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Total Solar Eclipse
New Moon – March 8, 2016
6:54:25 p.m. Mountain Standard Time

Hello Everyone:

We enter another series of eclipses with this lunar cycle. At New Moon we have a Total Solar Eclipse. It will reach its maximum at 6:59 pm MST. It will be most noticeable to the people living in Indonesia. Hawaii, USA, will see a partial eclipse. Then at Full Moon, on March 23rd, a Prenumbral Lunar eclipse will occur and be visible at its beginning Mar 23 at 3:39:31 MST and Maximum Mar 23 at 5:47:14 MST. It will be noticeable in North and South America as well as Asia and Australia. Please be sure to read the Cosmic Events at:
for further information.

Continuing This Year’s Greatest Message:


Continue to work with the awareness that we are working with the plan of WomanSpirit (Divine Feminine/Holy Spirit) to guide us through a mystical practice of connecting with the Supernal Consciousness within the Universe, and thus, within us. This connection is through the Trestle Board patterns of awareness: The Foundation Set for the Soul’s Intention to accomplish a journey and the power of Action set in motion. We give great attention to the Intention of the Universal Soul (thus our soul) through the focus of each lunar cycles. This is a call of WomanSpirit to help us recognize the great power of wisdom that is contained within everyone and can be deciphered through HER many Faces and the incredible Secret wisdom within each Face that takes us through many regions of HER Conscious Intention! Throughout this year that Intention carries Grace and Opportunities through changes.

Knowing the Intention, one can then recognize the Foundation stabilizing the lunar month and the action you can pursue to obtain the success intended to manifest. It is a joy to remember that one of the Intentions of the Universe is always to Manifest. For each of us, then, it is a delightful gift we give to the Universe to be the open conduit for Manifestations to occur. This Month we vibrate with this flow:
ALDER – Intention, Hawthorn – Foundation,  Rowan/Urania as the Action


The Soul Intention this lunar month is Alder. This power is not holding back the Higher Intention of the Holy Spirit. It is not holding back your power. The intention to be focused on is Active Power. It places you in the Mood to see the bigger picture of your capacity to fulfill your desires. It charges you with positive excitement and the animation of your soul to perform in the theater of life.

As you feel this animation and the urge to take off with a greater focus and intent, remember that this is the essence of the Divine Feminine providing you with the core element of the I AM within you to be “I AM THAT…..” Be That which you feel in the deepest part of your commitment to productively fulfill your calling. Don’t let anything stop your flow and create unfounded hesitations. Use the Power of the Sacred to bring Order into your world so you may develop the ways of your purpose to meet with your higher intention.

Alder calls you to a personal intention that is so strong no one and nothing can get in your way, unless you allow it to happen. Stay alert and keep you eye aligned with the Eye of the Divine. Alder provides you the vibration of the Divine Eye and you can choose to use it faithfully to create the pathway, options and opportunities to build on the plan you have designed with Source.

With Alder you have a greater power to see what you want, speak the truth of what you intend to accomplish, and move into action where what is to be is the holiest expression you can offer. Offer it to the Holy Spirit. Offer it to yourself. Offer it to others. A gift of “Offering” is a gift of allowing the blessings of Source to flow through you and out to the world.

In the Power of Alder is the Power of Spirit and each must seek this (thus the person on the path walking toward the Hut). Within the Power of Spirit is the Intent to give life to the desired outcomes through the winds of awareness, the breath of life, and the power to move spirit into matter—a revelation of heaven and earth as a unit. Divine and Human as One; and the actions to be performed by the human element are the revealing of Divine perfection–Oneness of Spirit and Matter.


The Foundation of the Intention is provided by Hawthorn. Fire (Alder) and Air (Hawthorn)… create a furry of activity. This foundation of Alder’s time-frame can be a positive influence, if you are mindful. Otherwise, your mental capacity is filled with too much thinking and over-thinking choices and the fear of too much to handle.

The foundation sets the stage and in this case, it assists you in setting thoughtful intentions that can help you decide the right course of your work this lunar month. Hawthorn opens the pathways and patterns for communicating with all the right players in your field of expressing your intentions. She will keep you knowing what your soul-plan has been all along. She will only ask that you not multi-task to achieve what you want….but discern and step in the rhythm of your soul.

Form a union with your mind and heart for in this manner you will be able to discern the steps you are to set as the foundation of your success.

Question to ask for the use of this Foundation:

1) Choice is your foundation for this lunar month, what is the first choice you must make to create a firm foundation for achieving your success?

2) What is the first step you can take in communicating with another about your purpose?

3) What discernment must you use to reach the crowning glory of your intention?


Your Intention is known, your foundation set. Now, what can you do with the field of Action this month: The power of Rowan and Urania?

In action is the compounding of Air with the Fire of Intention and the glory of the foundation. Yes, it can be much more of a flurry of mental activity and one must take care that they are not spinning in the mind, floundering in the field of the ephemeral ranges of consciousness, and leading their life through the illusions of the lower astral plane.
Rowan, if you will, reminds you to Hook into the field of Source and Allow the Divine Mind to direct your thoughts, inspire you with purpose and live as a luminary of Divine Light. With this hooked-in reality, you live with the humbleness of one who is open to receive the higher guidance and you prepare the way for the action of this guidance to be delivered through you. You allow the Universal Soul to be a light through you, as you. With this light you use the active Force of Urania.

Urania, the pure breath of Source, giving life to your purpose! Filled with Unconditional Love and Unconditional Intent, you activate the fiery quality of purpose to fill your spaces with a scintillating power. This power will be lifted into action that is slated to fulfill your dreams as well as gift the delight of life to all you come in contact with. You will use the purity of Spirit to set the stage and walk the pattern of your Divine Purpose. Breathe Life into your purpose. Feel the love of your intent, leap into the path with the courage and freedom to remember that the imprint you bring forth is unique and inspiring.

During our time with the Alder Cycle you will experience the Festival of Spring Equinox: Alban Eilir – Light of the Earth (at 10:45 p.m. MST on the 19th of March (The time the Sun enters Aries). The ritual is found on this page:
Many blessings as you take on the power of Action throughout this lunar cycle. From the initiation of Intention, this month brings you a grand power of fire and air stirring the complexities and purpose within you. May you find the focal point that keeps you on track so you won’t blow away in mental confusion *-).

Love and Light,

Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D.,D.D.
CEO/Founder of SPICA – Way of Light


Lunar Cycle of Alder
New Moon – Mar 8
Crescent Moon – Mar 11
First Quarter – Mar 15
Gibbous Moon – Mar 18
Full Moon – Mar 23
Disseminating Moon – Mar 26
Last Quarter – Mar 31
Balsamic – Apr 4
New Moon of Willow – Apr 7