Cosmic Alignment – New Moon July 8,    00:14:16 a.m. PDT.
 Most of us will be sleeping when the Moon is darkest and just preparing to reveal its light as it begins its New Phase of releasing Universal Energy being revealed by the Sun.  The Art of the Universal Rays of Light, as planets arch their energy, displays wonderfully sacred geometrical designs.  A T-Square forms to awaken us and a Kite is revealed to let us soar with soul freedom of higher consciousness.  (More on this a little further into this note.)

 Of course, Jupiter has moved into Cancer and Mercury has moved into its 2nd retrograde of the year in the Water sign of Cancer.  The Sun and Moon are, of course, heart-to-heart in Cancer as well.  Saturn sits in a Stationary position (moments of intensity) in Scorpio, getting ready to release the wisdom learned in the darkened place of Scorpio.  Saturn will head forward again, helping all remember how to hold our boundaries in positive light based on what we have been learning in the deep inner psyche of our being.

 Mercury will be retrograde in Cancer until July 20th (it began its journey backward June 26th).  As the retrograde symbols looks like the prescription symbol, 5, then know that is a prescription to review your emotional thinking.  How does it serve you?  Does it really serve you positively or with greater challenges?  Sometimes the gift of Mercury in Cancer or other water signs provide us a means to communicate with the heart and mind joined.  As Mercury is in Cancer, challenges may occur in your home environment, you household duties, the manner in which you fix your meals or communicate with your family.  Be aware and alert so you know there is nothing more going on that a swimming mind that need to be centered and follow the truth of your heart (versus simply swimming along and lost).  There is a gift for Mercury to lean on and that is the Gift of Jupiter in Cancer, for this vibration will bring about a benevolent, emotional understanding that will allow the mind to rest in kind thoughts and direct thoughts and action to benevolent interactions. 

 The Sun and Moon in Cancer will assist the higher will to be used as well.  The Sabian Message is: “A Man before a square with a manuscript scroll before him.”  Hmm, deep contemplation is offered in this message.  A square is the Universal Symbol of the Four-fold Cosmos: South, West, East and North; Fire, Water, Air and Earth.  It is the symbol of Human Law in which humanity takes dominion of their heritage (the great Earth Life).  The manuscript scroll provides the image of an ancient document hand written by a wise teacher and provides the power to decode the sacred knowledge of the universe.    For all of us, it is a time to enter sacred contemplation and know we are guided by Mercury to come within and gain the understanding of the messages written by the Universal Scribe calling us to discover the bare facts of the Universe and remove ourselves from the outdated interpretations that keep us limited.

 The Sun and Moon oppose Pluto and the Earth in Capricorn while all of them square the Easter Horizon of Aries and Uranus in Aries as the Moon opens to Her new phase.  The T-Square provides the opportunity for us to recognize the agitation and impulses that are calling us to the higher wisdom of the I AM within us that is continuing to cultivate our soul evolution through the ability to master our transmutation of our Earthly existence.  We are called to love the productivity of the New World by standing with our brother’s and sisters of Humanity in a Union of Love, administrating our emotions and higher mind to focus on the Awakened Spirit and take off into next level of changes.  The greatest change we can respond to and encourage is Peace….for it is within Peace we find love, balance and harmony. 

 The Sun and Moon are also activating the Grand Trine/Kite sacred geometry, revealing how the Grace of the Divine is helping us release our Soul so it will rise rapidly into the soaring position of Freedom—Freedom to Express our Higher Nature in the realm of Human Endeavors.  The Sun and Moon in Cancer call us to nurturing and feeding our intuition and  inner self (Moon), so the Light (Sun) can direct the way to our World Soul (Sun and Moon arching positive light to North Moon Node in Scorpio) which is being called to transform and allow the prolific energy of creation to be activated in all that we are doing.  The Sun and Moon are also Arching a positive Light to Chiron in Pisces, creating a call to the World Soul (Pisces) to respond to the Destiny of Healing (Chiron) and thus allow the tip of the Kite to be activated (Pluto in Capricorn) and thus releasing the Soul Evolution of all humans into the true knowing of their achievement to express their multi-dimensional reality (living Oneness).

 Playful, loving, resourcefully creative Venus is dancing through the Creative and Playful sign of Leo.  She is attracting love, loving relationships, playfulness and commitments to be in the realm of Light as one listens to the voice of the soul soaring to higher frequencies and purpose.  Through the power of creative productivity and delightful freedom (she Trines Uranus) she can call everyone into sharing even while they are free to be independent.  She is challenged by Saturn to make sure the soul is released from the darkness by not allowing vibrational thoughts and emotions to cling to the past memories that only encourage hurt and separation.

 Mars continues to move through Gemini and causing a lot of chatter.  If not careful, the chatter becomes argumentative, judgmental and destructive as Mars opposes Pluto.  If a wise person uses this frequency well, then the release into purified thinking and speaking, acting and being will occur and the vibrant use of the energy of Mars to joining forces with benevolent Jupiter will occur.  This will allow a positive reinforcement of benevolent communication, even if it gets hot and passionate.

 Let your soul soar as you allow yourself to listen within to the higher power of love, commitment to a higher vision, a commitment to living a higher truth and a desire to bring love and peace to the world by living it yourself.


Rev. Katherine Bell (aka Torres)
President, SPICA – Way of Light