feel much like we are wrapped in the cocoon of the Divine womb that holds the nutrients to help us grow in new ways.  When the right time comes, we will emerge in the embrace of the Divine and experience the blessings of the affectionate moments of our rebirth and loving guidance from Her heart.

The message pouring forth from the Solar aspect, “A butterfly made perfect by a dark through it” , provides us a deeper contemplation.  As we emerge from the water’s of the womb of rebirth, we are beautiful and yet fragile.  We are the precision of the Holy Spirit.   The butterfly, of course, is a symbol of transformation and by right, a rebirth. By pinpointing (dart) this moment, we are experiencing the “perfect” expression of the Holy Spirit.  We are revealing the Perfect Design.  As this message comes through the Solar alignment of Libra, it is right to find the dart as the Piercing Light of the Sun entering our personal heart and embracing us with the power of balance, love and acceptance, as the Divine Mother always does.

With the Planet Mercury in the sign of Libra, we will think harmoniously.  We will want to create equality.  We will want to interrelate in ways that balance an honor each other.  This alignment will give Peacemakers of the world an opportunity to communicate.  In fact, Mercury stands alone on its mission as it is not aspecting any other planet nor is the Moon or the Sun aspecting (or arching lights) to Mercury.  That allows fresh new ideas to be brought to the table for peacemaking conferences.  This may be seen worldwide, and it most certainly can be seen and used in personal relationships.  We need not get caught up in the language of “Me”.  It is more than time to enter the language of “We”.

Venus stands guard in the last degrees of Virgo.  She will call us to be peacemakers with a practical and resourceful plan.  She will want us to be precise in our speaking and willing to see how we might serve each other in the healthiest of ways.  She rides in between the Moon (in Virgo) and the Sun (in Libra) and is like a lynchpin calling the inner world of the Moon to connect with the emotional factors communicating with our body, while linking up to the peacemaker within and working with the Sun which is reporting to us to live in peace and harmony in our mind (Libra) and our heart (Sun).

Jupiter remains in Leo and is positively aligned with Uranus in Aries.  This provides us with the energy to take action with our intentions.  Achieve our goals by living in the Freedom rather than restrictions of our unconscious self.  Together they call us to be aware of our Spirit (Fire) intent to originate new ways to be benevolent, caring, fun-loving and compassionate, while still keeping our independence in tact.

Mars is crossing the power of Sagittarius and is continuing the urging to not be held up by the past levels of our unconscious saboteur.    Take the lead when our desires inspire us and explore the adventures of life with the verve to reach our higher goals.

Pluto in Capricorn stands in a stationary position on this day of the Autumnal Equinox.  A momentary hesitation before moving direct.  A pause to contemplate what has been reviewed in her long stay in the underworld of the retrograde.  Pluto is in a Trine (Grace) with the Moon at this moment.  The pause is the empowered state to allow all of us to feel the glow of the lunar message to be “real” while we are feeling the emotionality of world wide and personal transitions.  This is a help because Pluto’s “lock-in” with Uranus as they square each other, challenge each other and call for our collective field of humanity to make the changes necessary to free us from the overused fields of consciousness, allows for the internal reviews to be used wisely.    Pluto is in a sextile (flow and open communication) with Neptune in Pisces.  This, of course, allows for the secrets to be revealed that may thwart us or the higher truth of this union to be revealed.  This is the power to recognize we are a world of brothers and sisters.  We can destroy each other or find the glory in transforming, transmuting and transfiguring our state of being.  Neptune is still in retrograde and will gladly assist Pluto in finding the way to the deep waters of the Universal Womb for wisdom, healing and directions.  Within the waters Pluto will connect with Chiron-Pisces (Sextile of open communication).  The inner warrior is seeking peace to heal the world-wide family.  We need but listen to our destiny and co-create the power of peace with the Divine Intention, Divine Plane of the New World.

We can all participate in initiating this as we let the celebration of the Autumnal Equinox call us to form a union with the Light and Dark.  We can form a lynchpin ourselves and  carry the intention to live in peace, love and harmony.

New Moon – Sept 23, 2014 @ 11:13:44 p.m.  Pacific Daylight Time

Late at night, West Coast Time, we can prepare our consciousness to enter the New Moon and seed it with our thought-forms, emotional charge, and sacred intentions.  The cosmos will help, of course, as it radiates the Divine Rays of Intervention.

The Moon and Sun lock hips and hearts together at this moment.  They are 1 degree 7 minutes into the flow of Libra.  This most certainly is a strong alignment for paying attention to the relationship you have with your inner and outer self, with others, and with Source.   As the two join the field of Venus in Virgo, the gift of allowing the practical and the nurturing energies of Venus to work in tandem with the power of Right Relating, Right Negotiating and Right Mitigating that Libra will release by the active fields of the Moon and Sun.   This will be quite a gift for ourselves in relating, but also to our world as we relate, negotiating and mitigate through the world-tension of warring consciousness.  The Sun and Moon arc lights to Pluto (now in motion) in Capricorn by the agitation of a square.   This is setting the course of the month to call us all to be alert to great changes, to seek the powers of negotiating and mitigating whether it be in our world-wide relationships, or our personal relationships that are revealing agitation.

The Moon and Sun are in a quincunx (the vibrations that are so subtle or taken over from a cacophony of confusion) to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces.  If we are not careful, we will only believe we are in discourses of harmony and right relationships, while  negotiating out of illusion and mitigating out of confusion.  This again, is a call to attention to our World Leaders as well as to ourselves.

Will the Square of Uranus and Pluto bring us surprising devastations or positive transmutations that draw us to the transfiguration—Living In Light.  It remains to be seen.  It calls us to be protectors of peace, benevolent to others, community Light Workers.  We need to use practical resources that guide us to living in harmony and cultivating the World Soul.  The alignments on this day can help us.

Venus, often a mother/lover image and Saturn, a father and structural image, are in a sextile alignment and an open field of opportunistic communications.  Venus in Virgo and Saturn in Scorpio are rooting for the changes that will reveal the most practical and nurturing values to create relationships that live in change without fear of losing anything.  Saturn’s downfall may be the agitation being jostled by Jupiter…..his son calling him to the light of Sovereignty (Leo), may make it appear as too easy.  Saturn must keep allowing the S.O.S. of Venus to stir the need to remember that the reconstruction of life carries the resources to rebirth, allow abundance, provide health and stability, and bring about peace and harmony.

Mercury Retrograde – October 5th

Yes, it is that time of year and the shadow period of Mercury is already climbing upon us, as Mercury appears to be slowing down to enter the retrograde stage.  Mercury will have reached 0 degrees 12 minutes in Scorpio when the descent takes hold.   Mercury will travel backward into Libra during the  retrograde.  Meaning our minds will be strongly directed inward to our Shadow-self where we can review our relationship attitudes, qualities, and conditions.  Mercury will ask of us to feel our thoughts as well as our emotions.  Mercury will guide us to understand the deep reasons we react, act out, and communicate with dis-ease.  And ultimately the retrograde will help us review and redefine our higher intentions.  Let not the fight of mind and emotions trigger actions you regret.  Allow them to be the directors of understanding what you misunderstood that took you into the challenges to begin with and kept you away from clarity.  Then, classify the clarity of mind and heart you truly want to live by and allow the balancing world of Libra bring you into right relationships at all levels.  This review will most certainly aid you in the quest of relating to others in the power of harmony, equality, and positive respect for each other.

Full Moon – October 8, 2014

I know, it is a bit early to discuss the Full Moon.  However, it is a Total Lunar Eclipse time and we might as well use the power of awareness to guide us through the frequencies of light and dark we will experience.  To eclipse our lunar quality is to eclipse our inner awareness.  To eclipse our inner awareness is to eclipse our emotions and the direction of our soul voice.

This eclipse is the second of four eclipses that are called the Blood Moon.  Those who see this eclipse may see a tinge of red over the moon as it moves into darkness with the Earth blocking the moon from the light of the Sun.  It will be seen in the North West, including Alaska, Far North Eastern area of Russia, and the extreme Eastern area of Australia and New Zealand.

The Cosmic Alignment, of course, reveals the Sun in opposition to the Moon and Earth.  The Moon will be traveling the corridors of Aries with the Earth and the power of “me” challenges the call to “we.”  Will our inner most feelings call us to continue the plight of “me first,” “my entitlements,” “leave me alone to do what a want, not what you want,” and continue to guide us through the pathways of the evolution of Separation?  Or, will the patterns shift us much more to the plight of “we,” “allows us to join together and share wisdom,” “harmonize and unify our relationships”?

In the beauty of Sacred Geometry, we may truly use this intense eclipse to continue to develop the Evolution of Union our Source-Soul calls us to acknowledge and live.  For the Moon and Earth are at the tail of a Kite and instigating a Fire Grand Trine with the Kite Head (souring our soul) directed by the Sun.  With the Fire Grand Trine, we are inspirited by our soul (Moon) to activate the I AM (Aries), Cultivate the action to reach higher qualities of life for all (Mars in Sagittarius), and expand our self-governing capabilities with a heart of compassion (Jupiter in Leo).  The head of the Kite, Sun in Libra, call us to unify the energies of the Fire Grand Trine within the power of balance, and the ability to guide our desire to live in harmony and peace.

Intense, Yes, the Sun in opposition to the Moon both form a square to Pluto.  The intense battle to prove who is the authority (Capricorn) with the greatest power to explode changes (Pluto).  Will it by the power of peace, mitigation and negotiation from a higher the higher region of our self (Sun/Libra)?  Or will it be the internal emotional fears that we, personally, cannot get what we want, as we stamp our feet as the rebellious child believe we are living in the new world and yet have not participated in cultivating from the highest regions of Source intention…..just doing, being and acting in our self-righteous mannerisms.  “I want what I want when I want it.”  Let is lay down the spears of battle and reinforce Oneness.  We are all important in this transition of our self with others and most particularly, our self with the world.

Are we blood thirsty or are we blood aware—we all carry the Life Force of Divine Blood.