The power of the night befalls us as we come through this time of the year. Quiet times beacon us. “Balance, Come to Balance,” we hear from within. The New Moon connects with the Sun at 11 degrees 56 minutes in the path of Libra.

The Sun and the Moon are also the point of the sacred geometry of a Yod. They connect to Chiron in Pisces and the South Moon Node in Taurus. These two points join together, favorably, attempting to help the Sun and Moon “hear” the messages of their call. The Call is a call of Fate: Follow the Path of Balance. Understand Balance as a deliberating power of Cause and Effect (The Universal Law released through Libra). Thus, as we enter into this lunar cycle, it is important to find our Balance Point so we may effectively initiate causal consciousness with our intention to have a positive effect in manifesting desires.

Chiron in Pisces emits a vibration of sacred intention to heal the world and bring world peace. If anyone is in the challenge of Chiron, meaning living from deep seeded emotional disturbances, the point of balance is not known and the healing does not occur. If anyone is using the challenging energy of the South Moon Node in Taurus, then unworthiness is remembered and the fear of no resources of mind, emotions or physical realities surfaces.

To assist in the power to move into awareness, a T-square is formed by the Sun and Moon agitating Uranus in Aries as well as the Earth circling through Aries. The Sun and Moon also send irritating vibrations to Pluto in Capricorn. These challenges are the power to wake up, stay awake, and know what the irritants are in order to make changes by discovering the Balance Point and living in the power of Peace (Libra). Uranus and Pluto, considered global activators, continue to send the message to our Collective Consciousness to rise up into a higher awareness (Uranus) to develop the new world (Aries), while Pluto calls forth the transmutation of Governments as well as our own inner development for self governing (Pluto in Capricorn).

We continue to see these activations moving us, agitating us, calling on us to make the changes necessary to cultivate the new world alliance with Source. The first order, with the Sun and Moon in Libra, is to create a new, deeply devoted and abiding relationship with the Great Creator/Great Birther. We cannot be apathetic, lost in our own needs for recognition. It is important that we see a world-wide family in need of harmony. We cannot be lost in exuberant negativity or overly exuberant positivity. We need to find our Balance Point and this new moon energy is calling us to know this and live it as well.


The Sabian Message of the Moon and Sun reminds us: “Miners emerge from the mine.” This is the time to come out of our states of the subconscious where we have been digging for the old information. It is time to emerge into the fresh air of new thoughts and ideals. It is a time to know that we have also dug in to obtain the rich ore of our higher consciousness (Sun) and know how to use that rich and vibrant knowledge (Moon) for maintaining balance and releasing the creative field of Cause and Effect with the dynamics of clarity and higher purpose.

Further information of the movement of inner consciousness released by the energy frequencies of the Divine Configuration of stars and planets, can be found on the web page:

Blessings of moonlight as you travel through another lunar month.

Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.

President, SPICA – Way of Light