The New Moon is exact at 7:16:27 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time.  The Moon and Sun are side-by-side at 18 degrees 1 second in the sign of Cancer.  The Sabian message is “A priest performing a marriage ceremony.”  There are two pieces of insight I see in this message immediately.  1) A new beginning; and 2) A commitment.  Both seem quite apropos for this lunar cycle.  We need a new beginning in our personal and global reality.  However, we need to be committed to being a Human Family achieving harmony on this great Earth.  The Earth, always, is opposite the Sun and Moon and rides in the frequency of Capricorn, the sign of dedication, responsibility and achievement.  The Sabian message is “A child of about five with a huge shopping bag.”  Is the bag full or empty?  To fill it, this youthful being is going to carry a heavy load.  Yet, s/he has an opportunity to obtain many things: food, clothing, objects to play with, etc.  

With the Sabian messages of the Moon/Sun and the Earth, we see a synergy and a carrying something huge, perhaps; thus responsibilities.  These symbols reveal that we begin this new moon with a new beginning that requires a commitment to remain responsible and dedicated to carry the wisdom that will allow a greater synergy to occur.  It will take our stamina and yet the innocence that takes action without fear.

Much to our delight, Mercury is direct in Gemini and I for one am feeling more focused and less mentally rattled.  Mercury, nonetheless, is challenging Saturn (retrograde in Aquarius) with a slight bit of irritation.  It is irritating Uranus in Taurus, absolutely challenging Neptune, retrograde in Pisces; but gracefully connecting with Jupiter, also retrograde in Pisces.  All of this remains in the message of, “take time to think things through before acting.”  With Taurus, don’t leap into money arrangements too quickly.  Don’t let illusion get in your way with Neptune and Jupiter riding through Pisces.  In fact, Jupiter might encourage you to give or risk money into something you think is a really good “bet.”  Um, it won’t be…not yet.  Wait for better insight.

Ah, Venus and Mars are hip-to-hip in Leo….Love abounds and lovers are at play.  If you get too wispy about who you are with, Saturn is in opposition with these two and will be sending the vibes to remind you to see if the future holds a stable connection.  Uranus will challenge the relationship as well and ask you if you are truly being recognized for your worthiness or your money.  Be careful not to have rose colored glasses on.  But do have fun.

Venus, Mars, Saturn and Uranus are all dancing in the continuous challenge that is knocking a few of us off our feet.  Unexpected realities can hit hard and fast.  I had a breach of my identity that was “earth shaking” but resolvable.  Thank Goddess!  When I was checking my chart with the Transits, I can tell you this squaring (and Venus and Mars opposing Saturn), along with Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn (right on top of my Sun Sign) hit me quite viscerally.  Be aware of what lurks out there in the land of the internet (Aquarius) and your Money (Taurus).  My quick actions did get the person(s) stopped and no money lost…but they are tenacious.

By the way, during the New Moon time, the Moon and Sun are opposing Pluto, so the unexpected pull of the carpet under your feet can occur, and since the Sun and Moon Square Chiron, the feeling of “why me,” may stir up (Chiron is in Aries, the Why Me sign).  A good blessing is that Chiron has good vibes coming from Venus and Mars as well as Saturn providing love and freedom energy to rise up to help you get out of the “poor pitiful me,” syndrome.

The Moon and Sun do send a light of grace to Neptune retrograde in Pisces, thus aiding emotions to seek Divine comfort and sacred guidance.  Awen!  A blessing.