Messages from Jesus (Yeshua) while in Texas in August 2015
In a meditation I was granted communication with Jesus Christ: A few messages were given.  I thought they were worthy of everyone having a chance to know them.   There was a healing given around arguments.
“Arguments stem from the things one has to hide, wether you know what you are trying to keep from another, or it is the deeply seated fears not yet captured in consciousness at such a level of awareness that you heal.  Fears are most often the fears of:
Less Intelligent
Overly concerned of being hurt”
He then provided this statement:
“You are a blessed being–call forth your Mastery.  Relax into the holiness of your life.  Keep this place of light radiating throughout your cognitive state.”
A prayer was also provided:
“Yeshua, Son of the Holy Spirit, Father of the World; guide us to Mastery.  Lead us beyond expectations of self-fulfillment.
“Lead us into the knowing of peace, the expression of pure manifestations, and the joy of being Creative Creatures.
“May we all serve the Holy Spirit by Living the Light that we are.”   (Awen, Amen)
love and blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.