Cosmic Notes for the New Moon in Cancer – June 17, 2023 at 11:36 pm CST

By Carrie Gane

We have a new Moon on June 17, 2023. Although this new moon kicks of our time in Cancer, we will begin with the new Moon and Sun still in Gemini at 11:36 pm CST on June 17, 2023. This gives us another bridging of energies between Gemini and Cancer to begin our month. What does that mean for us? 

Cancer is a birthing room. Cancer is also the container, holding the energy that is flowing with contractions as she births something new. 

Capricorn (Cancer’s opposing partner) rules the time of year when our desires are first dreamed of and known. Since Capricorn’s time in late December-late January, we have travel through a six month gestation period and now we are ready to birth. It is a time of empowerment. Both the Virgin Mary and the Moon (its ruler) have associations with Cancer.

What are you containing? How are you holding space to birth your potentials this month?

Let’s look at the Sabian symbols to help us navigate our birthing process.

The Sabian symbol for the new Moon and Sun at Gemini 26 degrees is “A gypsy coming out of the forest”. This symbol speaks about making choices that led us out of the wilderness of the woods. While gypsies can hide and seek shelter in the woods, they must risk being vulnerable and exposed as they come out of the forest and into the light. Others will be able to see them. This can feel threatening and uncomfortable, as historically gypsies were often met with skepticism and persecution as they migrated to new areas. 

With this new Moon, we could be coming out of the forest internally or externally. We can be discerning about how to step more into our Inner Light and let ourselves radiate these Light vibrations outwards into our world. 

The Sabian symbol for Earth in Sagittarius at 26 degrees is “A sculptor”. A sculptor uses their ability to imagine a creative potential already held within in a block of clay, wood, etc. Then, the sculptor uses their creative imagination and intention to give shape to the sculpture while at the same time releasing what is not needed for its creation. While most art projects involve an additive process (adding paint, pencil, etc.), sculpture is a subtraction process for the most part. Sculpting is stripping away parts of the beginning form so that a greater, more focused form can be defined and exposed. 

We can use Gemini’s playfulness and discernment to connect with our inner Light, play with it, and then move into Sagittarius’ wisdom of how to start form and sculpting ourselves and our world through our personal Light frequencies and energy frequencies. 

Because the Sabian symbols between the new Moon/ Sun and the Earth are creating an opposition, we are asked to use our awareness to bring a blending of these two energies. Their shared energy motifs are “flexibility and hardness, leaving one’s mark, cool and collected under pressure”. We must watch for heavy-handedness, which can ruin the delicate potential of the new situation or art form. Caution and gentleness are needed by both the gypsy and the sculpture in exploring new territories, whether they be inner landscapes, outer landscapes or artistic creations.

Now let’s look at the other astrological aspects at the new Moon on June 17, 2023.

With the new Moon and Sun in Gemini, we can find delight in making choices that reflect the wisdom we’ve gained. We can make choices that bring us joy. We can experience union between our authentic human selves and our Divine Selves.

The new Moon and Sun occur at the 26th degrees in Gemini. At this later degree, the Gemini Moon and Sun are aiding us in making choices that serve us well and are self-loving. At a younger degree, we would still be learning and starting to incorporating the lessons of Gemini. At 26 degree (quite close to the final 29th degree), we are cementing our mastery in using our ability to choose wisely. We have a lot of inner wisdom and knowledge to access when making choices. We can choose wisely through life lessons learned (Gemini) and by communing with the Silence of Spirit within us (Sagittarius).

The Earth in Sagittarius at 26 degrees reminds us that we are living in cycles of personal transformation upon this Earth. This can be a time of personal expansion within ourselves and within our relationship with the Divine and others.

With Venus and Mars dancing hand in hand at the new Moon, love is in the air. The true Love of Self. Venus imagines through dreaming and creative imagination, Mars moves forward with gentleness and empowerment.

With Venus and Mars both in Leo right now, they bring us self-dominion and pride in ourselves. However, they can do more than that. The squaring energy between the new Moon/ Sun/ Earth and Venus/ Mars can bring irritations and agitation as well. Why? 

Irritation and agitations can move us to take off the many masks we may be wearing to let ourselves be seen. More and more, I see this as taking off our human masks to let our Divine self be seen. This is a process where we first have to become comfortable revealing our Divine essence to ourselves. Once we come to know this Divine part of ourselves, we will start feeling more secure in revealing this essence of ourselves to others.

Our self-dominion comes from knowing ourselves as Divine Beings, masters who express through energy frequencies, Light vibrations, intentions, creative expressions and states of Being? Can we hold our mastery in knowing these aspects of ourselves? We all know what it like to lose that self-dominion and fall into beliefs that we are not powerful, not important, not Divine. As they say, we are often more afraid of our inner Light than our inner Darkness. Can we keep our self-dominion when we enter our inner darkness, which is truly filled with silence, the Divine and all possibilities of creation waiting to be brought to Light. 

This is where I would suggest we remember the Sabian symbols for this month- a gypsy coming out of the forest- into the Light, willing to be sculpted by the Divine. Are we willing to be sculpted by the Divine Light frequencies flowing through us? Are we willing to “BE” the Divine, sculpting our new potentials and possibilities of ourselves, subtracting what keeps our creations masked?

We have a good amount of grace and help to do this coming from the alignment of the new Moon and Sun trining the South Node in Scorpio and sextiling the North Node in Taurus. The Earth in Sagittarius also trines the North Node in Taurus. There is much support for continuing to follow our soul promptings to move forward in our life mastery.

Jupiter in Taurus and Saturn in Pisces create a prominent sextile at this new Moon. Jupiter is helping us expand our connection to our soul voice. With Jupiter in Taurus, we are expanding into new cycles of worthiness and life mastery. We are developing a stronger sense of our soul’s expression. To do this, we need the structure that Saturn brings. In this time of great personal transformation and worldly changes, we need new structures and foundations to build upon. This includes outer structures, but more importantly, it begins with inner structures. Inner structures of connection with our Divine essence. Inner structures that led us back into peace, stillness and the knowing that we are Divine Beings. Eventually, these knowings spark creative inspiration, clarity and the refinement of the energetic vibrations we express. 

As much as we express through our facial expressions, body language and speech, we are also expressing through the energetic frequencies of our “field”. Our “field” is our unique signature- light waves we hold, frequencies we vibrate, energetic energy that is us and that is unique to us. These are all part of our own personal creative field. 

We are learning that we are made up of so much more than what our five senses can distinguish. This other “invisible stuff” is what is being awakened within us. At this time in human evolution, we are becoming aware of these inner energies. We realize they are part of our Divine Essence. Saturn in Pisces is what gives us the new structures and foundational energies to do this work, to build through our inner connection to these new energies. In truth, we have always held these greater energies within us, yet we could not comprehend the knowing of this. Now, we are primed to have individual experiences of these energy fields. 

In fact, the new Moon, Sun and the Earth are all directing energy to Saturn in Pisces at new Moon time. We have a tight, squaring energy between all these planets at the new Moon, which may bring irritation. This irritation can bring overwhelm of our emotions, thoughts and physical body. 

We can find our way home through Pisces’ energy. Pisces in Saturn brings us back into the free flow of water, into a connection with a greater Oneness within us. It allows us to release our sense of time, our sense of our personal self and our personal concerns. It allows us the grace to flow back into a inner state of calm and clarity as we allow ourselves to simply float. We can know that though we may feel as though we’re being jostled like the motion of a washing machine, we are actually being cleared of old energy, thought patterns and emotions. Our connection with our Divine nature within needs a clear space within us to grow and come forward. 

Remember this month that we are the sculptor on Earth sculpting our clay, and yet without heavy-handedness. We can allow union with Divine Love frequencies to sculpt us and bring us into the Light, clearing the forest so we can see clearly. We are birthing new creative manifestations through our wise, joyful decisions and the containment of our energy fields and vibrations. Happy sculpting!