Hello everyone:
Bushes and trees are a lush green. Our Apple Tree has a few apples that the birds have not found. The days have been filled with summer heat, clouds and rain. We needed a good soaking to quell the fires. I pray for a good soaking for everyone who has fires raging, who needs to be cooled, and who simply may desire the joy of a summer-ending rain.  As this newsletter reaches you, temperatures are cooling,  nights are longer than days, and I’m feeling ready for the seasonal changes that are soon to begin.
The New Moon this month is, yet again this year, a joint venture of the universal sisters, Hazel and Grapevine. They continue to be backed by the active presence of Holly as the New Moon begins, yet, it is the Hazel/Grapevine month. All vibrations continue the power of harvest. In fact, check around and see what your harvest of the year of work has brought you. I began the year with the completion of the book, The 72 NAMES OF GOD, Healing Codes for Sacred Living, and at the present time am distributing another new book, EVERY WORD COUNTS, An Alphabet of Life Affirming Thoughts! I also, brought affirmations cards to life via www.mysticalwisdomshop@etsy.com. As I’ve said before, this did not happen alone. My “village” has walked with me, helped me work for the Divine Feminine (WomanSpirit), and develop more than I have written in this letter. It has been an incredibly fruitful year and I hope you have found this the same for you!
As we continue to move through this time of year, we are harvesting. Our harvests lands will not go fallow until Reed Mother’s time (even then, we continue to receive the blessings of the Divine, but our creative gift to Her is to let go during the time of Reed). Harvest is most assuredly the time to give gratitude to the Goddess! Reveal your honor for the vibrations you have called forth from Her Great Mystery and your own mystical powers you have used. Of course, this is a time when gratitude is also seen as a way to say, “I see the great union between Spirit and Matter and form a stronger bond to assure another year of Wheat, Fruit, and Fertile ground to build another level of life with dreams, plans, and intentions to fulfill the mission of Soul Journeying.”
In honor of the Great Grain Goddess, SPICA – Way of Light was named. As most of you know, SPICA is the most brilliant star in the constellation of Virgo. It reveals the outstretched hand of the Goddess as She presents the blessings of abundance to the world. Thus, this hand carries a secret in the Hebrew Alphabet. It is the letter Yod (the open hand of the Divine). As I contemplated this, I realized how significant our university is. It provides and open hand for perpetual learners to grasp and lean in to the significance of ancient mysteries and the magickal qualities of the Universe. Our University lends the hand to discover self and spirit, unify this in one’s consciousness, and enter the realm of mystical experiences. AWEN! May all students be blessed by the Hand of the Divine…take it and be guided to your next level.
The wonderful field of energy we will experience over this lunar month is our time to be grateful as we continue to harvest the blessings we have experienced. For some, the blessings may have come through great challenges. For others, it may have come through ease. No matter how they have occurred, all has a deep and lasting purpose. May we all rise above the fear of challenges and create rewards we can reap with joy in our minds and hearts, desires stirring creativity, and actions that encourage living in our purpose and delight.
I will continue the cosmic influence notes on the blog page of the website: www.timelesscryptogramsofhealing.com. Webmistress, Shannon Hamilton, continues her magickal work on this website and creating one that will bring all my work into one site. Likely by next month a new announcement for that site will be noted. Magickal workings of Carrie Gane bring the monthly newsletter to everyone. Please know we all like feedback as to how this service helps you.
We do not have a Celtic Festival to honor this month. However, most assuredly every month from now through October are months of gathering our harvest. With each Full Moon, I would encourage you to set the stage for your own ceremony to honor the blessings of harvests you recognize in your life. Next lunar cycle we will celebrate Autumnal Equinox.
Here are two excerpts that honor Hazel and Grapevine from: The Faces of WomanSpirit, Sweet Mystery, Katherine Torres, 1998.


Twelve months plus one on the wisdom hill.
Now comes the power of the One True Will.
Lead to Gold, wisdom outstanding,
No questions to ask,
the voice of Faith is dominating.

Union from within is formed,
One Heart, One Mind now is born,
And from the Spirit safe within,
Know Eternal Power expresses again.


In the Beginning
there Was, Is and always will Be
— Allness
Richness of life, food abounding, dancing and playing
and cultivating
—the cycles of the world

In the Beginning
The Divine Mother oversaw Her creation
and it was Good and Fertile.
She wanted to nurture it and gave it life of
abundance, ease, and grace.

In the Beginning
The Divine Mother formed a union with the God of the Land.
They came together, dancing, swaying, and undulating
—swirling into their Oneness.
Seed and Sperm unionizing–Their fertility sprouted

In the Beginning
Her Womb, warm and moist, yet dark as night,
The Divine Mother gave it Light.
Inner light, of the moon you see…
A gift for her growing children: You and me.
—And the Moon Was Born Within.

In the Beginning
The God, honored His Goddess so dear,
He wanted his reflection in Her Mirror.
He bore His Light in the Power of the Sun.
Night and Day thus begun.

The Mother’s belly grew with form
In time all of Life was whole and born.

HAZEL – Faith Reveals Wholeness
Hazel honors the journey that completes, is given honor for wisdom gained, and reveals the blessings that have resulted from the first step on the path of reclaiming self throughout a year-and-a-day. Every year we walk the path and every year we enter the blessings of wisdom learned. Again, it may be a path that was filled with doubt and struggle or it may be a path that expressed joy, creativity, and fulfillment. No matter what the path, through the field of Hazel, we reveal the wisdom we gained, the strength of our faith truly revealing our efforts, and the power to know we were protected throughout our journey. Hazel is a time to take a deep, releasing, and relaxing breath. We made it! Her causal energy is the power of faith. Her effect are the blessings that have come through our expression of faith.
Over the years I continue to seek an understanding of the true meaning of faith. The wisdom gained is that “Faith is our personal relationship with the Divine as a feeling deep within and a knowing that what has been sought has been brought to fruition.” Sometimes, I have realized that what I sought I did not know, for it was in the shadows of my emotions, severed beliefs, and challenges I called for in my subtle yet convincing worries. I had to face the fact that in Union with the Divine Feminine, I had called forth my worst fears. Sometimes, I have realized that my faith was a true knowing that what I was seeking was filled with inner reflections of strength, visions of my purpose, and actions that kept the path of my outcome filled with the trust that all is manifesting. As I was able to set my focus, hold it in my feelings as already “being,” and honoring each step on the path, my manifest desire was fulfilled. Cause and Effect, when strong in the realm of Faith (the power to Know) brings forth the harvest of my true desires. How about you?
Through th Causal energy of Hazel faith is known. The effect is the vital expression of what we held strong in our faith. Did we hold true to the intention or enter the realm of faith that nothing would occur? Questioning our self always aids in transforming the unconscious and moving in true levels of faith.
I encourage all to contemplate what they are desiring to manifest, needing to manifest, and feeling the intuitive call to manifest. Then for nine (9) days, simply flow in the pure and deep feeling of Faith that your manifest already IS. Recall, the true meaning of Faith is to Know. Here are nine things to know:

Keep the Faith!

* The Divine Is the Field of Allness
* Our desires carry a flow of fulfillment to occur in our earthly experience
* We have the ability to master our mind and emotions and align them with our higher nature
* Our faith-filled feelings and visions are evident in our human reality
* Our daily alignment with trust in our faith affirms a manifest
* We are the Faith of Divine Consciousness
* We contain the all-knowing within us
* We are the power that leads a dream, desire, or need to enter the realm of form in our human experiences
* We are Allness

Mercrianna – Focus and Promise
Ah, the action of Hazel’s faith in this lunar cycle is the power of Mercrianna. She is packed with energy for us to use to set the power of Faith into expression. She provides the field of Causal energy to be activated through the ability to focus, and the joy of “seeing” our plans fulfilled. Mercrianna reveals the wisdom to know how to allow the promises we presented to our self and the Divine. As our desires continue to unfold throughout our year we are able to recognize the intentions to live the words we stated to affirm manifestations at the beginning of the year. You see, way back in Birch’s time we set a contract. It may have been our affirmations and our desires that we spoke about, prayed about, and set our path into the future to explore. It may have simply have been our thoughtfulness of what 2018 my bring. Those moments became a promise, a joint intention with the Universe and our self. The were the Causal energy we initiated.
In the power of Effect, we now can see the expression of our faith as we enter this lunar cycle of completions and rewards. We can see if we set the contract with clarity and have used our wisdom to stay on the path of affirmative thoughts and actions. We will see the power of causal focus in the effects of what we have manifested and the wisdom we have gathered. Did we hold to the promise of the inner contract we created? As we review our harvest, we can answer that question.
Wholeness in the Harvest
As we flow into the Full Moon, we honor Grapevine in this lunar cycle. Grapevine reveals a completion, a gathering of the harvest, and the rewards of our work throughout the year. We dreamed our dreams, planted our seeds, walked in faith, and listened to inner directions. We have used the blessings of being Whole, honored our union with the Divine by taking Her hand and allowing Her guidance to aid us along the was. We have listened intuitively. We have let our soul voice sing out. We have worked hard, and hopefully remembered to play as well. Once again, we look at what we honored or what we may have destroyed through the storms of our inner realms of our subconscious.
Grapevine reminds us to take up what is in our garden of living, let it fill us as well as aid in seeding us with another cycle of a creativity. This is a time to allow the waves of energy of Grapevine to begin to help us enter the journey of our inner self, to hear the voice of intentions and desires yet to be fulfilled, and rest in the knowing that, for now, we are to focus on the harvest we have received. Her causal energy is knowing we are Whole. We are the complete vibration f the ever-changing and yet never-changing Universe. We are a bright light in the essence of Oneness that is ready to let go and ready to begin again.
Grapevine reveals our wholeness, the blessings of life within us, the guidance of our community of people, and the spiritual planes that reveal the familiars and guardians that aid our intuitive and faithful processes. In the Causal quality of Grapevine, we have nothing to fear. For in the power of Wholeness, again, we are reminded that the Divine is Us and we are the Divine. We can be nothing else. Thus, the Causal energy continues the power of Faith, the knowing that all of Spirit is matter and that which we cannot see does come into our garden of life. Our Causal quality is to tend our garden, nurture its growth, maintain the vision of its wholeness, cultivate its harvest, and nurture the soil with the fertilizer of love, knowing, visions, and actions. It is our choice, and through the power of Grapevine we can review our choices made through the year and recognize what has supported the power of the dreams and desires, and yet more specifically, our power to use the wisdom of The Divine is Matter and Matter is the Divine.
The effect will be revealed in our cultivation. That which we bring from the garden of our expectations reveal our belief and honoring of the Whole-Being we are. When our garden is so full, it is up to us to use its bounty. If the garden is half-full, we use its bounty. No matter what our garden reveals, the beauty of this vibration is the power to replant seeds that can grow and flourish with our fertilizer of intention, attention, and support the growth in the manner we want to see the results.
In the Causal energy of Grapevine is the power to recognize and serve wholeness. How do we do that? We accept the blessings of our garden and give out to others a portion of our bounty. Whether it be a bounty of food, words of wisdom, action of nursing and releasing healing rays to another, or teaching others how to live in Causal Purpose, it is our blessing to give-way to help the growth for the better good of all to occur. The effects of this, of course, is our hearts fulfilled with love, our minds fulfilled with more creative purpose, and our lives fulfilled with everything that reminds us we are whole.
Venus – Value, Vision, Verve
The energy of Grapevine flows with the action of Mercrianna and Venus. As the moon reaches its full cycle we are honoring the power of Venus. This is a Causal power of Value, the Vision of the soul, and the Verve of our independent nature to use the Divine quality of our true self.
Venus calls us to honor our value. To know it deep within as well as to express it in the world. As we know it, we are to hold a vision of it, for our soul is releasing the value and reminding us it is to be seen in our human expression. When we do this, we use the causal field of our verve to penetrate our daily living. It is filled with joy, creative expression, and abundance at every level of our essence.
We see the result of the causal nature of Venus in the Effect of our personal reality. If we have held to the power of knowing we are a valuable being, we are also able to use the vision of impulses of our soul and the vivacious energy to activate our daily expressions with a higher intention to bring the joyful feelings of manifesting and all to the table of our harvest. We experience our service to others as a fulfilling reality rather than a chore. We find ways to fulfill all the activities we are involved in and relax into the moment of our creations. We heal and the balance stirs the blessings of a greater abundance in all areas of our life.
It is always easy to realize how a causal energy has turned to the challenge in the vibration of Venus. We experience the effect as: no energy, no creative drive, and most certainly we find ourselves feeling as though we will never achieve what we are worthy of manifesting. We sit in the perception of being “less than” the true Being we are.
As you come through this lunar cycle, contemplate the power of the dance of Faith that reveals our Wholeness and brings forth our Abundance. Take charge and make the choice to be in the positive Causal world create a positive Effect in all aspects of our life.
Take time to review other meanings of the symbols noted in the cards of this lunar cycle. Note how they speak to you before you open the book, THE FACES OF WOMANSPIRIT, A Celtic Oracle of Avalon. Then, note what more speaks to you about the wisdom of these encoded expressions of the Divine Feminine that are decoded through you? May you flow in the Dance of the Lunar Month and continue to gather your harvest.
Love and peace,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.; CEO/Founder
SPICA – Way of Light
P.S. For those of you searching for the book and deck of THE FACES OF WOMANSPIRIT, A Celtic Oracle of Avalon, please visit the 3rd page of our shop at: www.timelesscryptogramsofhealing.com .