We come into another download of Energy from the Galactic Energy Field, through the World Energy Field and through our Personal Energy Field. July 17 and 18 carries a “Conscious Convergence” as frequencies of Light Continue to rain upon us. It is a time of a great event and the Ancestors (Mayan, Hopi, Cherokee, Celtic, Tibetan, and so forth), remind us it is the continuing fields of light that are preparing the way for the New Wave of Existence. What can we do?

With this wonderful field of energy, we can “Be Still” and “Absorb.” Take some time to Bathe in the Light. To enter meditation in such a degree that you become the Vessel, the Grail Cup, if you will. Allow yourself to set an intention that is purposefully aligned with your Quest to Live from a Higher Heart-Mind and as a Messenger of Light. Allow yourself to be receptive to guidance without concern what the guidance is. Allow yourself to feel the blessings of Source Within You as the emergence of Divine Oneness continues to grow in our personal awareness.

May you walk the walk of a Sacred One. May you feel the Blessings of Oneness. May you Know Your Heart as Compassion. May you know your life is Exceptionally Wonderful. AWEN!