New Moon and More

Feel the impulse of the New Moon? It begins its journey August 28, 2011 at 8:04:05 pm Pacific Daylight Time. Are you ready to make that fresh new start?

The Moon, Sun, and the Asteroid Isis are all 5+ degrees of Virgo. Isis is seen as the Great Goddess in the Egyptian deity stories. She is the daughter of Nut the Mother of the over-arching sky, and Geb, the God of Earth. Thus, Heaven and Earth as One. Isis, WomanSpirit, Mother Mary and All Goddesses of this lineage are seen as The Great Goddess. They provide us with the awareness that She gives birth to Heaven and Earth, brings justice to all, provides shelter for the poor and weak, seeks righteousness for all. the Virgo constellation carries one of the brightest stars in the heaven, SPICA. Esoterically this star reveals the sheaf of wheat or an ear of corn in the hand of the Goddess. It represents that all of humanity will be provided the abundance they need (food, clothing, time, work, money, health, love, and spiritual awareness, etc.). Hazel is also in alignment with the Harvest Time of Year. It is the 2nd moon mother to present the gift of harvest and the time when “Plenty” is a known quantity and quality. Look around you and see the “plenty” in your life and note what you are harvesting.

The Moon, Sun and Asteroid Isis are also part of sacred geometrical vibration of a Grand Earth Trine. Sweet blessings given to the Earth. Yes, we can use the blessings as the Hurricane Irene roars up the East Coast. An Earth Grand Trine brings the energy of ease and calm, dedication and determination and the discipline to construct and maintain energy. Physical balance, resourcefulness, and nurturing are all a part of the Grand Trine. This flow will call many people into action of Service to others.

Mercury has turned direct, but will take a while to backtrack to its position in Virgo when it left and journeyed into Leo. It will make it back into that position on September 9th. In the meantime, remember that the vibration of movement can continue to cause a lack of focus, lack of awareness when communicating, and feelings of “I just need attention.” If these “attention” needs are overwhelming, then you may find yourself acting out selfishly or believing others are doing that and not honoring you. Head toward Virgo with Mercury and understand there is a power of sharing and serving each other with words of appreciation, interest, and playfulness.

The Sabian Symbol of this Moon, Sun and Isis alignment reports, “A Merry-go Round.” This is spirit-lifting. A playground atmosphere can be felt. A circle of friends, a time of socializing, and more. The merry-go-round indicates cycles of ups and downs, spinning one’s wheel of life and not finding the center-point. Frustrations can come from these times when you feel you are getting nowhere in the circle of life. However, create the power of this vibration by choosing to change with a gear-like precision of higher intention. Move your wheel-cogs into the cogs of the Grand Universe and make your changes with the Universe….it is easy…Let Go, Let the Divine Right Order, the Divine Right Thinking and the Divine Right Feeling move you along the cycles of life. Find the delights of life with your child-like innocense of a willingness to explore the merry-go-round…in fact, take time off and go to the park where your favorite Merry-go-Round is active and inviting you onto the wooden horse moving up and down and then remember–grab the Gold Key of Life. Share the joy of the playground of life with others……with a smile on your face, in your heart and delightfully creating positive stories within your mind.

NOTE: Changes have occurred since I wrote of the Malachi Circle of Friends Channeling. Because of the holiday and my trip to Turkey, we have made changes and will begin that event in November. Please check out this page and scroll to the bottom to find the url to follow to sign up for the class: It will begin Nov 7th. It is my pleasure to serve our community and present the wisdom of Malachi.