Three Levels of Study

The Initiate


High Priestess

This unique program provides a passageway to Universal Mysteries. The Initiate steps into the doorway of the Goddess, through a veil of mist. The Spiritual Quest begins in order to obtain intuitive powers and sacred wisdom. The Initiate returns, at last, to a long forgotten sacred place of Wisdom where True Knowledge and the power of Magick is revealed.
The Circle of Wyse Women sing the song of welcome to those who return. They know the renewal of knowledge will emerge from the heart of each woman, daughter of WomanSpirit, The Goddess.

Initiations, practice and application of wisdom are required so the robe of the High Priestess can be worn once again by those whose memory has brought them here. Level by Level the women progress. Each walk the path of the Initiate, Priestess, and into the Path of the High Priestess.

Through dedication, devotion to the Great Mother and actively assisting the Soul’s of Humanity, the women in the Circle learn sacred knowledge. Intuition is enhanced, healing capacities are used, and the ability to instruct are brought forward.

One must have the use of computers, iPads or Note Books, and email connections to be involved with this program.

The Instructors

This certification program is headed by the originator, Katherine Bell, PhD, DD. Katherine has followed the path of her Celtic ancestors to uncover the mysteries of the Universe. She is a Transpersonal Psychologist, intuit, author and lecturer. She specializes in Mystical Studies and Shamanism. She maintains an active counseling practice in Colorado. Dr. Bell a Druidess in the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. She is the High Priestess of the Daughters of the Moon and the Wizard’s Circle. Her work for the Goddess, The Faces of WomanSpirit, A Celtic Oracle of Avalon initiated this program.

Joining Katherine are others who have progressed through the correspondence course. They bring knowledge of the passageway, counseling wisdom, sacred rites and a sacred heart to the circle. All bring a distinctive feature of spirituality to the group and maintain a goal of bringing forth the reflection of the Goddess–WomanSpirit.


An opportunity to explore the Goddess Mysteries and know the Feminine Paradigm that is now a global awareness. These mysteries can be learned through:

The Faces of the Lunar Year


The Practice of Intuitive Knowing

The Gift of Healing

To receive a brochure and/or an application for this program, please write to: Katherine Bell, Attn: Daughters of the Moon, 807 Harding Ave, Cañon City Colorado 81212, or call 719-792-9248. Email:

The Whispering Grandmothers – Tribe of the Soul®

This advanced program will open its doors in 2019. It is by special invitation and does have requirements of a student to be involved in the wisdom paths of the Goddess. Though this program will be initiated in the workshop of October 2018, the doors will open to others who did not attend and who will be initiated into the program via email classes and internet studies, and perhaps other means of attending workshops. One must have the use of computers, iPads or Note Books, and email connections to be involved in this program. More will be announced in the future.