Some weeks back I shared I had been looking for the August Grand Square and couldn’t find it. When researching the “right time” for Lammas Ceremony, I found it! Lammas is the First Harvest Festival of the Celtic Tradition. It is a cross-quarter festival and thus best performed when the Sun is in 15 degrees of Leo (for this festival). That occurs, by the way on August 7th at 8:00 a.m. PDT. In the research I found the Grand Cross that will be in Cardinal Signs.

Today, August 6th, the field of the Grand Cross is building, tighter, tighter, and tighter. Just minutes before 3:00 pm, the Moon will enter 0 degrees of Cancer and activate this potent vibration of the Cardinal Grand Cross. It will join forces with the T-Square I’ve written about several times: Locking in with Saturan in Libra, Uranus in Aries and opposing Pluto in Capricorn, the Moon takes the lead and stirs deep emotional awakenings. The Sacred Geometry of this Grand Cross (or Grand Square) pulls, and tugs, pushes, and frustrates as it calls forth the Awakening!

The Moon is in its Balsamic stages, wanning in its power, sleepy in its nature and thus, as we reflect this energy, we may be in the same state. As the Moon is in Cancer (its point of Dignity and power), we might want to use the energy of Cancer to hunker down and into our Home-Base, our sacred container. Not a bad idea, for that will allow you to enter the Sacred Home within and utilize the vibrations of the Grand Cross to review how you are helping or hindering the power of the Universe in Its call for Greater Changes. You may allow yourself to hear the inner voice while you disengage from the clamor of outer reality….just long enough to gain sacred insight of the highest authority and then be willing to bring that insight back out to the field of active practice of transformation through peace, love and harmony.

The Moon is in a semi square with the Sun, so darkness cannot remain in this intense shift of the cosmos. The Sun continues to active and agitate Saturn and Uranus. No part of the Grand Cross can be left without the Light of Source reminding each individual State of Existence that Source is the Director of the events. The agitation will question Loving attudues. Do you have the Unconditional Love activated within? Are you willing to turn to love rather than angry agitation? Are you willing to be a part of the Great Creation of the New World forming? Are you willing to become Child-Like in your reverence to the journey of the New World (remember, the Sun is in Leo and Leo loves to remember to play)?

I find it awesome to discover that this Master Grand Cardinal Cross is activating over Lammas. This is not only the Festival of the First Harvest, but a time to review committments and to align in a sacred way to the commitment of your heart for your Spiritual Intentions, your Relationship intentions, your Career Intentions, your Health Intentions…whatever your intentions are…it is time to commit or recommit. Be sure to check out the ritual at:

The gift of our Changing times is the gift of recalling and LIVING the reality that we are SOURCE. It is a wonderful time of realizing we have the inner power to transform our personal self to a Master and create the peace, love, and harmony of life we all say we desire. It is a time of truly recognizing the Empowered state of the Creator we are and create from the Love of Knowing and the humblness of realizing we don’t have to stop our selves from bringing forth changes in our personal life and seek to embrace the aspect of humanity that reminds us, though seemingly separate, we are all one and our changes effect the changes of All. May you walk the path of the Cardinal energy (Leader, Initiator, Mature, Balanced, Caring, and Structuring) and know that in such alignment you absorb the higher awareness that you are the Leader of the New Reality.

Please read over several of the notes that speak of the T-Square so you see all the players of the Grand Cross. May you find peace and may you experience joy in the reality that you are a creator. May you embarce the Ritual of Lammas and commit heart and mind to the higher intent of Manifesting your Desires out of Gratitude for the Abundance you do carry…an abundance of energy that is transformed into matter according to your thinking, feeling and acting.

Warm blessings for a Delightful Lammas.