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Relationship with True Calling
Illuminating Purpose
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Powered through Harmony

New Moon – September 12 – 13, 2015
Partial Solar Eclipse
11:41:13 p.m.,Pacific Standard Time

Hello Everyone:

All through the year we have been following the New Moon Cycles with an ending as well as a beginning. We have been ending in the cycle of the previous month; fully harmonized with the intended cycle by Full Moon, and repeating the process into the next New Moon. I realized, through dream messages last night, that this is more important than might be recognized at first glance. My writing on the Cosmic Alignment will give you even more insight. However, for now, it is a movement of “Ending the old Imprints,” that has been foretold for several years now. Can we truly let go of the ancient pain, separation messages, and abandonment feelings that have been carried on for generations? Can we ascend our consciousness into levels of a Higher Order of Thinking, Living and Believing in our Oneness? Of course, I do believe so and have watched many dedicated “Light Workers,” let go and enter realms of their higher conscious intentions. I’ve watched Devotion to the Source/Source-Self rise with life practices leading us into living as spiritual beings enveloped in human endeavors (rather than human beings simply seeking to find our spiritual self). We are growing and expanding the Light of Truth and the sacredness of being a Living Master in this world. So, I truly see how this Universal Lunar Cycles of 2015 have been supporting this process.
With all of that in mind, we enter the New Moon with the Moon and Sun at 20 degrees 10 Minutes of Virgo…in the mature state of Grapevine. Our lives are rich with the harvest of our soul intention and the gift of living the True Calling we set out to beckon into action this year. This New Moon is the moment of a Partial Solar Eclipse, and of course, creating emotional challenges, yet allowing us to move inside to search and seek out our Highest Natures. (If you have planets between 15 and 25 degrees in Mutable signs, such as your Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Ascendent, or North Node, you may find a greater reaction to this Eclipse.)

The Solar Eclipse will be noticeable through our states of urgency to make sure we are living in the Service to the Divine as She calls us to honor our True Calling. We will also find urgent needs to live healthy lifestyles and make the changes to enhance our ability to heal our bodies, minds and emotional selves. Our health scientists/researchers have been called upon to discover much more about our bodies functioning and dysfunction processes. In fact, in a recent article, a team of medical researchers here in San Diego have been working on the Brain and diseases such as Alzheimer’s , epilepsy, and other brain maladies. They, in fact, have taken notice that the DNA chain in the brain is different than in other parts of the body; yet unique to the individual. Hmm, more DNA discoveries to happen for sure. They have also discovered that the human brain can regenerate new neurons: adult neurogenesis. Of course, they also note that the way to activate neurogenesis is through exercise, diet and stimulating environments. (The San Diego Union-Tribune, September 9 2015, “Brain Breakthroughs.”, By Hieu Tran Phan.) Under this Solar Eclipse, we may all feel motivated to respond to these levels of healthy living.

Note: The Partial Solar Eclipse will be seen in South Africa, South Atlantic Sea, Indian Ocean and Antarctica.

As we call on the influence of the Air Trio via the agency of the Moon, then our lunar intention may best be done at 7:41 pm Pacific Daylight Time when the Moon is at 0 degrees 0 minutes of Libra (air sign) in its New Moon Cycle. Do check your time zone. This alignment can be a great moment to plant seeds of desire in the essence of Ivy, still in the initiating power of a new moon sequence of 3 days, and in alignment with the Divine Feminine Purpose of Perfect Harmony, release through “Still Movement.”

Trio of Air Initiated in Ivy – The Cognitive State – with Venus, the Active Partner
Relationship with True Calling
A great deal of awareness of relationships happen under an Ivy influence. Venus sings love songs in our heart. Desire abounds. If we are in a relationship, we may find it harmonizing. If not in a relationship, we may find we feel now is the time to be connected, intimately, with another. Yet as I look at the start patterns and challenges activating through our heavens, some individuals may find they are in the blast of the past and needing a time of ending, perhaps restructuring, and most certainly, deciding what to do with the flow of this energy calling attention to relationships. With an alignment with an Eclipse, everyone will be triggered toward significant life changes that bring about progressive processes of the mind, heart and soul. Deep movement within our psyche and conscious awareness will be evident. Realizing a great importance to cooperate with others come to the forefront during this lunar event/solar eclipse.

Mindfulness techniques to clear our emotional and mental clutter are called for during this cycle. The Call of the Divine Feminine (WomanSpirit) is strongly urging a deeper relationship with our True Calling. If all has evolved this year, you are aware of your True Calling, have made a commitment to follow through and outwardly live this calling, have felt the benefit of it and now must go deeper into a relationship with your calling.
WomanSpirit brings this to the forefront for you as Her Essence arranges a particular order in which all related realities will fall in line with each other. Watch this occur in your life throughout this Lunar Cycle and the Trio of Air. How is the essence of your True Calling becoming a very important relationship to honor in your life now (not tomorrow or next year)? Within the vibration of Ivy, you are always called to use the power of Still Movement (also known as S.P.A. – Stop, Pause and Allow). It is in this manner you will surrender into the sequence She puts forth and use it at a higher level to fully involve yourself in the perfect harmony of your relationship with your True Calling. Do this and nothing will stand in the way of your good, including you!
Ivy corresponds with the Hebrew Letter of Lamed. It means “to instruct” and thus as you experience moments of Still Movement, you will consciously be aware of the Divine Instruction to be in union, married, if you will, to your True Calling. In listening to this Divine Instruction, you will be at the Causal moment of the Law of Cause and Effect (Karma), that Lamed also activates. You will be in a stage of conscious knowing that you are the creator of the true outcome for living your sacred calling.
Of course, the Active Partner of Ivy, Venus will give you the boost necessary to live in the environment of a conscious relationship with your True Calling. Venus will not only sing the alluring songs of love, She will help you use the gift of creative imagination that continues to help you conquer your inner desires by using right resources, and thus drawing to us the magnetic field that takes the construct of your soul calling and places it into the manifest world. Venus is in alignment with the Hebrew Letter “Daleth.” It means door and reveals the door way of opportunity your soul has to perform cognitively in your world of matter. All you have to remember is to visualize the path, live with a conscious intent to be a true partner with your calling and take action to create the ways and means of fulfilling this relationship in a long term agreement.
Subconscious Level – Rowan and her partner, Urania
Illuminating Purpose
Rowan is now in charge of the subconscious and it is carrying a bright light of awareness.
Her power to maintain the Universal essence of Deliberate Focus will help you maintain clarity of your inner mind and its power to encourage or discourage you. Rowan always calls you to hold to the Light of Transpersonal knowing. She urges you to illuminate your Higher Self through Mind, Body and Spiritual union. She relates to the Hebrew Letter, Tzaddi which translates to “Fish Hook.” Always reminding you that you have the power to hook into the Great Ocean of Consciousness and capture the exact wisdom (fish) that you need at any moment. She is the Light that guides you through the essence of each state of consciousness within each Chakra center. This assists you in clearing any level of limitation and open to a greater reality of who you truly are.
Her partner in action is Urania who carries the high power of the Hebrew Letter of Aleph and the Universal imprint of unconditional love. Aleph is the energy that urges you to cultivate the power within you with a love so sublime, that nothing of any relationship challenges can stand in the way of your good. At the subconscious level, Urania will not allow you to live in darkness, fear, or beliefs that the person, or in this case, your True Calling, can stop you from living fully and completely in harmony with all needs, desires and requirements of your life. Urania says, “Bring everything and everyone to the party and celebrate the great relationship of your Higher Purpose.”
Super Consciousness – Hawthorn and companion of action, Mercurianna.
Discerning Higher Voice

What an incredibly powerful place for Hawthorn to hold court. The Queen of the Higher Mind through the Innocence of the Child’s Mind. In her innocence, she compels you to recall the power you have used to choose to follow a course this year to uncover your True Calling. Through her innocence, she calls you to be devoted to the Higher Cause of your True Calling. Through her power to relate, she urges you to respond to the Great Relationship you have from your personal self through your Divine Self, to live your True Calling.
Hawthorn corresponds to the Law of Union and the Hebrew Letter of Zayin–the Sword. Zayin is a sacred wisdom of the power of discerning and using your free will to make a choice. It is the Sword of Discernment that helps you cut through the muck of falsehoods, confusion and the sounds of “everyone else” that live in the ancient encyclopedia of your memory. In the Power of Union, Hawthorn reminds you that you are in union with your soul, your life purpose and your true calling. Her active partner gives you more.
If you respond to the urge to be Devoted (a call from Hawthorn), then the power of Mercrianna activates the channel that opens your awareness to the Voice of the Divine–the Higher Voice. Mercrianna aligns with the Law of Expression–the Logos of the Divine; thus the Voice of the Divine. She also aligns with the Hebrew Letter, Beth which means the Temple. Your mind, your body, your being is the Holy Temple and the vehicle of the Voice of the Divine. Let this voice, from your higher state of consciousness, help you maintain the union, sacred relationship with your True Calling.
Throughout this month, form a strong bond in the relationship with your True Calling. Let it not fall way in the ebb of the year, as we enter the field of culling as the lunar year prepares to come to its end in the next few months. Remember, that the time of Ivy is still a Harvest Time…allow yourself to harvest the inner power of your True Calling and form a life-lasting relationship!
Powered through Harmony
All three of these states of consciousness (Ivy, Rowan and Hawthorn) are powered through harmony. It gives you a clue that the more you find harmony within your mind, emotions and actions, the more harmonious, balanced and forthright you will be in the expression of your True Calling. Do contemplate the expression of “Powered through Harmony.” Use the Ivy Message of Still Movement….and learn the gift of this phrase of wisdom.
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Warm blessings of love,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.
President, SPICA – Way of Light
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