December 24, 2011 we enter the flow of a Lunar Cycle. The Cycle of the Celtic Moon of Birch-Beth.

It is more than a lunar cycle. It is the Initiation of 2012 and our ability to recognize the power of the changing time of 2011 and cultivation of the Garden of 2012 is most important for our Global Growth of Higher Consciousness.

As we enter the region of Christmas Eve, and the Birth of a Christed Child, it is first a great idea to release the past year (if you have not already done that on Winter Solstice).

This is a time to make note of how you have:

1) Chosen to clear your subconscious of the Saboteur thinking and emoting

2) Chosen to let go of fears and phobias that do not serve your Higher Self

3) Chosen to leave the past behind

Now is a time to:

1) Chose to Reclaim your state of Empowerment

2) Chose to Recognize your Holy Self

3) Chose to Realize the Source in All

4) Chose to Master Life and Reveal your Mastery in All that you do

5) Create the new year with the Ideation of Source

This is a time to realize the Garden of Eden, as noted in the Bible has completed its Cycle. It no longer represents the Fallen, the Separation, the Sinners. It has gone fallow and the New Garden is now being cultivated. Source has already given to Its Matter Self the fertile soil of the new garden. IT has given the Essence of Renewal within the Garden of Oneness. The sparkling Rays of Light are providing New Waves of Consciousness in the Rays of SPIRIT, FIRE, AIR, WATER AND EARTH. The US of IT are called to cultivate the vibration and set the energy of Highest Intent into the New Garden/New Year.

So, what does the cosmic pattern of the New Moon offer as an aid of energy in our Garden?

The New Moon Cycle begins at 10:06:23 a.m. December 24th (Pacific Time). The Sun and Moon are at 2 degrees 34 minutes of Capricorn and form a perfect opposition to Earth which is moving through the constellation of Cancer (2 degrees 34 minutes). Together the Sun and Moon, as well as the Earth, arch a light to Uranus who is at the critical vibration of 0 degrees 43 minutes of Aires. This forms an active Earth, Water and Air T-Square….a strong tension calling all to awareness, pulling and pushing the buttons of consciousness within each individual; keeping us awake and alert to the New Moment and the Beginning!

What are we beginning? Each within knows for their self. The Earth is Beginning a Cycle of a New Garden of Consciousness and the power to achieve the cultivation of it is within our Intuitive Knowing (Cancer-Water) and our strength to pursue the peak of attainment of our Higher Purpose (Capricorn) is well grounded in Heart and our Higher Mind (Moon and Sun). A Player in the T-Square is Pluto in Capricorn waiting for the Union to occur with the Sun and Moon, and thus Earth. The Power to Transmute continues to reveal itself with Pluto in the mix.

Uranus holds a very important position in the T-Square. Its vibration at 0 degrees of Aries places poignant energy into action. Uranus carries the Law of Love while Aries carries the Law of Worldly Development. At the 0 degrees, Uranus supports this power of Love to activate the I AM vibration (Aries) into the world of Matter (Capricorn) and through the Foundation of Expression (Cancer). The Father (Capricorn) and the Mother (Cancer) maintain enough tension to keep the power of nurturing and growth expressing through the realm of our Earthly existence.

Another Sacred Geometry is seen at New Moon and that is the Grand Trine/Kite. The players of this energy field are Saturn in Libra at the Helm of the Grand Trine and the Tail of the Kite. Perfect message of Above and Below in One. Its arch of light connects with the light of Earth in Cancer, Jupiter in Taurus, and Neptune in Aquarius, as well as Chiron in Pisces. Neptune and Chiron arch to Earth/Cancer to form the final light of the Grand Trine, as well as arch a light to Neptune to form the final light of the Kite. What does all of this mean?

The Grand Trine is always a Grace of Divine Energy and when a Kite is formed by the arching lights, then the Soul Soars with the joy of freedom to be the Expressed Divine. Saturn honors the creation of structure in the relationship of Source and Matter. It holds firmly to the moral, just and equality of human and spirit. Arching its Light directly to Jupiter in Taurus (in opposition), it challenges the Tip of the Kite to take flight and release Soul wisdom that the Benevolent One (Jupiter) is cultivating the New Garden (Taurus and Capricorn) with the intention to form well the power of the awareness of Oneness (Saturn carries the Law of Universality—all are One).

This arch of Saturn taps the essence of Neptune in Aquarius and Chiron in Pisces with a definite purpose to call forth the Rise of Sacred Wisdom into the Healing of All in order that the New Rituals of Life be the Sustaining of Oneness rather than sustaining separation. Saturn arching light to Earth in Cancer, reminds us that we are cradled in the arms of the Divine Mother, cultivating the completion of Spirit and Matter as One, and releasing the wisdom of how to administrate the power of this oneness into a New Governing Power of Self and our Global Humanity (Earth in Cancer connecting to Sun and Moon in Capricorn).

The Grand Trine and Kite are releasing the Grace of the Divine. We do not have to work at receiving this energy…we simply need to be receptive, take it in and utilize the gift.

Back into the vibration of Uranus at the helm of the T-Square. This blessing of light most certainly stirs the innovative and spontaneous regions of consciousness and activates the impulse to do things NOW, not later and not with the past intact. Nope, it calls for the Present Moment to be noticed and radically changed if it is hanging onto the weeds and growth of the old Garden. Let not this energy be disruptive when you see your best laid plans change in a moment. Let it be that you are willing to stay in the present and radically move into the momentum of new developments. What might flair up in you is the renegade, the rebel, the individualistic mind set. If it be so, let it be the rebel with a cause to live your life from your highest consciousness, the renegade that moves into the Now and the Purpose of higher living and the individual who is willing to reveal that higher power in all that you do.

Use the Power of the Present by realizing the mystical wisdom carried in this word. Using Tibetan Numerology, I would love to reveal the Secret within this word:

5 5 10

P R E S E N T (10)

5 8 2 4 3 22/4


This equation releases the following message of being in the Present:

10 in Spirit: When we live in the Present, we Expand our Spiritual Being and Move into the next Cycle with ease, joy, love and benevolence.

22 in the Mental: We Master our Minds and are more creatively productive

4 in the Mental: We use our reasoning power to develop a world of creative expression from the ideals of the Divine Mind

14 in the Physical: We recognize that there is support, particularly from the Celestial realm

5 in the Physical: We are able to Master our Life in all levels of our human Living

10 in the Soul Level: We Master the cycles of our soul evolving and expanding into the wisdom of our Higher Spirit and the urges of joy, love and benevolence are felt as a need to BE

Power of the Moon and Sun as well as the Earth via the Sabian Message



Earth in Cancer: A Man Suspended over a vast level Place

Sun and Moon in Capricorn: Three Stained-glass windows, one damaged by bombardment

The level place is a symbol of equality. To Be suspended, however, leaves one in a position of waiting, perhaps uncertainty and creating indecision. What is known in the mystical circles of wisdom is that the water is the Ocean of the Divine Consciousness and the Womb of the Great Mother. In the moment of this time and space, we are suspended in equality while the Great Womb prepares to release the new birth. Patience, love and harmony are called forth here.

The beauty of stained-glass now damaged perhaps reveals a battle has taken place in the mind and the vision of the world (window). Perhaps this is a view of spiritual dialogue long held to be true and now must be blown out…not by incessant questions of the mind, but by research of the Heart and inner knowing (Moon) and the Higher Heart – Higher Mind (Sun). Now is the time to seek the New Truth of Spirit and Live the Truth that has always been encoded in the Psyche of everyone: Source is the Essence of You, the Living You, the Matter and Spirit of You. In the New Religions, you are called to live this, not suffer it.

Contemplate your power in these Sabian messages. Will you give in to destruction, be suspended from your soul intentions, opposing your higher ideal or move into a higher awareness of deeper knowing you are releasing from the Inner Temple?

Please remember to read the Lunar Letter of the Month. May you be blessed as you celebrate the New Moon, the Power of Christmas Eve…the awaiting the Birth of The Christed Self, and the power of creating a New Garden within 2012.

Warm blessings and the Grace of Love,