Furthering our journey into the second half of the year, we come to the New Moon that takes us another step into the shadow time of the year. Though not full of darkness, the nights grow longer and the days shorten even more. Summer is ending and Back to School time is occurring across our nation.

The New Moon is a gift of renewal, refreshing your desires, and noting what seeds you want to plant that can and will develop throughout the month. As you set your intentions at this time of the year, remember you are entering the realm of the Lower World and the intention to reach the depth of your soul. Look into this page for more info: http://facesofwomanspirit.brownrice.com/pdf/Hazel%20for%20Website%202012.pdf

Cosmically, the New Moon is full of energy to fill our very cells with higher intentions. The Moon is at the hip of the Sun at 25 degrees 8 minutes of Leo and it will move into the Virgo energy field on Aug 18th, still in New Moon Energy. In the meantime, the following flow of energy will leave an impression in your psyche for you to use (if you choose).

Ready to set energy of Intentions? The Leo vibration continues to call you to set the energy of Self Dominion. Then Virgo bursts forth and calls you to wholeness and faith. It also calls you to the power to cooperate with: 1) Your Soul Self, 2) Others, and, 3) The Divine Intention to release the new plans from your soul level to your personal level through the agency of your cellular memory.

The Sabian Message is “A rainbow.” Remember, this is a symbol of the Promise of the Divine as noted in Genesis 9:12 And God said, “This is the sign of the covenant I am making between me and you and every living creature with you, a covenant for all generations to come. It is also noted that the rainbow is the Symbol of Iris, a Greek goddess who was a messenger for Hera (goddess of women and marriage–the power to form right relationships/unions). As we honor the Covenant, it is a time when we can most certainly honor that we have made an agreement to be in Union with the Divine as much as the Divine is in Union with us. Truth is, we are the Divine in Matter and the Marriage is our Personal Minds/Hearts in union with our Divine Mind/Heart. Our Promise is to “Re-Member” this Union and the power of this New Moon brings us to this alignment with the Joy of Intention to commit to the relationship.


Looking at significant realities of the New Moon Chart, what is noticeable is the Signature (Imprint left upon the Earth for use by at least 7 generations), which is an Aries Signature. The Power of Live the I AM Presence in the here and now and lay this frequency into patterns to be followed by generations to come. The Pioneering Spirit is set free. What are you ready to Pioneer as the Living Presence of I AM?

Next is the Power of Virgo on the Horizon. This aligns with the Law of Wholeness and calls for All to Accept the Wholeness of Be-ing. This alignment lets everyone reveal the wholeness, express Service to Others, harmonize by healing self and then others, and calls forth a power of cooperation.

A Sacred Symbol, the Yod, is found in this New Moon Chart. This “Finger of Fate” messenger is a reminder that the Divine Mind is Directing the Course and we only need to be in touch with that Higher Mind Within. The Yod is formed by Mercury (in Leo) arching energy to Chiron and Neptune (who are side-by-side) and to Pluto. At first, these field of energy cause us to have to listen more intently, feel more deeply in order to “hear” the message. As we do, the Buzz between Chiron and Neptune in a positive alignment with Pluto releases the opportunities to transform the old standards and rules (Pluto in Capricorn), while being blessed by the Healing Power of Sacred Wisdom being released within us (Chiron/Neptune in Pisces) as we let go of fear-based realities, illusions, and disconnects from our Oneness Reality. As the Point of the Finger is Mercury in Leo, we are simply asked to be very alert, focused on Self Dominion, willing to focus on the Promises we make to be committed to our Higher Self, and then discover the Power Within to Live the Ultimate Agreement: To BE!

We can certainly dance around and question ourselves, rely on the old patterns and dysfunctions of being in the dark. Or, we can open to the Higher Will and Live Its Purpose, to laugh and love, create excursions to explore the regions of the dimensions of the GREAT ONE, and KNOW…..we are ONE and Creative Beings displaying the Oneness by all we do Create.

Enjoy creating the Power of Awareness that Transforms and Heals and creates the Sacred Truth of Unconditional Love.

Blessings of Faith,