Through Tropical Astrology it can be seen that Mars is at 26 Degrees 9 minutes in Sagittarius….right on top of the Galactic Center. What does that mean to any of us? Could be a blessings, could be a fireball of activity, could be a control issue shared by many.

Most certainly, many see the Galactic Center is the doorway to Higher Consciousness and to the Mind of the Divine. I like that theory…especially with so much being felt as we make major transformations from responding to the Galactic World Changes of Divine Intention.

Mars in Sagittarus can bring us many feelings, actions and attitudes. It pushes the seaker to follow their quest. I inspires leaders to bring benevolence through their wisdom messages. It encourages adventure and exploration of higher education. It can push attitudes of the “warrior,” the “fighter within” and the means to fight for peace. We pray that it is the spiritual warrior, and the fight within is to remove ourselves from the unconscious wounds. The Spiritual Warrior is a call to seek peace rather than battles and the prayer is that Over this Galactic Center, that is what ensues.

Mars is most certainly triggering Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius (bot at 26 dgree points). It is in a flow of opportunities and as Neptune in Aquarius wants to bring out Sacred Truth, and Chiron wants to bring out true healing, then Mars kicking up the pace will help this occur. No More Secrets is the name of this game.

Mars is in a challenge point with Uranus at 26 degrees in Pices (and in retrograde), a continued movement of bringing out truth from the secret tombs of humanities history. Jupiter sits right beside Uranas at 23 degrees, and thus is being sparked as well. Jupiter will continue to ask for the sacred and benevolent attitudes to be carried out while secrets are revealed.

This theme of NO MORE SECRETS most certainly has been prompting humanity for several years now. We are in the Age of Aquarius and the Light of Wisdom is called for (not the secret schools of hidden realities). It is time for humanity to lift their attitudes to caring and sharing and the heavenly vibrations of stars and planets encourage this excursion from our inner psyche.

More and more individuals seek truth in politics, the workplace, and of course the Spiritual Temples of Wisdom. May you continue to seek and assist others to discover the Higher Truth….it is within.

We have another day or two to feel the effects of Mars! May there be a creative blessing from within yourself to stir the mystical guardian to step forward.