Make that Move….Dance?  Sing?  Tone?  Be!

We are feeling the effects of the First Quarter Moon.  Its energy field  stirs the impulse to make a move toward a goal.  The Moon is in Leo, so you cannot hide your feelings, your joy and your desire to play.  The Moon is encouraging you to be approachable and respond two nudges from the dynamics of other energies of the Universe as the Moon arches it light and taps into Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and the North Moon Node. 

So, what does this provide when you are asked to make the move toward your goals?  With Saturn in a retrograde sitting in Libra, it asks you to be approachable to healing and balancing relationships so there is no dismay that stops you from progressing.

The Moon is in a Fire Grand Trine (Grace of the Divine) as it dances with Uranus in Aires and the North Moon Node in Sagittarius.  This is a very active field of energy giving you a boost to take the risk to build your road of success and use the empowered state of generosity, and  benevolence to meet your highest intention.  You have a fire under your feet to get you going! 

The Moon is aiming energy to Neptune in Pisces and that aim is a quincunx.  Well, Neptune may not be hearing so well with this alignment, and may be slow to encourage the responsive energy of making sure you keep yourself out of the state of illusion.  If your ego gets strong at the lower field of awareness, then illusion will show up.  If your ego moves to the power of unconditional love, then the responsiveness to Neptune will be inclusiveness, compassion, and the willingness to share the mystical wisdom you capture as you join forces with the power of Oneness. 

Further assistance to help you make a move is Mars in Virgo (still retrograde) making a very positive connection with Pluto in Capricorn.  These two keep you clearing out the pathway of your intentions so you reach the change you want and open to the opportunities to transform and achieve your goal.  Be sure you are clear with your intentions as Mars is opposite Neptune and Chiron in Pisces and you may drop into your old memories and excuses that cause you to live the past rather than shape-shift and bring your talents to the forefront.

Right now, the Earth is gracing Libra and calls for balance, peace, justice and harmony.  Our hearts will be open to feel the need of our brothers and sisters of humanity and each time we make a positive move toward a balance with All, there is a Grace of the Divine we will experience as the heavenly Vertex is caressing Earth.

So, make that move.  Keep clearing the old debris and remember there is nothing that stops you except your belief in separation!