Hello Everyone:
I hope you enjoyed your holidays and are feeling excited to develop your new year, polish the dreams into a design, and head out into the planning stages for accomplishing your desires. Rowan Moon Mother cycle does assist this process. We are certainly set to build our reality with the foundation of the Universal Eye guiding the way for the entire year. We know we can be quite prolific if we are willing to continue to release, transmute, and use the fodder to create new realities. So, Let’s Do It! We have the gift of awareness to use our Cognitive Consciousness right along with our Inner Will Power and the Universal Laws releasing energy during this cycle are the Law of Illumination/Luminosity. The Law of Love, and the Law of Self Dominion.
Before I go further, please know there is a Celtic ritual during this lunar cycle. It is Imbolc. It is the first Quarter Festival of the Year and one that reveals the Face of Source, Earth, and our self ready to be seen once again. Often honored on February 1st, as a Quarter Festival it is best honored when the Sun is at 15 Degrees 0 Minutes of Aquarius, which will occur February 4th at 2:15 a.m. This festival honors that we are coming out of the darkness and into the light. Surely we recognize this as the darker days give way to more light. However, it is also the way of our own selves. This is quite appropriate for the Law of Illumination/Luminosity (Rowan’s Universal Law of the Month). Imbolc is one of my favorite ceremonies as it feels rich in sacred illumination of our true self. Of course, the ritual, along with the Cosmic Notes, the prayer/mediation video for the month, and the Rowan Video will all be available on the website: www.katherinebell.org. May the “Spirit of Renewal” continue to light our way as we make footprints on the path of 2020.
As we continue the process of using the Universal Laws with cognitive consciousness as well as through our inner awareness it provides yet another offering to live with knowledge and thus provide our self a different resonance that encourages us to prevail in alertness, be in a state of greater clarity, and delightfully creative.
What we do with these monthly letters is continue what wise-ones have been doing for eons. We search to understand the Universe that is truly within us and live this inner quality. In this cycle of a year (2020), we are searching for a greater knowledge of the Universal Laws that regulate our life from a state of consciousness as well as a state of unconsciousness. These laws, to most individuals, appear to be just beyond our worldly comprehension. Yet as our collective human awareness evolves, the truth of the realms that seem to be beyond us are being assimilated by those who are “seekers” of Oneness. Those who turn inward, not just outward, discover the realms of all existence, the Regulator of all life, and of course, the wholeness that we all truly are. Each individual that gathers the wisdom shares it through their energy to all others. Thus, everyone truly grows. The more we release the wisdom the greater the Oneness Consciousness is used in the Collective Field of Matter. The more it is used, the more we experience harmony, affluent creative expression, and the ability to recognize we create our abundance on all levels of needs and desires and do manifest. So, what does Rowan’s lunar cycle and vibrational time frame have to offer us through our Active Consciousness and Inner awareness?
Rowan: Active Conscious – Power of the Law of Illumination/Luminosity
Before writing of the nature of the outer world and the universal law, I want to share the wisdom of the Designer message of this month. With the Rowan Moon releasing energy, it provides a quality of strength in deliberate focus and thus the power to design our canvas of intentions for the year. I think this is the best time to do our Vision Board. Why? Because Birch energy asked us to be in the dream state, allowing the desires to flourish in imagination. Rowan asks us to move into focus in order to design the outcome. Best time to create a Vision Board! It is our
opportunity to put some design, color, and first-level action into place. As we see the woman in the picture of Rowan, she is a revealer of focus for designing, planning, and calculating the events we desire to manifest. So, it is time to go for it (#4 of this year calls for this action) and design our plan for 2020. Of course, not with rigidity. It is important to use the gift of flexibility within our design not be stuck in, so we may be creatively inspired when changes occur. This will keep us from the attack of: “But it is supposed to be thus and such.” All artists know that their designs change while they are working on their art form and well before they finish. (LOL, and even when they think their art is finished, they realize they could add or subtract something.) Don’t get stuck in perfection and let me quote from the deck, SPIRIT GUIDANCE CARDS, from the Clan of the Whispering Grandmothers Tribe of the Soul®:

Art of Perfection Is Imperfection

The art of Perfection is Imperfection!

Sometimes it is better to Let Go than Hang On! When you Question, “Now What do I do?” Take a Walk

Do nothing Inspirations Comes!

Using the gift of deliberate focus does aid in the power to illuminate (bring to light) the desires to be activated, planned out, and pursued. When we bring it to light, we truly are bringing something to our active conscious awareness. When we do something with this awareness, such as plan, develop, and manifest, we let the light shine beyond our self and unto the wholeness of existence. This creates the essence of luminosity – the light’s intrinsic brightness is no longer apparent, its essential and natural core is seen.

The Universal Law of Rowan is the dual law of Illumination and Luminosity.

Law of Illumination and Law of Luminosity: “Everything living in matter, or ethereal living, possess intelligence and will respond to higher degrees of intelligence. However humble, each form of life may be on the evolutionary ladder, it seems to revolve around an inward growth of development and awakening. It reveals our True Light. We seek the Light by extending ourselves until reached.” When one opens themselves to illumination they allow their inner self to be revealed. Once the inner lights are activated and revealed, the power of Luminosity, the gift of ones’s visible, bright and inner light shines outwardly to everyone and creates “guidance” on the path of evolution.

In mystical wisdom, the illumination of one’s higher self comes by way of Chakra activation. Becoming aware of the consciousness of the vortices of light at the personal seven centers of consciousness helps you illuminate and release your inner light. When you release your light, it is a luminous energy that is felt and known as inner empowerment, and also reveals a light to others you interact with, whether in human form or ethereal form.

Make note of how your Inner Self is illumined or blocked by connecting to your spinning wheels of light through each Chakra center. You can make the choice to clear and open these centers of light that connects Source to you and you to Source. Pay attention to your inner self and note the power of wisdom that is contained in these sacred chambers of your self.

As you create your design, artistically formulate a Vision Board and take time to meditate on your sacred Chakra centers with your intentions. Focus with thoughts and deliberate images from your Crown Chakra to your Root Chakra that will guide the energy of the firmament of Spirit into the solid and magickal field of Matter. Below are suggestions for imaging in each Chakra and some thought-forms to use. Please follow your own desires and intuition as well.

Crown Chakra: Focus on this field about one inch above the top of your head. Recognize a light of Glory flowing through your whole being as this is the connection point with the realm of the firmament. The power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit glorifying every cell of our human body/human experience is occurring. It is within this realm you create your first vision and prayerful intentions.

Brow Chakra: Focus on this field just between your brows and see a single eye (the Eye of the Divine). This Chakra clears personal mind and illusionary visioning and thinking. We grasp the ability to know the truth and focus on the truth in all that we think and do. A more centered mind of intelligence and intuition is fortified. Clarify your vision and see your desires in action.

Throat Chakra: Focus on the center of your throat. This Chakra expands with the vibration of Sound of the Holy Spirt, as well as our own voice. Words creating “right speaking” and blessed vibrations coming through the tone and timber of our voices occur with our deliberate attention. Use your voice to create a statement of truth, conviction, and confirmation of your intentions to manifest your desires throughout 2020.

Heart Chakra: Focus on the center of your chest. Divine Glory, blessings and the loving desire to fulfill the Dreams of Source occur through our individual qualities. A softness that lives out these dreams with devotion to live them occurs. As you focus on your Heart Chakra, feel the love you have for the desires you intend to manifest. Feel the joy and delight to be the creator creating these desires to fruition.

Solar Plexus Chakra: Focus on your stomach area. You may feel the Divine urge to take action with desires, fully knowing they are sanctified by the Holy Spirit within you occurs. As you visualize, state, and feel your intentions to manifest your dreams and desires throughout 2020, honor receptivity from others in the world who await and welcome your talents and creative expressions.

Sacral Chakra: Focus on you lower belly. Soul urges are revealed with an excitement of creativity. Allow yourself to feel and respond to these urges and prepare for the emergence of your desires that you will unfold in many forms throughout the year.

Root Chakra: Focus on your Tail Bone. Light of Living in Matter is seen and recognized–Luminosity! Put your vision board together. Then tend to each dream that births and develops at their appointed time throughout the year. Recognize You are the Creator Creating and each creation needs your attention, care, and nurturing as it develops to its fullness.

Activator of Rowan The Outside Designer – Urania
Before talking about the activating process of Urania, it is important to recognize the blessing of this energy field for 2020. If you recall from the Birch letter I broke down the numbers. Urania corresponds to the 0. Thus, plays an important role for the whole year as well as for this month. Thus, do read this message for the year and for the cycle of Rowan we are entering.
Urania is electrifying creativity. She is a manifesting field of Creative Chaos in the sphere of Chokmah (Wisdom) within the Tree of Life philosophy. In fact, this sphere or Sephirah is part of the Holy Triad. The Hebrew Letter that corresponds with Urania is Aleph. It honors the Absolute Oneness. It means “Ox” and is the freedom to use one’s instinctive nature to BE.

The blessing of Creative Chaos allows ideas to flow uninterrupted. This is important to our creative cycles. It is a freedom-giving process. It teaches us not to be locked into “this has to be like this right now.” Flowing ideas allow playful insight to ramble through our minds and sparks of wisdom enhance our awareness. Greater truth arises. We learn more of our self and what we really want. Thus, the gift of rambling with ideas and dreams becomes a blessing. Mind mapping aids in this reality.
Enjoy designing your Vision Board. Let fresh new ideas flow and know that remaining curious and shapeless is also perfect. On the next page is an example of my playground of designing for this year. It is simple and I used the “easy way” to create it by finding pictures on the internet. Make yours as simple or as chaotic as you desire. Above all enjoy. Once you create it, sit in deliberate focus for a while, contemplating your visions and feeling your intuitive nature you guide you. Where do you begin? What action can you take now?

Know that the moment you created your Vision Board you revealed the power of your Creator Creating. You are germinating the seeds of your desires. Continue to give them life through the waters of your desires, the focus of your thoughts, and the willingness to take action. Only by your actions will anything manifest. Enjoy being the center of your design, the patient grower of your outcome, the one who gives it life-breath, and the full receiver of its manifest.

Recall that Rowan is radiant energy aiding our consciousness to stay focused, yet, Urania allows for the creative mind to chatter, design, and think of many ways to do what we want. A freedom exists that is a celebration of Oneness and Everything. Waves of energy surge through us and when we allow the surges through our dreaming, they formulate ideas and brilliant options to consider. Urania also reveals we are not alone. First of all, we are within and are the entire Divine Mind. Next in the reality of matter, we have many individuals to provide wisdom we can use, from the inspiring youth, to the active teaching of adults, and the easy going wisdom of elders. Rowan reminds us, “Do not worry. Each moment is a new beginning. Be free to begin again and again. Create! You are a Creator!” Urania reminds us to “Be free in the field of the Love for All. You will create a Magickal world.”
Urania certainly provides us more wisdom for she carries the Universal Law of Love. The most powerful Law. It is totally unconditional. It does not care about our goodness or wrong doing. It does not care about our mistakes. It simply and totally is Love and is the emanating essence of the Holy One.

The Law of Love. This is Sacred Law. It represents the true nature of the Universe. It encompasses all forms of existence, is nonjudgmental, constant, perfect and unchangeable. It asks that we hold all life sacred and come from a space of love when dealing with all aspects of our existence.

This law is a perfect form of Love. It does not seek to love, it is Love. It does not seek recognition through Love, it is Love. It is the purest form of Universal Affection for all existence. It does remind us that the Universe/Source does not hold back on loving Its creation(s). It is a Grace to All of us….we are loved unconditionally and most certainly without any judgment by the Divine!

This law reminds us to 1) Love all others and all life, unconditionally, 2) Love our self unconditionally, 3) Love our creations unconditionally, 4) Love! In the outer consciousness of this month we have the full opportunity to display, act, and Be LOVE!
While using this month to love, we also can use this love to joyfully display the loving fun of designing the dream and weaving the elements of nonphysical energy with physical energy! Design with the love of creating!
Holly – the opposer of Rowan – the Inside Builder

Once again I have purposefully turned her in a reversed mode. Not to create this essence as a challenge, however. We must look within to see, feel and know this energy. We must turn our mind from the outer world to build inside and help the outer quality be even stronger. She is an inner reflection of the here and now, and we need to look in and down to see this aspect within us during this lunar cycle. It is active and if we don’t recognize it, it can play havoc with its chaotic active cognitive partner, Urania. Yes, it is also to note her as the prescription (M) for the perfect synthesis of the Outside and Inside coming together to build our reality for 2020.
Holly is a very playful and creative field of energy. Her quality does aid in learning how to be a team member, and thus helping you team up with your inner and outer reality for the greater enhancement of your life. The Universal Law associated with Holly is the Law of Self Dominion and it is quite important in association with the Law of Love and the Law of Illumination.

Law of Self Dominion. This law is inscribed within each soul and releases the ability to be self-governing, live in harmony with the Supreme Power and Authority that exists within itself and its environment. Use of this law opens the doorway to the revelation of secrets—the Secrets of the Universe as well as yourself.

To gain the awareness of this Supreme Authority one must:

      • Use fortitude to discover Self by

        • Understanding ones natural self and live it rather than a facade

        • Understanding the sub-conditions of consciousness

        • Personal memory

        • Personal fears and sabotaging attitudes

        • Personal strengths not yet discovered

        • Power of Source Living Within

      • Understand the super-conditions of consciousness

        • Higher Self

        • Divine Consciousness

        • Perfect wisdom

      • Modify personal self to align with Higher Self

      • Live in the power of purity

The mixture of the 3 levels of consciousness brings the Cognitive, Subconscious and Super Consciousness into One Active Conscious State when we take dominion over these levels. It provides the union of personal consciousness, collective conscious and Supernal Consciousness. When these combinations act as one we are in the state of At-One-Ment. (Atonement – The reconciliation of God/Goddess and Humankind). We come to awareness of this state when we live the Law of Self Dominion.

Holly and Rowan reign in the Axis of Love. Rowan sends forth the wisdom of Love for All. Holly provides the wisdom of Love of Self. As she sits on the thrown of Inner Awareness during the Rowan lunar cycle it is important to recognize the blessings of loving self from all recesses of our unconscious level. In the power of the Law of Self Dominion, when we love our self we will take self dominion and not be drawn off balance by feeling we have to do things that make others feel important so we can prove to ourselves that “we are okay; a nice person; one to be loved; intelligent; strong and capable; etc.” We feel the strength of our self, the talents we have, and the ability to share life with others without hiding our true self. We reveal and support all at the same time. We create and share our creations as well as recognize and receive the creations of others. In so doing, we find a harmony with family, friends, lovers, co-workers, etc. Otherwise, we or another will turn the tables and be braggarts or lost in the field of everyone is better than me, so I best hide my talents and personal expression.
Holly reminds us to tame the wild beast of impulsiveness and commit to our sacred intentions. We feel the urges to go forth and reveal Divine Perfection in the Creations we allow to birth through our focus and deliberate intentions. We use our power through wisdom that brings forth abundance of all things for the greater good of self and others. We know and allow the light within us, the fire of intelligence that rises and redeems us of our ills, to release the blessings of creation and the Love of All into the Manifest World.
The active energy of Urania is also the influencer of our inner qualities. This field constantly releases the essential attributes of unconditional love. This energy also aids the Law of Self Dominion as we allow the Grace of Love to encourage our strength To Be. As we take on the power of self dominion through self love, we become more playful, interactive, creative, and feel the freedom to express our creative qualities. We harness the Oxen and use its gifts of “everything” as it symbolizes through the living Ox…It’s skin will be used for clothing or housing. Its meat for nourishment. Its bones for utensils for eating or tools for creating other things we need in our life. We harness the activity of the freedom and allow it to be expressed in our the nature of our self. We are Free to Be Me! We are Free to Be Creative. We are Free to Love every aspect of living and we know it inwardly and thus, can express it with ease outwardly!
May you use the Grace of Rowan, Urania and Holly with your undivided attention throughout this month. Enjoy being the Designer Designing!
I hope you live in delightful creativity throughout this lunar month. May the blessings of unconditional love guide you. May you feel Love of Self and Love of Others provide you an ever growing awareness of Oneness.

Download the PDF file of Rowan 2020 here