Cosmic Event of New Moon – July 18, 2012 – 9:24:01 pm PDT

The New Moon begins with the Sun and Moon hip-to-hip at 26 Degrees 54 Minutes of Cancer (at the end of the Cancer Cycle and nearly entering the Leo cycle). Of course, the Earth is riding through the opposite Zodiac sign of Capricorn, calling for the power to Ground the Energy, and set the stage for manifesting the Higher Intentions set at New Moon Time. Take the time to nurture your intentions and set the course to be creative and constructively manifest and harvest your dreams and desires.

The Sabian Message of the Sun and Moon reveal: “A storm in a Canyon.” What is your canyon? What storm is creating the deep valley of disturbances, outbursts, excitement and/or passion? Are you willing to take charge of the storm, harness it with your highest intentions and accomplish your dreams by the power revealed in the storms of life that let you know what you really, really want?

At the same time the Sun and Moon reveal the storm, the Earth reveals the Sabian Symbol of: A Mountain Pilgrimage. From the storm, the effect reveals the light of your journey that can help you climb the Highest Peak as you wander the fields of your dreams and the desires of your heart/soul. As you scale the tallest mountains of your dreams, you may find this an arduous feat, yet in the end your courage, strength and skill will be revealed to you…something you will not forget and will use time and time again to achieve your goals.

Many of you have been asking about the square of Uranus and Pluto. Both of these Planets are in retrograde, calling you within and asking you to review your Unique Power of Unconditional Love (Uranus) that calls your soul to continue its plight of evolution (Pluto) regardless of the unexpected changes of life. Quick, unexpected realities are occurring (for your self, others, and most distinctly for the world). Some of these realities are greatly challenging, some are most definitely calling for the empowerment of Being. In the New World reality, the power of Karma (Pluto) is coming instantly (Uranus). In a twinkle of a thought and the passage of an emotion, what we think we are receiving. How we act we are recognizing in life as it is quickly acting back at us. We are at Cause and Effect and we must keep our Thoughts, Emotions and Action Congruent with our highest intentions or surely our intentions will abort and distort outcomes of our desires in a blink of an eye. Maintaining a highly open mind (Uranus) with a willingness to remember that we are to be receptive to Divine Thought and Feeling, we can transmute (Pluto) our world and live more directly with the Sacred Wisdom we have all been cultivating from our deepest rooted memory—That we are Source Personified.

We will have plenty of time to contemplate from the inner power and recognize our highest quality with Mercury in Retrograde in Leo. Yes, Mercury entered its retrograde state on July 16th. Those of you with 11 degrees of “anything” (+/- 2 degrees) but mostly the fire signs will discover a greater effect of Mercury’s retrograde motion. Bursts of ideas, or floods of selfishness, anger, and dilemmas will come forward. Or powers of initiating, creating, and honoring life will be expressed because your Inner Dwelling Place will be where you know you are receiving direction.

Inner communication will be developing in a new strain of wisdom…can you take it in, cultivate it and then let it rebirth in 3 weeks when Mercury will be ready to return to its normal forward motion? Choice is your, power is yours, passion and purpose….it is all yours. Take it up with higher intent and let yourself improve the garden of your new world.