Hello everyone:
 Whenever we have two new moons in one month, the second new moon is called the “Black” moon.  This term actually comes from the Wyse Women of Old who saw it as beneficial for magickal alignments.  What magick are you attempting to perform?  How can Rowan help you?  Read on and discover how you can spin and weave the energy of heaven into the realm of matter.  Continued…. http://facesofwomanspirit.brownrice.com/pdf/Rowan2014website.pdf
Cosmic Lights  New Moon occurs at 1:38:30 pm Pacific Time on January 30th.  Its radiance flows through the zodiac sign of Aquarius as it sidles up to the Sun.  The inspiring feeling within our selves is to “be free” and unencumbered.  We want to express is grand style and with as much individual aplomb as we can reveal.
 As freedom seekers we may look at what the sky lights are offering as well as the Sabian message of the conjoined energy of the Sun and Moon.  In fact, let’s start there and look what is to stir within us.  The Sabian message states, “Children on a swing in a huge Oak tree.” … continued on  http://facesofwomanspirit.brownrice.com/blogs/
Celtic Ritual of Imbolc  There are 8 Celtic Festivals celebrated each year.  The first is Imbolc and catches us becoming aware that more light is emitting, the days are growing longer, the ice is melting and the first flowers may be seen popping up from the Earth.  In So. California, our heat has caused trees to flower already.  In the East and North East, not so much.  However, the power of the festival is a time to call all powers of our inner being into active light directing our year.  Continued… http://facesofwomanspirit.com/pdf/Imbolc%20for%202014.pdf