Living a Boundaryless Conscious Within the Bounds of Earthly Experiences
Did you ever think that you wanted to live whole with Spirit guiding your Human Endeavors versus your fears, human challenges, or third-dimension lock-in?  Each and every day encourage yourself to make a change from Earth Bound to Heaven-and-Earth Union, and you most certainly can create that union.  You can recognize you are a multi-dimensional consciousness.  You can recognize your Sacred Essence that is perfect in all you do experience.  How do you unify Spirit and Human qualities of yourself?  Here is a method of Conscious Breathing forming inner and outer union.

1)     Each day arise with conscious breathing.
As you breath in feel yourself drawing the energy from the vastness of the universe through the top of your head to your feet.  Pause to feel the breath of life throughout you.  Exhale, and feel your breath rise from your feet to your heart and throat;  then with conscious intent, feeling love move out to the world around you, finish the exhale through your heart.  Do this breathe four times.  As you exhale follow these thoughts with inner emotionally loving intent:
1st Exhale –     May the hand of the Divine initiate and guide all that I do.
2nd Exhale –     May the vision of the Divine guide my personal eye to see creativity, peace and harmony in all that I do.
3rd Exhale –     May I feel connected to the Divine and master love in all my experiences.
4th Exhale –     May I manifest the Divine in all my experiences, needs and desires.
2)   Spend 10  minutes allowing your cognitive mind face inward to your Subconscious.  Breathe within.

Feel the Cosmic Breath of the Divine moving your inner breath.  Become aware of your inner thoughts and emotions.  Your first stage of your subconscious is a quality of your present life, past memories, fears and phobias.  It is the place where you store your attitudes of challenges and rewards and your belief in your unworthiness and worthiness.  It is very subjective, yet the emotions may run from the gamut of beliefs that other’s,

circumstances, and events have charge over you.  Change the disabling thoughts and feelings.
Feel yourself breathing in and out in tandem with the breathe of the Divine; notice it is all within you.  There is no outer breathing; it is all within.  Visualize yourself seeing the Divine in front of you and your breath and the Divine Breath become one breath of peace and harmony. This breath is healing and restoring your subconscious level.  Consciousness exists in worthiness, challenges are used as the grace to make changes that empower,  and peaceful emotions open to the next inner level of your subconscious:   your soul.
Let your inner consciousness move beyond your subconscious and more into a universal union of Soul-to-Personal Self.  Breathe in an out in tandem with your Soul Breath.  Reach to the quality of yourself that is the guiding force of everything you are doing in this lifetime.  It is the place of wisdom for your life plans.  It is the knower of your intended experiences and the encourager for you to live these experiences with curiosity, learning, loving, and just being every day.  It calls on you to set aside judgement and simply be the experience being experienced.
3)    Spend five minutes in Universal Breathing.  One with Spirit.  One Spirit Consciousness.  One Breath.  Spirit is not in front of you, behind you, below your or above you.  You are One complete circuitous breath:   Spirit-Matter; Union.
Feel the flow of the cosmos above in the flow of Earth and your individual being.  The Divine Breath moving through your whole self; is your whole self.  Feel you breathing Spirit; Feel Spirit breathing you.  Breathe One Breath of Spirit and Matter.  Live the Glory of Spirit Guiding your Earthy endeavors.  Rejoice, dance in this vibration and experience the Creator Creating!
…Until Next Time.
From My Heart to Your Heart
Love and Blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D.,D.D.
soon to be unveiled:
©2017 Katherine Bell