostling our technology.

Of course, the Sun and Moon are directly opposite the Earth and radiating their direct light (Sun) and reflective light (Moon) to our Vehicle (Earth and our Body). Humanitarian influences of Aquarius with remind us that we are the Vehicles receiving Light of the Higher Mind and we can share that Light. The Aquarian energy provides us the means to share the light uniquely, independent of old patterns, and in ways that may be so eccentric that it startles other into waves of new thinking and living….Well, that is exactly what we want….

Looking at the patterns of the vibrations of the Sun and Moon from a Sabian message expression, we can learn the secret in the term, “A deserter from the Navy.” It certainly gives us the message of a sudden detachment from a navigational (Navy) reality that we have been on. Yes, we may have to “run away,” or “desert” the process, but what might it bring to us? Of course, Something New, Something Different, Something beyond the worn and barren wasteland that is no longer suitable to cultivate.

As I continue to share, we can realize that we have entered the New Garden of Life and we have the opportunity to till the land, cultivate the seeds of Higher Consciousness and truly birth the qualities within us that are the High Holy Christed Self. This New Moon is an Encourager of our Focus from the dimension of Higher Mind and set the patterns from the Causal qualities of energy we are absolutely connected to, woven within as we recognize and honor we are One.

The Grand Square (also called a Grand Cross) that I spoke about above, has the Sun and Moon in Aquarius arching energy in such a way as to challenge the vibration of Saturn in Libra, and Jupiter in Taurus and both of them squaring of with the Earth in Leo. The blessing of a square is the urging of motivation, the push to remain awake, the willingness to take action. The Sun (our higher vibration) and the Moon (our inner self/intuitive qualities) are igniting the power of the unique search from within us (Earth in Leo) to focus on the higher wisdom, illuminate the Light and let it shine, and allow ourselves to uniquely show that light to others, and especially those significant others (Saturn in Libra). The Aquarian energy may call us to communicate differently in the relationships…not the old way, not the old structures of language that get lost in the air of “selective listening.” The Sun and Moon will most definitely ask us to pay attention to our values and may we may need to work more benevolently and freely (Jupiter Taurus) so we can Master our relationship with ourselves, with others and with the World.

Of course, there is much more going on in the alignment on New Moon. Mars, who has been journeying through Virgo, is at a Stationary point at New Moon and setting its pattern into a retrograde motion. Mars goes into a retrograde motion every 2 years and lasts for ~2 ½ months. It vibrates with the Law of Purification and will help us do some inner purification (still) that will motivate us to continue to make those changes that keep us locked in old karmic patterns. Its influence creates a vibration of slowing us down, helping us “pause” if you will so we can review what we are doing. Mars is in Virgo and has a strong alignment at new moon with a vibration of Grace to Mercury in Capricorn. So, what is it calling us to review as it heads into the Retrograde Motion? Well, let’s get personal (as Mars can ask us to do) and look at the qualities of Virgo showing us our job and Capricorn showing us our career. We can allow ourselves the mode of thinking that reflects upon our thoughts of, “Am I doing the Service in my Job or Career that truly is of the Highest Good of my Soul and the soul of Humanity?” Virgo is Service Oriented, Capricorn is concerned about the foundation of humanity, our governing bodies, and our large corporations.

Oh, of course, we may be questioning the power of our healing modalities within our world. As Virgo deals with health and healing and Capricorn dealing with our governing bodies, together the activation of their modes of energy most certainly will be called to question. Mercury will help invite the questions, again, about what medicines are doing, what medical coverage is doing, and what individuals can do to find the empowered state of their health and healing. Mars/Mercury, will cause the inner debate and reflection of what an individual can do, how to seek the right healing modalities, and how to choose the path that is of the highest and best.

Well, that is a bit of the energies we will be feeling and can use, if we so desire, to move ourselves into cognitive choice. What might it mean to you? Contemplate…and Know.

Ah, further insight of the energy that this new moon is release is found on this website at page:

http://facesofwomanspirit.com/pdf/birchforwebsite.pdf Enjoy reviewing and seeking the inner wisdom that you have about the movement of energy cosmically that is igniting within you the power to review, change, and transmute the old to the new world garden you are creating (we are creating).