Today, August 1st begins the celebration of Lammas. It is a Cross-Quarter Celebration of the Celtic Festivals. It is the First Day of Harvest…oh, yes, our harvesting of Grains and Corn and the first harvest of our efforts of the year. On A Cross-Quarter Festival, the best time is when the Sun has reached 15 degrees of the Zodiac sign it is traveling through. In this case, that is Leo and it will occur on August 7th at 11:45 pm Pacific Time. Check out page: for a ritual to follow, if you so desire.

We are also moving into the Crescent Moon, which calls us to clarify our goals for the lunar month. It is schedule to occur August 2nd. August 6th will be the First Quarter Moon that calls you into action toward your goals. It flows over the August 7th time frame as well. I say, begin to Celebrate Lammas today and dance with it all the way through the 7th.

Enjoy…for Lammas is a time of Joy, playfulness, competition, love and commitment. It is a time to stand up and be recognized, celebrate your state of being Empowered and Living from your Highest Intentions. As you play the game of life, play with the honor of all life, the integrity of harmony, and the joy of seeing the many aspects of Source in the Faces of all others.

Love of Life, Life of Love…Let it Flow through the phases of the Moon and the joy of Lammas.