Hello Everyone:

We are ready to journey into a new lunar month. Below is information that is updated on the site.

I hope all of you are enjoying your Summer. I most surely have been. We just had a Family Reunion with 50+ people. It is ongoing actually. This Friday I leave for Alaska with my friend Barb Hightower and we will have a great trip. Summer is moving fast, Spirit is most certainly guiding the way of Great Changes and I pray all of you are maintaining balance through the Grace of Love.

New Moon – Holly



Ah, the cycle of the year has brought us back to full on energy, activity, and empowerment through the Grace of Holly Moon Mother. Be sure to read the gift of wisdom this lunar cycle invites you to know! Check it out on the website page:



Cosmic Line Up





Of course, New Moon Day, July 18th, brings a cosmic alignment that supports this new lunar cycle and the entrance into the first Harvest that Holly’s time always honors. Please read about the cosmic events on page:


Lammas – Celtic Ritual



The Celtic Festival of Lammas (First Harvest) begins August 1st with is most exact time as August 6th. Please enjoy your recommittments of Lammas. A ritual is available on page:


Please visit all other pages and the SPICA – Way of Light website as well for further information.

May you all be blessed with a joy-filled lunar month.

Love and blessings,


Rev. Katherine Torres, Ph.D., D.D.President, SPICA – Way of Light