At 11:14:19 pm PST on April 28 (29th East of the West Coast time zone) we enter a New Moon and an Annular Solar Eclipse.  This rare eclipse can occur only at New Moon and at a time when the Moon is a bit further from the Earth.  The Moon moves between Earth and the Sun at this time and as she looks smaller, our view sees a ring of fire around her—the solar light not eclipsed.  At this very moment there is a straight line of energy from the Sun, through the Moon and to the Earth as the Sun matches one of the Nodes of the Moon.

Those who will be able to see the effects of this moon reside in the Antarctica, around the Indian Ocean, Australia, and South in Asia.   We will not see it in North America.

The cosmic alignment continues to release the energy of the Grand Cross I have written about before.  Therefore, we will proceed with our grand changes in our relationships, our homes, business and government.  We will continue to follow through with the Eruption of Change that can help us all unfold our Enlightened Being.   Though the Grand Cross is weakening as Mars Separates from Jupiter Uranus and Pluto, the effects are still being dealt with.  With the Sun and Moon, as well as Mercury, in Taurus, we can use this power to remain alert, choose to cultivate our life with purpose and intention, and persevere in our intentions to support value in our selves and others.

Mars, Saturn and Pluto are all in Retrograde motion and thus helping us slow down.  These powers will help us consider what keeps us in balance and harmony in our relationships, what allows us to use the Katabolistic  power to break down our old structures of emotional beliefs and false pretenses about our inner being, and what will guide us to the Greater Holistic Truth that supports All our Relations?

During the New Moon time, the formation of another geometric alignment with the Mystical Rectangle occurs.  It is activated by Mercury in Taurus sending opportunistic vibrations to Jupiter in Cancer as well as the flow of grace to Pluto in Capricorn.  Pluto sends opportunistic vibrations to Saturn in Scorpio and Saturn sends the vibrations of grace to Jupiter.  What does this tell us?  We have the opportunity to be benevolent to our family and understanding about the foundation of life we formed during our early childhood.  We may use the grace to change the structures of our beliefs without having to move into the critical voice of self condemnation nor the condemnation of another.  We can also use the grace of awareness to allow the eruptions of long-held rules of home and society to fall apart and take on the empowered state of our Master Self to make the changes that are worthy of our Christed Consciousness. As the Sun and the Moon encourage and support the power of this Mystical Rectangle.

Our cosmic field continues to support our changing realities.  Can we join forces and meet the power of change with Grace and the Desire to fulfill our need to be more responsive to our soul goals?  Or, will we stay intoxicated by the illusions of beliefs that keep us truly separate from our Higher Power and unable to Live as the Source Message was given by a Master (Jesus): I and the Father are One–Who I am you are (therefore we can only be the Father/Source).