March 11, 2013 12:50:59 p.m. PDT

Spring’s door is opening as we enter this new moon. The Power of Light is encouraged by our creation of Daylight Savings Time (which occurrs on March 10th) as well as the universal dynamic of changing seasons. We all love more light. More time to create, act and play. More time to be aware, alert and purposeful, in a sacred way….exactly what this lunar cycle brings.

The Moon and Sun join forces at 21 degrees 24 minutes of Pisces. Neptune, Mercury (retrograde), Chiron, Venus and Mars are all in the sign of Pisces as well. It keeps us all in the greater arena of “more than one; and Oneness.” It continues to remind us that we are Source personified in human expressions and we are in a vibrational alignment that calls us to keep sacred the preciousness of this truth of existence. The alignment of all of these luminaries and planets give us a reverent message of holding sacred our High- Heart (Sun), our emotions and intuitive power (Moon), our power to actively create our reality (Mars), while using the sacredness of imagination (Venus), while healing the wounds of our mass consciousness (Chiron), allowing our Mind to be thoughtful rather than simply pairing with human logic (Mercury) while we dip into the Ocean of Great Spirit (Neptune) and bring forth the Real Truth of our existence (not the illusion).

This stellium of planets in Pisces have the gift of Uranus light to the way of the Transpersonal Wisdom (Uranus), actively pursuing the goals of the I AM Presence (Aries). While Uranus continues to be pushed by the transformative energy of Pluto, humanity continues to either resist the great change or activates the higher awareness of the intention of the great change that will help the world orchestrate and administrate the design and intention of Source to evolve the realm of matter into a holistic expression of living.

Jupiter, the ancient ruler of Pisces is in the sign of Gemini and continues to assist the expantion of the next generation of sacred language that can help motivate the collective conscious field to enter the truest level of living with compassion and appreciation for all. It is a risk to open the dialogue of the Mystical World, but well worth it for the change that is necessary to heal the human field of challenges, negative thinking and believing in shortcomings of the personal self.

As you enter the New Moon and the opportunities to place your seed-thoughts and desire into the universal womb, know what you want with the clarity of your higher purpose, soul inspiration, and inner desires that fulfill your life. Enjoy the active energy and be sure to visit this page for further info on the Celtic Moon Mother of Alder:

Good Blessings,

Rev. Katherine Torres, Ph.D.,D.D.
President. SPICA- Way of light