Not only are those three things a common theme of our life search, but they have been either an irritation or a have left us filled with contemplation over the retrograde period of Jupiter and Venus. But, tomorrow, November 18th, you will have the chance to realize what you have learned and perhaps how to handle all three areas in your life a bit different.

Jupiter has been dancing backward in Pisces (soon after it entered Aries) and that has turned us inward to feel, think and understand our spiritual relationship, our desire to obtain a higher education in spiritual philosophy, and opened our path of awareness of compassion and generosity. It also created a field of thought about our need for good fortune, and opening to our abundance, and realizing the gifts of Source that are in our life already in abundant form.

Venus has danced backward in Scorpio and then returned to Libra. This quest of consciousness has been the research of love for another, ability to share our love, our fortune and all resources. Questions of living together in the future or separation, marriage or divorce have rattle minds and hearts.

While in retrograde, the planetary vibrations call us inward to contemplate, seek to understand, and a willingness to let go and release, and then prepare for new realities to reveal themselves.

The push for the use of what you have been understanding is now beginning. The return to direct motion of each of these planets will cross the field they have been traveling as they return back to the point they left. This will allow a nice review to occur so you can solidify your knowledge and step out with maturity to bring forth a love that desires to share, be compassionate, and delight in life. It calls forth the empowered knowing of what your good fortune really is, how to live with gratitude and sacred attitudes, and how to embrance your higher levels of spiritual education, as well as practice what you learn in your daily activity.

You will be feeling an upliftment, and expansion (as though you can finally take a deep breath), and the joy of being.