<b>We have arrived!  Fall is in the air everywhere.  Trees are turning colors.  Cooler days and nights engulf us.  Our time to come within is solidifying itself.  And the New Moon of Ivy helps us find our balance of Inner and Outer connections so we may easily access the Inner qualities of this time of the year and bring the wisdom to our daily routines.

At the time of the New Moon Phase, the Moon and Sun will be at 22 degrees 32 minutes within the Libra zodiac sign.   The Sabian message calls us to be aware o the “Chanticleer”: one who calls out a New Day and like the rooster in the morning, sings out a declaration of the new beginning.  What is new being announced in your life?  Are your delighted, proud and ready to share?  Are you willing to intimately reveal your new life style?  In the larger picture, this is the continuing announcement of the Universe, “The New Life, New World is now.”  New directions are encoded within us all and more is to be revealed.

Saturn has moved into Scorpio at this time and will continue this journey for 2 years.  It is a time for everyone to realize that Chronos (the powerful Father–Saturn) is entering the realm of his son Hades (Scorpio) for whence he once caste him into this deep underworld for fear that Hades would over-power him.  What does this mean to us today?  Since Scorpio represents the power of the deep unconscious and the old memories that keep us cast into misfortunes, uncontrollable actions and attitudes, and all things we seem not to be able to change, then these areas of our life will be highlighted.  However, highlighted for the perfect healing and final release.  Chronos (Saturn) enters the realm in order to bring to light the inner power and the undoing of the old dynamics in order for the new structure to occur.   Saturn, in the tradition of the Tree of Life, holds court in the field of Binah the sphere of the Divine Feminine and the created consciousness of Individuation and the Soul.  Scorpio holds the power of Soul Protection and thus does not allow the wounds to take over, but allows the wounds to be guides to self awareness and self regeneration.

Saturn is in Scorpio while Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) is in Capricorn (which is ruled by Saturn.  These two planets are therefore helping each other.  They are thus, supporting each other.  As we use the myth of Chronos and Hades, we can see that the father Visits the Son’s realm while the son is visiting the father’s realm…in which awareness and understanding can occur. For you, this may mean meaning things.  Are you learning to be aware of your parental voices and understand how they have guided you, even if they were not the most pleasant and what would be considered helpful?  Are you willing to see where they truly were helpful even if adversarial.  If so, a deeper healing can occur within you and a “giving up” on blaming your parental experiences as entrapment from your higher capabilities. 

Saturn is also forming an Arc of Grace to Chiron (the Wounded Healer) and to Neptune (both in Pisces).  This furthers the healing power of the “old stories” and allows the power of the soul to emerge with more intention to live the Sacred Oneness rather than the illusionary processes of separation.  The power to realize the old patterns of past cellular memory can no longer be used is called forth in this Arc of Grace. 

Pluto remains in an Arc of Challenge with Uranus.  Uranus is in retrograde position, allowing further insight of review and release, renew and rebirth to occur.  Yes, these squaring energy can cause one to feel a “take down” in areas of one’s life.  It is most certainly the continuing Catabolistic movement of consciousness that calls for the Transmutation to continue (Pluto) in order for the Transfiguration to take place (Uranus).    In many ways we are seeing breakdowns in the physical reality (Pluto in Capricorn) of our Earthly experiences.  It is always great to recall that when a breakdown occurs (catabolism), something new comes out of it and it most certainly has the opportunity to release the next level or higher expression of the Core of Light (Source). 

Mars is also in an active mood with Chiron.  It is squaring Chiron, thus causing the agitation within our inner consciousness to seek the change and purify the inner qualities so the Light of the Higher Reality can emerge.  Mars is in Sagitattus and the two universal laws associated here are the Law of Purification (Mars) and the Law of Adaptation (Sagittarius).

IF YOU DESIRE TO REVIEW THE CODEX OF OUR NEW GARDEN OF LIFE, THEN VISIT THIS PAGE:  http://facesofwomanspirit.brownrice.com/pdf/Codex%20paper.pdf

Blessings as you journey through this lunar month.

Rev. Katherine Torres, Ph.D., D.D.
SPICA – Way of Light Church and University of Divinity