Holly New Moon – July 12, 2018
July 12, 2018 – 8:47:46 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time

Gifts Given –Talents Shared!

Hello everyone:

May the unfolding of summer be joyful, playful, and easy. For any of you who are in the path of fire storms, or like us, watching fires all up and down the state of Colorado, be blessed with safety. May those of you experiencing the storms of rain and tornadoes, may they not be destructive to you and may your communities be blessed. May those of you who know how to go through the Shamanic planes of consciousness meet with the Nature Spirits of Weather and gain insight for what we all can do to help work with the great changes we see in our climate all around the world. Have an easy and joyful summer.

The New Moon of Holly is revealed through the landscape of Oak continuing the birthing of dreams we have all desired to be fulfilled throughout 2018, so far. The Sun and Moon join forces in Cancer at 8:47:46 p.m. Mountain Time. Be sure to check your time zone for the New Moon influence. The Moon will move into the pathway of Holly/Leo by 11:32 a.m. on July 13th. It will be July 22 when the Sun enters Leo. No matter, when the New Moon occurs, do indeed plant your seeds for the lunar month. Remember, the New Moon is exact on July 12th, but will be leading up to its peak a day or so before and continues for a couple of days afterward. Thus, those of you who prefer to start your seeding on a weekend, you will find you may do that and not miss the vibration of the New cycle.
Our focus of Holly carries many different vibrations. Summer play, Dog Days of Summer, and entering into the cycles of harvest. The Dog Days of Summer often circle around the discussions of the heat of the summer days that make us lazy. However, it truly was the title given to the Star Sirius. Although Sirius was the brightest star during this last month, I cannot find the astronomers pointing it out for us to see during this month. However it does have a meaning through the Dog Days of Summer. It first rises with the Sun each day through July and August. It is associated with the scorching light of the sun, and most definitely as Bright Light that guides our consciousness. Hippocrates thought of Sirius as the Star of Weather and important to our human health. It is known as both a Leader or a Janitor. Along with the vibrations of Holly Moon, it reminds us to stand up and be proud of who we are no matter what our status of life is. The Most Holy One recognizes our greatest being, and so should we.
I will be posting the cosmic influence notes on the blog page of the website: www.timelesscryptogramsofhealing.com. The Faces of WomanSpirit website is worn out and cannot be updated without a whole lot of work. However, we have the blessings of the Timeless Cryptograms site and do be aware that greater changes will be occurring with a main website to be uncovered. Webmistress, Shannon Hamilton, is working diligently to reshape the work of the WomanSpirit website, the Cryptogram website, and an ultimately a new website will be born to honor the work of the Grandmothers I have been speaking about this last year. They will be introduced in the October workshop and I look forward to seeing all of you who will attend this mystical wisdom event. Changes are afoot and they are wonderful.
I am putting this newsletter out a bit early. Wayne and I will head to San Diego to visit our family. We will be traveling at New Moon so I will be dropping seeds into the consciousness of new beginnings. I will go from Mountain States time to Pacific time. Going to have to keep time aware!
A little tough to set an altar, so I will be experiencing a virtual altar in the realms of spirit, and recognizing the altar of our beautiful countryside.
We do have a Celtic Festival to honor: Lughnassadh–Lammas, the First Harvest of the year. This will occur between August 1st – 7th. In fact, this is a Celtic Quarter Festival and thus honored when the Sun is at 15 degrees 0 Minutes of Leo. That happens on August 7th at 7:45 a.m. MDT. This ritual will also be on the blog page of www.timelesscryptogramsofhealing.com.
Before I talk about the lunar month, I would like to offer an excerpt (once again) from the booklet, The Faces of WomanSpirit, Sweet Mystery, Katherine Torres, 1998


Gifts given, talents sharing,
Holly brings you to the ultimate caring.

Make your commitment and stand up tall.
Let your talents be seen by all.

Courage and confidence is a Must.
You can do it through your Trust
—of Great Mystery

Laws for aligning dreams to come true,
were always the inborn part of you.

Never to be forgotten, always at your side.
The keys to your heart no longer hide.

Living power, you are now,
And in your heart you’ll always know how.

Power and wisdom, and True Will, too,
The world will see the talent called, “YOU!”

Holly – Talents Revealed
During the blessings of Oak we honored the birth of dreams and desires and thus the Effect of causal energy initiated at Winter Solstice and the Birch Moon Mother time frame. As we enter the field of Holly, we return to the power of Causal energy and the need to be attentive for how we think, feel, and act will most certainly effect the outcome of the desires birthed and now in the need of clarity and focus to enhance their growth.
If you have discovered what you have brought into the realm of matter, then it is time to keep blessings of this child of your dreams. Nurture and protect these qualities as you would nurture and assist children as they grow. A blessing of the Holly plant is the wisdom that it is placed on or near the crib of a baby as protection. Thus, know that the Holly moon is like the plant, a protection of your new born realities.
I will give you an example of what I am watching in my world. By the New Moon of Birch, I was already under the spell of spiritual guidance by WomanSpirit to know and journey with the Grandmothers. I made prayer and commitment to honor the journey with these incredible Beings of Wisdom. In fact, I see an acronym as I write this B.O.W. Bow means several things and each carries an impact to my being: 1) To bow/bend in reverence, 2) A ribbon tied in a special way, perhaps like some of the sacred knots of the Celtic tradition, and 3) the bow of a ship, that guides one through the waters of life. Hmm, I do think an inspiration has arrived.
Well, back to the story I was beginning to share. I have been within the inner realms working with these ancestors of great wisdom. They have led me on many journeys of the soul and have been revealing wisdom that I will begin to share at the October workshop. Most recently I was called to prepare their work in the form of a Mystery School geared to aid the process of those who “hear the call” to join the pathway of furthering their soul evolution. I most certainly bow to this blessing of the Divine and am extremely thrilled with the blessings to come.
Also back in the time of Birch I, and a host of helpers, committed to getting the cryptogram book of the 72 Names of God into print. Done! Then inspiration of a continuous flow of affirmations began, and many of you have seen the results of them on FaceBook. However, another inspiration and commitment came to honor and write a book of affirmations that correspond the Alphabet. Again, done and in process for publication. It may well be available in the next month.
Now, I must use the power of Holly to nurture and help raise these “children of Goddess inspiration.” In fact, as all children, a village is aiding their growth and evolution. I am ever so grateful for that village! True helpers and strong capable women, all. It does take a village! Who is in your village?
So, dear ones, what has occurred for you? What have you birthed (or are you still in the stage of birthing)? Are you allowing a village to help you? Will you keep in mind, with the advent of the birth a new level of Causal consciousness must be adhered to? Perhaps you have not birthed something new, but have seen your work enhanced in some way or another. Perhaps seeds of some years ago have surfaced and revealing the need to be cultivated with causal energy-consciousness to help them fully develop.
Holly is the foundation energy of the Causal field this lunar month. She is a glowing and growing light of commitment, self acceptance, and the substance of talents. She holds the vibration of Self Dominion and reveals it to you through your heart-mind.
The vibration of this universal energy is active and carries the frequencies we all need when we feel like we don’t know what to do, what step to take, or how to create the outcome of our desires. In fact, I invite you, through this field of energy, to feel your strength and to join forces with the Holly energy of the Divine Feminine and her entourage of angels known as the Many Eyed Ones (the Aralim). They are known to watch over every soul and provide the energy of strength to move forward. They are represented in the symbology within the card of Holly as the Peacock feathers with their eyes fully showing.
In the foundational field of Holly is the will to reveal yourself to the world. The opportunity to be proud of who you are and what you present. At the causal level, when one stands out, they initiate the energy of revealing not only their wonder and talents, but the wonder of the Divine manifesting through the individual. Oh, yes, do be proud of that reality and reflect it back to the Divine seated in the nonmaterial realm delighted to watch Her energy manifest in matter. Reflect to others that they may honor you and be inspired to step up into their empowered state as well.
Your own causal intention throughout this lunar cycle is to stand up, stand out, be proud of who you are. Set the causal energy in very delightful, playful, passionate, and willful ways of joy. Let the pattern of the causal foundation be filled with the color of your confidence, courage, and talents revealed as a wonderful collection of your unique creative qualities.
Suil – The Regenerator and Revealer
The Sun-Suil is the light as well as the heat that will regenerate your will to remain at cause so you may fulfill your dream with a full effect of a healthy growth and complete manifestation. This vibration is the Light of your Higher Self, your Higher Will, and your Magickal properties that have burst into the source of illumination of your intentions of this year.
Suil activates your will to use all of your senses (hearing, speaking, touching, smelling, tasting, and intuition) so you may use your causal process with clarity and conscious intention. She aids the vibration of your personal authority to take charge of your abilities, live your purpose, be you talents, and share the gift of you!
When you feel you are in the dark, use the power of Suil and the light of your will power to remember to be in the causal state of consciousness. This will fuel your desires with intention to persevere and manifest your talents with the very strength of your self dominion.
Suil will aid you in knowing you also have assistance by the village of your friends, family, and wisdom teachers. They help you remain on track to achieve what you truly want to have occur. Take action and let the action of this lunar cycle take hold of you and lead you into the light and joy of your continued birthing and harvesting of desires.
Suil is the active part of yourself that will keep you focused, your backbone straight, and your heart filled with the conviction to succeed through any adversity. Live this power and let this power live through you.
There is a message that is pertinent for the power of Suil. It is from the BOOK OF TOKENS, by Paul Foster Case.

“I AM the FACE which shineth ever,
And before which the darkness hasteth away.
I am the White Brilliance
Of the Head which is not a Head.
I am the Profuse Giver of all abundance.”

Not only does this speak of the secret wisdom of Suil, but the blessings of the Celtic Festival of Lammas!
One more aspect to remember about Holly’s time. She is another Year-and-a-Day symbol. She asks of you to commit to “something” for a year-and-a-day. Will it be your spiritual path? Will it be your relationship? Will it be your talents? What will it be for you?
May the blessings of Holly and the Festival of Lammas bring you joy and renewal. Take time to review other meaning of the symbols noted in the cards of Holly and Suil. Note how they speak to you before you open the book, THE FACES OF WOMANSPIRIT, A Celtic Oracle of Avalon. Then, note what more speaks to you about the wisdom of these deciphers of the Divine Feminine?
Love and peace,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.;
CEO/Founder SPICA – Way of Light
P.S. For those of you searching for the book and deck of THE FACES OF WOMANSPIRIT, A Celtic Oracle of Avalon, please visit the 3rd page of our shop at: www.timelesscryptogramsofhealing.com.