2:35:17 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time April 10, we enter the initiating vibration of the New Moon and will be in her influence for several days.  We continue to have an influence of Alder, but the Moon will align with Willow soon after (just before 8:30 pm PDT, the Enters the flow of Willow/Taurus).
 The Infinite Partnership of Willow and Taurus is dynamic, critical to soul evolution, vital for creative powers, and exceptional in calling everyone to find their soul intention and personal worthiness.  We will look at three expressions of this power within us and the entire Universe.  The energy is available for everyone to use.  Some will use it with conscious awareness, while others will  be unconscious, yet influenced by the flow of energy within the Universal Net.  With conscious states of awareness the empowered state of self actualization occurs much easier.  continued at http://facesofwomanspirit.brownrice.com/pdf/Willow%20-%202013%20Moon%20for%20website.pdf