There are many enigmatic messages held within the Ivy field of energy. To understand them, we must use the sacred wisdom of Ivy: Still Movement. With her consort, Venus, a tremendous amount of power exists, and all is within us.

Ivy, in itself, is a bridge. It is bridging the power of Light-to-Dark. It is bridging Personality-to-Soul. It is bridging Earth-to-Water through the element of breathe (air). It is bridging consciousness-to-inner consciousness and calling us to seek the soul voice directing us to the roots of our higher self. If we miss the power of the roots, buried deep within the darkness, we will not find our True Light and believe that only the Holy One is the Light. Thus, we will not allow ourselves to discover We Are the Light.

Ivy calls us into a relationship with our soul. Her consort, Venus, opens the door to the chapel of our soul and the temple of our Holy Self. When allowing ourselves to delve into the realm of the temple, we will discover more of the empowered state of the message, “We are the Creator Creating.”