Live Your Christed Self

Welcome to Summer:

As I begin to write this letter it is Memorial Day (May 30, 2016). We celebrate our soldiers, sailors, airmen/women who have kept the U.S. a blessed place to live in and continue to celebrate our Freedoms of Speech, Religion and an ability to walk around with a good feeling that we are safe!
Another gift of this day is the way we all think of it as the first day Summer. Yep, time to celebrate the gift of more sunshine, play days, and long days/short nights….well, for a time.

It is the time we begin the lunar cycle of Oak. In the midst of her time is Summer Solstice, June 20th this year at 4:45 pm MDT. At that time the Sun Enters Cancer (Oak) at 0 degrees 0 minutes. The door to summer is fully open. The Longest Day occurs and we celebrate Light just before it begins to move into the days becoming shorter. Most definitely a time to honor the Light of the World and all that we have accomplished so far this year! And the beauty of this day–It will also be a Full Moon! A Perfect Oak Time! Potentials being born everywhere!
For the Celtic Festival: Alban Heruin – Light of the Shore, be sure to check into this page:
Time now to embrace the elements of the Lunar Month through the Faces of the Divine Feminine reflecting gifts of light, waves and particles of energy and the vibrations within the gift of a Universal Intention we can enfold and blend with HER intentions and unfold HER power in our daily reality.
Continuing This Year’s Greatest Message:


Keep on working with the awareness that we are all operating within the plan of WomanSpirit (Divine Feminine/Holy Spirit) to guide us through a mystical practice of connecting with the Supernal Consciousness within the Universe, and thus, within us. This connection is seen through the Trestle Board patterns of awareness: The Foundation is Set for the Soul’s Intention to accomplish a journey and the power of Action is also in motion. We give great attention to the Intention of the Universal Soul (thus our soul) through the focus of each lunar cycle. This is a call of WomanSpirit to help us recognize the great power of wisdom that is contained within everyone and can be deciphered through HER many Faces and the incredible Secret wisdom within each Face that takes us through many regions of HER Conscious Intention! Throughout this year that Intention carries Grace and Opportunities through changes.
Knowing the Intention, one can then recognize the Foundation stabilizing the lunar month and the action you can pursue to obtain the success intended to be manifested during a lunar cycle. It is a joy to remember that one of the Intentions of the Universe is always to Manifest. For each of us, then, it is a delightful gift we give to the Universe to be the open conduit for Manifestations to occur. This Month we vibrate with this flow:
OAK = Intention


Can you feel the Supernal Consciousness within you calling you to live an empowered state of Intention? This month, the vibration is within the lunar flow of Oak/Duir. The power within Duir provides self-confidence, strength and resilience. The Oak Tree is the most Sacred to the Druids. The root word of Druid is “Door,” thus the Oak represents a door. In the sacred alignment Oak has with the Tree of Life, is its correspondence with the path of Cheth; which means gate or fence (a doorway to another realm). Also connected to the power of Duir is success, good fortune, financial strength and fertility. Can you see what the Divine Intention is providing?
As you align your intention with the Divine Intention, remember that the doorway is the connection between “Heaven and Earth.” It allows you to be in two worlds at once, joined with Shekinah (Divine Feminine) you are in a field of opportunities ready to be birthed. You will be the midwife by holding true to the higher field of awareness and remembering that your Thoughts and Emotions are very necessary and must be aligned congruently in order to have a full and healthy birth of your potentials. Infuse Spirit into matter and materialize the dreams of your heart and mind that were initiated at Winter Solstice and the beginning of the year.

You have a gift of wisdom within you that guides you to be a wonderful manifestor. It helps you travel the worlds of the unknown and gather the vibrations of thoughts from the Supernal Consciousness and swirl it in the cauldron of life for a complete concoction of harmony and materialization of what you need now. Let the broth of this wisdom nurture, encourage and form itself into the Highest Intention of your soul quest.

Let the penetration of the Light of the Holy Spirit pour fourth into your reality. She is the compassionate Pro-nurturer who intends for you to be victorious in all that you desire and all that you place an active intention to achieve. Let your instincts and your intelligence join forces and allow your Holy Living Vehicle be the conduit in which the influence of the Divine Mind-Heart can pass into physical existence through you, the field of Manifest Matter. Be what SHE desires you to be.


The power of the foundation set in this lunar flow provides so much to ponder, realize and accept as the blessing Shekinah (WomanSpirit) provides from the Original Foundation in Union with Faith. Know that this Lunar Cycle is a huge blessing. Allowing you to step off into the realm of your potentials with Everything ready to be handed to you. Know the rewards of your Great Work are the Rewards of Her Great Work. Take Her Wisdom, interlock it in your Faithful knowing, and manifest the Wholeness of your existence.

Know that the pathway of your experiences this year have brought you to the faithful understanding of your Inner Power which is creative, self-sustaining, and strong because you have assimilated the wisdom of your sacred journey.

Another month of gathering from the garden of your life, both Hazel and Grapevine remind you that you are setting the foundation to reap what you have sown. Within the essence of Hazel we know the power of the polarities of life are balanced and with the Hand of the Divine you are ready to step into the seed planting of the next stages of your journey. Yet, you must pluck the plants (the rewards) first. Eat of their sustenance, drink of their great life-giving juices, live their expression; and later prepare for your next steps. Your foundation has it all waiting for you; yet present in this very moment for you to set a standard of stability to honor and flow into your future with the allness intact.

The gift of what is invisible is visible to those who hold the hand of the Divine and realize the blessings were created in the beginning, continues to flow into the now, and manifest into your existence as you call it forward. The door is open and revealing that you are connected to the Divine and guided by Her power as She manifests through you. Be Her living Essence. Be the Creator Creating for you have Her Foundation to support your intention to Manifest.
The power of action within this lunar cycle is most certainly to cultivate the potentials you are birthing. Nurture them with the reality that they are sacred expressions of Creation, your individual soul and through your personality. The beauty within the Venus power of action is her Hebrew Letter/Tree of Life Pathway, Daleth. It too means “Door.” Venus/Daleth and Oak/Duir hold blessings to the doorway of our soul and the doorway of our soul potentials being manifested. Willow provides the formula to honor:

▸ We must look to our higher self for direction.
▸ We must hear the voice of our soul directing the magic of our manifesting powers.
▸ Retrieve the sacred knowledge held within and cultivate it with our most positive intention to express the highest level of our inner being.
▸ We must master the Living Creation of our potentials

Venus provides the means to take action:

▸ Dream big and visualize your outcome in faith
▸ Create from your -heart-mind union
▸ Recognize your worthiness and become the artist of your reality
▸ Be her poem:

I am the power of Imagination
The beauty of vision
The flow of creativity
The evolution of expression

I am the freshness of a garden
The colors in a painting
The richness of a life
The preciousness of a soul

I am in the wholeness of Existence
The sound of the Universe
The song in your heart
The rhythm of your knowing

I am the Mother of all Children
The nurturer of Life
The empowerment of healing
The gift of renewal

I am the expression of Love
The essence of Light
The leap of your soul
I am You – You are Me
May you all enjoy a summer of good pleasure, sacred union with family, nature and community, and simply a time to relax. Be sure to visit this page to know the Cosmic Power of the New Moon:
Love and Light,

Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D.,D.D.
CEO/Founder of SPICA – Way of Light
Lunar Cycle of Oak
New Moon – June 4
Crescent Moon – June 8
First Quarter – June 12
Gibbous Moon – June 16
Full Moon – June 20
Disseminating Moon – June 24
Last Quarter – June 27
Balsamic – June 30
New Moon of Holly – July 4