Stellar Awareness- Cosmic Influence


New Moon occurs at 3:47:12 p.m. Pacific Time on February 18th.    The cosmic energies are arching many different signals for each of us to use effectively, shall we choose the power of a higher director.

The Sun and Moon will be at an intense degree in Aquarius, 29 degrees, 59 minutes.  Tension will be high.   Electrical Currents of Source will jostle our essence.  For those not prone to be alert, accidents and or unusual events may be on their horizon.  For those who chose to stay awake to all possibilities,  Higher ideals will rustle through creating exciting inspiration.  In fact, the plans for 2015 may take a leap into full action or a leap in another direction.  For sure, expect the unexpected as this New Moon begins.  Detach from outcomes and allow fresh new ideas to trend.

The Sabian Message of this field of energy shares,  “Moon lit fields, once Babylon, are blooming white,” bring us a message of new beginnings, as well as ancient and new blossoming  together.  As we recognize the expanse of a field, we can realize that there is a depth of creation being uncovered and the genius of our creative minds can blend with this field of proficiency and create new beginnings with the ancient memory of Source.  Yet, we must realize in our collective wisdom, ancient Babylon was not only a rich and successful place, it went into the shadows of separation, uncaring, and flagrant outbursts of immorality that sent many into the vice of unworthiness.  Rather than worship the Great Giver, the people of Babylon worshiped the outcome of riches.  Rather than worship the Holy Spirit, the people saw only their personal reality separate from the Whole.  A falling away occurred.  Separation from the Oneness shaped and the Light of Love, True Compassion, and Gratefulness fell into a realm of neediness, greed and selfishness.  No longer did the people see their self in the wholeness of an abundant life, but in the drunken illusion of gluttony.  Yet the astrological alignment of the New Moon and Sun create the blessing of renewal.  May we not get drunk on illusionary abundance, but vivified by the reality that abundance is a constant flow….yet it requires something of each individual:   Gratitude, Sacred Attitudes, Union with Source in our Personal Awareness.

Sacred Geometry occurs in the arching of lights on this day.  The Finger of Fate (Yod) is noticeable.  Jupiter is at the helm of these arching lights, retrograde in Leo.  This planet is calling us to review the power of love, the expression of creativity, and the willingness to be benevolent in all that we do.  The energy of the Sun and Moon direct this fate-filled message.  Reminding us to reach beyond our human awareness and use the higher mind to direct our thinking and feeling.

A T-Square is formed as The Sun and Moon oppose Earth and all challenge the vibrations of Saturn in Sagittarius.  Will we use other’s to make our excuses for not rising into the challenge of awakening our benevolent being and restructuring the way we live our lives?  Will we allow for new structures of our human laws occur so we may live in the realm of sacred laws expressed on earth?  The challenge is there as the call to change continues to stimulate the psyche of our collective consciousness.

Uranus and Pluto are tightening up their square.  March 11th is their Final experience of challenging each other in promoting a greater change in our Collective Psyche and the galaxy.  Unpredictable forces have been unleashing a higher intention through the field of humanity for several years now.  We have recognized it as ways to transform quickly (seen major transitions in technology -Uranus in Aries- and world governments-  Pluto in Capricorn.  They have not all be pleasant realities.  Oh, I know we love our Smart Phones, camera Drones, virtual games, etc.  But we have not enjoyed the disruption of governmental systems and separation of intentions.  Yet, what might occur on the light pathway being laid down by all of this?  Perhaps truly a humanity that says they are willing to stand up to the change, partner in the change, and quit leaving our world-wide changes up to a small group of individuals who are as lost as we are.

I’ve written about the Universal Laws of these 4 cosmic units many times, but, review is always good.  Perhaps once and again we will use the knowledge and be courageous participants in partnering up to make positive changes.  Uranus is the Law of Universal Love and Aries in the Law of Worldly Development.  Pluto is the Law of Soul Evolution and Capricorn is the Law of Living realizing we are living on All Dimensions, not just the 3rd dimension seen through our Earthly eyes.  Uranus and Pluto work together to create major changes.  Uranus, for the higher good of all, creates changes that seem to come out of nowhere.  All of a sudden something happens.  Pluto creates changes that reveal the shadows and disparaging displays of turmoil, lethal harm to others, and dark  tragedies of self and society.  Capricorn reveals the laws that we have chosen to create and abide by in our human reality or in the depths of our unconscious mind, that are not healthy, vital for growth and expansion, nor fully accord to help an entire nation, if not the entire world.

As the square if Uranus and Pluto rises to it tightest moment and falls away fora very long time, what will we take of the gift that has looked like the power of the demons of destruction?  How will we change the picture of authority, the direction of the pioneers, the wisdom of the leaders?  How will we mark a new tomorrow of governmental systems world-wide that truly will be for the people of the Earth’s higher good?  How will we allow the Collective Soul to rise in higher purpose–reflecting Source?  Though Uranus and Pluto are more globally inclined to create the shock of change, we all know that truly nothing will happen until we love ourselves and are willing to respond to our own soul evolution, live a life developing the world in a harmonious and loving intention, and knowing that we are in charge of governing our self in such ways as to be oriented in oneness and compassion.

Fortunately, as the cycle of this month reveals sacred cosmic waves of wisdom, Pisces will be the field of energy with the most influence.   Mare and Venus are at the last degrees in Pisces, reminding us that to fight against our differences is unhealthy and unholy.  To inter-relate with the knowing all is Source brings passion and desire into a creative patterns.  Chiron and Neptune ride the power of Pisces, stirring the intentions of compassion, love and healing and fortitude.  The Sun and Moon (in just a few minutes after the New Moon) enter Pisces as well.  We have a brigade of Compassion, stirring our inner knowing to regenerate the power of truth, the wisdom of love, peace and harmony.  Within the brigade is the quest to fulfill our destiny with a desire to create Oneness as we purify our hearts and minds and use the wisdom of our higher selves to speak the language of the divine.

Mercury in Aquarius is not strongly moving in direct motion and asking of us to think from our skills of higher wisdom, higher levels of compassion and detach our thinking from outcomes we believe will work.  Let Go and Let the Divine Mind stir new ways of directing outcomes.