The power in this new moon is the hip-to-hip connection of the Sun and Moon in Scorpio. It is also a Solar Eclipse, allowing the Moon to get between the Earth and the Sun and causing a greater inner journey, so necessary at this time of the year. It is necessary so we will hear the message of our soul. Be sure to check out the Moon Mother Message on this page of the Faces of WomanSpirit website:


The journey this month is the activation of the deeper psyche so the revelation of soul intention is brought to the surface. Like the guidance of a hypnotic state, we will all feel the draw within as this solar eclipse charges us with the energy of deeper psyche. We can be pulled into transformation or the feeling of the toxic energy of being so emotional frozen we can do nothing. We can connect to the Higher Mind, or be lost in the immature fears of a lost child.


The Sabian message of the new moon is: “Hunters starting out for ducks.” Ah, yes, the hunting time is here. It is a time to pursue, capture and catch. However, we must be like the hunter, dressed in the same clothing of the environment, ready to meet the hunted. We are on a mission to uncover the secrets of our inner psyche. We must be ready and not enter the realm of the scared and fearful so as not to stifle the hunt and scare the target of our hunt away. We must be dressed in the field of light that is attractive, not the camouflage that disguises the intention (as so many hunts do).


Will you present yourself with a hunt for your highest qualities, or will you camouflage your intention and keep deceit and fearfulness at the forefront of your search? Will you keep looking for what is wrong with you and forget to search for the power of your soul as this lunar vibration aids you in seeking? Cycles of opposition do occur during the sabian qualities of this time. However, rather than fight the power of the inner journey, hunt for the higher qualities of yourself and you will find you have very good results. Don’t scare yourself away from the hunt. Be a great pursuer of your Treasure of Light.


Mercury, in its retrograde movement, allows you to take the plunge into the deep psyche and creatively search for higher wisdom. In fact, at the New Moon, Mercury is arching its light to Uranus in Aries in a most positive alignment causing a flow between the inner mind and higher mind…we cannot get lost in the dark with these energetic connections.


Of course, Pluto and Uranus continue their squaring effect, offering a great deal of changes to occur. With great joy, our Astrology Class in TX and our Scriptures Class in CA gave way to the discovery of how this great square (that moves us into 2015) helps each individual, not just the Collective Whole of humanity. Discoveries were made as we hunted down the Messenger that had already been tapping on the psyche of each individual. We uncovered what each person was already experiencing. With an “answer” to how and why they were feeling and reacting to emotional prompting, each person found they could cope better and guide the change with conscious intention, not just subconscious discord. Yes, each person is moved to a great change. Some in the career sector of their life. We uncovered choices to be made in family dynamics, intimate relationships, financial readjustments, creative crafting of their soul purpose and so on. The urges are occurring. The energies of the cosmos are helping tap on the inner circuit board of stars and planets and each individual is responding either with awareness and purpose or challenge and emotional sludge that keeps them f rom moving easily. But move everyone will! When we know the power behind us, challenging us, rewarding and ultimately assisting the greater change, we can take charge rather than being controlled.


With the energy of this new moon and the monthly lunar cycle, we can either feel the power to change and create a positive outcome for today and our future; or be the victim of life. We can experience the higher nature of our self or feel we must sacrifice everything and suffer great losses. We can be in a state of trance, mesmerized by others or we can take charge and listen from within and take the course of positive change and soul purpose. We can find the creative field that will help us be the poet, the director, and the script writer of our life events. Or, we can wait on someone else to tell us what to do and when to do it….losing control of our destiny by placing it in the hands of another.


As always, the choice is in our own hands. When we take command, we direct the outcome in a healthier and more vibrant and creative manner. When we feel we cannot take command and others are in control of our lives, then we are the prey to a hunter that possibly intends to maim and take the victim as a prize. If we let the latter be our choice, then we must look at the hunter as an Angel of Challenge, doing his/her work to call our attention to awaken to our own inner power by the agency of hurtfulness, debilitation, and death-defying experiences. Take charge so the journey of change is not hurtful but transformative in positive and life-affirming realities.


Mercury squares Neptune and Chiron at New Moon, so the illusionary qualities can be sought out as soothing oils. If you take charge of your own self transformation, then the gift of Mercury challenging the energy of Neptune and Chiron is to call forth the Sacred Wisdom and All-Knowing to emerge from the deep recesses of consciousness. This then provides the psyche with the power to change emotional thinking into the Light of Creative ideas that help one move out of the dark, into the sacred light, and out into a reality that is healthy and whole.


Lastly, may I encourage you to set the seed-intentions for this moon with a conscious intention to be aware, move with the highest level of the cosmic rhythm of the Universal Mind, and create the vibrations necessary to cultivate your soul-seeds that can grow and develop a perfect outcome for at least a year!