Live Your Christed Self

New Moon – September 30, 2016
6:11:18 p.m. MDT

As we interconnect with the field of energy of the Ivy New Moon, this is the second moon of the month, thus a Black Moon. A time for ceremonies also called rituals. Two New Moons in a month have others names: the Secret Moon, Spinners Moon and Finder’s Moon. (Our first new moon of September was September 1st at 3:03 a.m. MDT). What does this mean for you? This is the second new moon and a time when you can focus on weaving into your life the harmony, peace and love you want. It is a time when all of us can Spin the powers of Heaven into the Realm of Matter (Earth). For those of you who desire Peace and Harmony for Humanity, this would be a wonderful time to use the Spin and Unification power to form the Right Relationship for all of humanity to come into a union of Truth, Compassion, Justice and Peace for all. Ivy, as the Intention sets the course, Oak as the Action calls for all us to be Pro-nurtures. And since Oak is the Sign of our Country and Elder is the sign of courts and judges, and Ivy is the Sign of Justice, I pray many of you will do something that will encourage the Greater Wisdom for the U.S.A.

There are no Celtic Festivals during this lunar cycle. However, you may want to use the following ritual of the Matrix of change found below on this page.
Hope you all continue to review the notes below. We have been following this message all year. We continue the cycles of Harvest and meet the joy of our rewards.

Continuing This Year’s Greatest Message:


Keep on working with the awareness that we are all operating within the plan of WomanSpirit (Divine Feminine/Holy Spirit) to guide us through a mystical practice of connecting with the Supernal Consciousness within the Universe, and thus, within us. This connection is seen through the Trestle Board patterns of awareness: The Foundation is Set for the Soul’s Intention to accomplish a journey and the power of Action is also in motion. We give great attention to the Intention of the Universal Soul (thus our soul) through the focus of each lunar cycle. This is a call of WomanSpirit to help us recognize the great power of wisdom that is contained within everyone and can be deciphered through HER many Faces and the incredible Secret wisdom within each Face that takes us through many regions of HER Conscious Intention! Throughout this year that Intention carries Grace and Opportunities through changes.

Knowing the Intention, one can then recognize the Foundation stabilizing the lunar month and the action you can pursue to obtain the success intended to be manifested during a lunar cycle. It is a joy to remember that one of the Intentions of the Universe is always to Manifest. For each of us, then, it is a delightful gift we give to the Universe to be the open conduit for Manifestations to occur. This Month we vibrate with this flow:


Ivy = Intention


Elder Oak and Moon
Foundation Action

It would be good to notice the Quality of Ivy and Elder and what they call us to remember: Ivy = Still Movement; Elder = Sacred Silence. Before acting upon anything this month, these qualities most certainly are called into use. Oak provides us the power of containment and the action of containing the Light of Universal Partnership with Humanity.

Ivy is a wonderful messenger of Relationships and as this New Moon begins, that message will clearly hit the minds and hearts of many for The Sun, Moon and Jupiter are all aligned in Libra (Ivy). The three qualities of this lunar cycle, in fact, can be seen activated at New Moon. Libra is called to attention because of the zodiac sign the Sun and Moon are traveling through. And it is the sign of relationships; Jupiter is a ruler of Elder and the Moon is a ruler of Oak. The Sun is a third ruler of Elder. The Sun, when in Ivy, is at its detriment, thus calling everyone to Pay Attention to what they are doing, speaking, thinking, feeling and acting upon in the light of this New Moon and especially where relationships are concerned (Intimate, Business, and Soul relationships are the focus). To use Ivy’s key phrase, “Still Movement” is a very smart idea to follow. Don’t take any action until you do sit back, review, and contemplate what all you are about to respond to or react to (if you can catch yourself before you react).

This lunar power sets the intention to Be Harmony. To live Fairly. To make sure Just behavior and treatment of everyone Prevails. This Lunar Power calls for Uniting and joining forces with others to form a true union. As spiritual philosophers, this is a call to form a Union with the Highest Order of Consciousness within you. For in this union, there is a gift of freedom…the freedom from overt concerns, loss in communication with all others, separation thinking and being. In this union, the true teaching comes from the power to balance your inward self with your outward self.

When using the power of Ivy in seeking our Higher Self, we will find the Hidden Righteous One. We will form a relationship with this Divine Essence, also known as the Shekinah (Divine Feminine). However, we must have the inner desire to aspire to form a union with the Shekinah. We must contemplate from our heart. It is here we will form the right union of our Adam and Eve Qualities and remember we never left the Garden of Eden…we are all always within it. Our Mind (Adam) must conjugate with our Heart (Eve). It is within this devotion and contemplation a Union with the Divine does occur and peace does overcome us. Nothing is unknown, for we are in the power of learning and living what is taught from our higher nature. Remain in the state of contemplation for guidance of the Higher Truth for this will well up within you and guide you through all relationships!

What greater gift can the Universe offer than to understand the foundation of this lunar cycle as Elder? For what we are called to seek within our Intention is highly served by the Power of Elder. It is her essence that the Shekinah provides the expression of Adaptation. The ability for our unconscious to merge with and adapt to our Higher Consciousness and thus bring us conscious blessings.

Elder calls on us to set the foundation of Silence. To allow ourselves the deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit by releasing all need to activate our minds, cry out our emotional needs, or place ourselves in the grips of supplications. Let Go to Divine Guidance by being receptive, all levels of our personal self in quietude, create no “decree of need.” In the state of silence we can learn the power of Relating to Source, relating to the voice of our soul and to the magic of harmony in all relationships.
Action that can fulfill the power of your Ivy’s intention is guided by the field of Oak and the Moon. A note of interest is the gift that Jupiteranu/Jupiter is exalted in Oak/Cancer. Thus the power of Jupiter in Libra is highly supporting the flow of the lunar cycle and the fields of the Sun/Moon and the quality of Oak.
The call of this lunar cycle is to be unified, empowered, caring and nurturing of All Relationships, and most particularly that of the relationship with Shekinah (Also called the Divine Mother/Goddess/Holy Spirit/WomanSpirit). How appropriate is it that Oak is the Action–a Mother Vibration?

Oak carries many mysteries: The Pro-nurturer. A doorway to Great Mysteries, the Power to Contain energy, form a Union of Male and Female with the Divine and the gift of being a Giver of Life. As you work to form a Union with the Shekinah, your action is to marry your Mind and Heart together and encircle yourself with the Light of Nurturing Love. Create the Fusion of Heaven and Earth within you and be in partnership with the Divine Intention—Love, Harmony, Peace, Justice and Creative Delight! This only happens when you take action to form the right relationship and adapt to the higher order of the Sacred Nurturing. The Full Potential that is realized is internal and external Harmony, and so much more to be birthed.
Questions for the cycle of Action:
Initiating power of this lunar cycle is seen in the Cosmic Flow of Stars and Planets. Be sure to review this power on:
Love and Light,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D.,D.D.
CEO/Founder of SPICA – Way of Light
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