Hello everyone:

Breathe in, Breathe out. Relax. Repeat: Breathe in, Breathe out. Relax. Repeat: Breathe in, Breathe out. Relax.
The year of 2020 has called us to attention, asked us to realize our intentions, and has taught us of our anxieties as well as our composure to face challenging realities. In our last lunar cycle we were called to walk across five bridges. We were, and continue to be, called to the energetic frequency of turning down the “fuse of overt action,” of our very active fiery energy and allow ourselves the blessings of gathering our harvest of introspection. Ivy continues this power.

Oh, yes, I’ve been asked by a few, “What happened to Grapevine?” This year she was not joined at the hip with Hazel. She was honored at the time of Ash as the Inner Builder and during the time of Ash, WomanSpirit had already presented me with the wisdom that Hazel would stand alone and we would move right into the Ivy qualities. As you might note on the front page, Grapevine is nestled just behind Ivy and her energy is recognized at New Moon as the frequency of Virgo is noted for 7+ hours before the Moon enters Ivy at 12:56 pm. Then a few days later, the Sun enters Libra at 7:55 a.m., MDT, on September 22nd and is the exact time for Spring Equinox and the Celtic Festival, Alban Elfed (pronounced “elved” and means the Light of Autumn).

Let me finish with the wisdom of Grapevine not being spoken about this month. Her essence is also within the vibration of the Law of Wholeness, and thus the blessings of Hazel. Her wisdom is a call to gather more of your harvest, and WomanSpirit is asking that to be done through the sacred intentions of Ivy’s vibrations: inner reflection and gathering of insights through observation of our inner self.

The Union of Grapevine with Ash was just a glimpse of the message Ash Moon Mother was giving us, “Ash is based in the power of Great Changes…” We had not even begun to understand the impact that Covid-19 would have on us. It is not over yet. We are not ready to “Harvest” the year. We are in the need of deeper and greater contemplation. We must gather the wisdom from our journey this year (lead-to-gold) and take time to observe it all. Thus, WomanSpirit calls us into the realm of Ivy as we enter the New Moon on September 17th.

Ivy: Active Conscious – Power of the Law of Cause and Effect
Ivy reveals how we need to put a veil over our active consciousness and over the way we see the world. Easily you can see the veil around her head. You might take a magnifying glass and look at the card itself so you may see the veil over her eyes.
The veil has several meanings. Of course, in a challenging reality, we put a veil over our awareness and ignore the “signs” that may guide us out of our old patterns of living. That means we are ignoring the “signs” that are guiding us to our new
form of living. The veil also means a separation of our human consciousness with our spiritual consciousness. However, the veil also means a “passageway” to the inner realm where we cross a bridge that leads us right to the partnership of our soul and all of the intentions we are born to cultivate and manifest.

The vines carry the power of growing one way or the other, as well. They are Passive or Active energy fields and may indicate: being put together, separated, or entangled. They can helps us intertwine with our inner consciousness, soul consciousness, and ultimately, our divine consciousness. However, they can be the essence of entanglements with our limited beliefs, crippling emotions, and allowing someone else to dictate how we are to believe life is, or is to be.

In the essence of Ivy we are called to stop trying to rush into something to get what we want. We are also called to allow support or be a supporter so the field of union can bring the greatest blessings into our human endeavor.

WomanSpirit calls us all to the most powerful use of the energy of Ivy: Still Movement. The power to be an observer, learn from what we observe, take action if necessary, or not. Ivy is not the judge, and not the jury. Nothing is right and Nothing is wrong. Observing simply allows us to review what we have learned, turn a corner to follow a new or different direction, and change the course of our life when we “feel” the discomfort or discordance of our inner harmony.

Ivy, though an air sign that could mean action, is actually a passive energy in the power of observation. The blessing of her passive energy is the calming power to allow clearing and releasing to occur so we can return to a state of consciousness we call, “Cause” and begin to create a flow of and direction for a new “Effect” in our life. This year, we all need the time of Ivy to be in the observing state so we may evaluate and assess how we may instigate the energy of new designs we do wish to cultivate and harvest…for our harvest time will not be complete until we celebrate Samhain in the essence of Reed.

The Law of Cause and Effect (Also known as the Law of Karma). “For every action there is a reaction, equal in force but opposite by nature.” This is the law we are constantly using to manifest our reality. What you think and feel you will manifest.
Source instigated this law to create the power of individuation. To learn how to manifest, the Law of Cause and Effect is always moving through your inner and outer awareness.

To achieve what you want, it is important that you know this law by how you use it within your conscious and unconscious reality. This law tells you that for every action there is a reaction. For every thought there is a response. For every feeling there is an equal force reflected back.

This is also known as the Law of Karma. Karma translates to “action” or “work.” It is the Golden Rule we all grew up with: Do unto others as you would do unto yourself. It is the law that calls you to understand that what you put out you will get back; what you reap you will sow.

Activator of Ivy The Outer Partner – Venus, The Law of Creative Imagination and the Law of Attraction
Venus is also known as the “door of the soul.” She is the perfect activator of Ivy, especially when we carry the intent to move inward and connect with our soul.

She activates the power to turn our thinking within as we carry the willingness to visualize the corridor that leads us to the dwelling space of our soul. The intent to initiate the vision actives the field of attraction that guides us to soul consciousness. We can unfold the desire to know more and ask our soul essence to provide wisdom we need. With the power of Imaging, we can see and assess the images the soul provides, review them through the gift of observation (no judgement), and decipher if the roots of the images are ready to be pulled from the soul of our unconsciousness and used, or released forever.

We can see through the power of observation, Ivy, and feel through the qualities of worthiness that Venus provides, what is most useful for our continued journey through the rest of the year. We can realize if we truly have a relationship with the inner qualities of our soul, or if we have shut down the field of interaction throughout this year from the interactions we have allowed to crowd our mind, overcome our emotions and thus veil our intuition, and block our progress.

Venus can provide us the active power to re-establish the intentions of our soul, build a strong relationship with our soul voice, stimulate our worthiness and creative prowess, and keep the corridors of inner wisdom open for instant observation of what is needed for action or inaction (balance) at any moment of our ventures. Venus does have a collaborating foundation with the Inner Builder, Alder.

The Law of Creative Imagination/Law of Attraction. The law of creative imagination states: The Universe was built through the Eye of God/Goddess and the vision of What Is, Was, and is Yet To Be. This is a power of Creative Imagination. All souls are encoded with the power of Creative Imagination and the ability to build their experiences through vision/imaging that stirs the power of creation. Humanity uses this law to create just as the Divine Mind does. It is humanities most powerful force to use and instigate new constructions in the mind and emotions to transform old patterns and establish new ones, therefore constantly creating new realities of one’s existence.

This Law would have us know that Source Created the Galaxies and all inhabit these states of Being through the creative imagination of Source. The Divine Mind focused and continues to focus a vision of unique and individual qualities of Itself. So it is! Manifestation occurs from the vision.

This is a very popular law in the world of Metaphysics. It is used to create the positive outcomes of what one desires in their life. What can you do to depict the power of Creative Visualization? How have you used this in the past and are you using it in the present?

Again, the awareness that you must maintain a constant and cohesive alignment with vision and feelings, thought and emotions, can be strongly noted here. If either of these levels of your being are incongruent with the other, no manifestation will occur. The vision cannot be held clearly. The emotions will dwindle into “other things to do” and cause the thoughts to trickle into the “to do list.

Realize that while you are using the power of creative imagination you are activating the second law…the Law of Attraction. This Law states that Like attracts Like. What you vision, think and feel creates a vibration radiating through the Network of the Universe. Your intentions held in a positive reality will draw your perfect vision to you and manifest in your material world. Of course, if you are visualizing your desire, but feeling doubt, thinking thoughts of impossibility and acting in anxiousness, you attract the vibrations of failure, partial possibilities or negative challenges to be lived through. You may distort or abort the manifestation.

The Law of Attraction most certainly reveals the power of “getting what you give, or, reaping what you sew” It is most important that you know what you are doing at the sublevels of your mind and emotions, beliefs and trust. Maintain an awareness of the “inner saboteur,” or the “confident creator.” Both powers are within you.

Alder- the Opposer of Ivy – the Inside Builder
Yes, do recall that this card is purposefully turned in a reversed mode. It provides an opportunity to look down, or look within to see, feel and know this energy. We must turn our mind from the outer world to recognize the polarity working within and as a helper of the outer quality to be even stronger. She is an inner reflection of the here and now, and we need to look in and down to see this aspect during this lunar cycle. It is active, and yet, not necessarily a conscious reality; because it is of the inner plane. If we don’t recognize it, it can play out in the field of reactions, aggressive emotions, challenging moods we don’t seem to be able to capture, thus we simply want to just “quit.” The reversed mode is the prescription (M) for the perfect synthesis of the Outside and Inside coming together to build our reality for 2020.

Do recall that Alder has the blessing of being a vibration aligned with the Hebrew Letter, Heh: The Eye of the Divine, and the Law of Worldly Development. As a “single” eye, this inward view allows us to remain focused on our intent to see the portal and pathway to our soul essence. It is the carrier of the “passion” to reach the goal of union with our soul and willingness to capture its drive and determination for its ever evolving plans.

Alder can aid us in feeling the inner vibrations of the fire or “Will to Be” that the soul carries into the physical housing it uses throughout an incarnation. It flames our heart, stirs the fluid of our dreams, boils the waters that burst the seeds of our creations, stimulates the roots and provides the growth of our purpose, and increases the desire to reap what our soul initiates.

Set the pathway to use Alder by focusing your outer vision inward with a single eye/single intention. Vision the doorway of Venus, image the passageway to your soul. Carry the emotion of the Will to Be in union with your soul. Let the flame of desire stir the flow of your soul-seeds that have risen from soil of your soul so far this year that you may see what has been occurring. Observe the roots of these creations. Are you ready to pull them out of your inner consciousness and reap rewards? Are you realizing you are to pull out and throw away the roots that keep your consciousness, emotional qualities, intuitive abilities, and purpose of self-governance in the darkness of failures, false self beliefs, and inabilities to manifest prolifically? See all clearly with the Single Eye of higher consciousness.

Do let the active power of Venus turn inward to aid this state of your being as much as allowing Alder to aid the Venus power you want throughout the cycle of Ivy.

Law of Worldly Development. This law reiterates the choice of Source to manifest itself through the corridors of Matter. The Universal impulse creates the quiver of positive and negative poles, instigating the power of contracting and repelling vibrations that stimulate the current of action and materialization.

When you are working with this Law, you reveal an attribute to create and develop. You set plans into order and set a course of action. You attract and repel ideas until the one right idea is set to structure your plan into a materialized reality. You constantly keep a focus on your goal by being skilled in the area of your desire and maintain the right use of your Will Power and attitude of knowing you can create your own reality. You develop your manifest, step-by-step and use a constant forward motion to keep you stimulated and practicing your power as a leader and manifestor of dreams. An impulse exists within each person that is provided from Source and encoded in the soul expression in order to develop through the World of Existing Matter. For us, that means we are developing our worldly experiences on the Earth. Atoms vibrate at frequencies of positive and negative poles and the constant attraction and repulsion of the atoms causes the activation of matter. This is initiated through the agency of Universal Consciousness and a responsive event occurs in your Soul conscious, which in turn impulses your Personal consciousness to create and honor the insistence of Source to build the material world.

Each individual is constantly building, shaping, and developing their world. The Universe is building, shaping, and developing the worlds of experiences within and beyond our galaxy, always. All that the Universe does is a holographic experience and always available to the individual to connect into this weave of consciousness. It holds the perfect model of anything that one desires to develop and can manifest in their personal existence.

The active energy of Venus is the very powerful influencer of our inner qualities of the Ivy cycle. She knows how to beguile the flame of Alder and direct it to partnership rather than running away into the realms of dealing with life alone. She teaches Alder the power of “We” versus “Me.”

She is a teacher of how to flame the fire so it rises and falls as needed. Yet, if twisted in fear or jealousy, her windy field in the essence of Ivy will cause the flames to go out or increase the flames to disaster stages.

If a disaster stage is occurring within us, we become “burnt” out mentally and emotionally. We no longer can hold our vision. The image of our soul desire becomes hidden behind the veils of separation. Eventually the fire is blown out and we have ashes that no longer reveal what is held as desire, inspiration, or drive within us. Our soul voice goes quiet and waits for a cycle of return to occur. Will it be in this lifetime? Will it be another incarnation? As an activator of the Law of Cause and Effect (Karma) through the essence of Ivy, if Venus has lost her will to feel and image, she will close the door. Alder will sit and quit. Ivy will oscillate in a state of imbalance, and our yin/yang qualities create illnesses of mind, body, our emotions, and our ego “just don’t care.” Everything goes dry.

What can we do?

Balance Through Review

Be intentful. With the fire of Alder use your Third Eye, entice your partner Venus to aid you in the flow of Imaging. Let the Winds of Ivy stir the flames of Alder, quicken the inner sight of Venus, and let all of these states of consciousness encourage your passion, purpose, and perseverance to enter the doorway of your soul. Let your soul reveal what you have done throughout this year so far. Let her reveal to you what you have as fodder to continue to create or recreate something new. Be inspired by ideas, feel the passion of desire, be encouraged by creative imaging, and draw it all up from your soul to the very cognitive state of your being. Then, of course, take action and cultivate. After all, Grapevine is waiting….you are the one to bring Her forward!

May many more insights come to you as you journey with the blessings of the Ivy lunar cycle. May wisdom flow from the depth of your soul as you walk in its corridor and open its door.

New Moon Love and Blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell, PhD, DD

~Lunar Phases of Ivy~
New Moon – Sept 17 Crescent Moon – Sept 20 First Quarter Moon – Sept 24 Gibbous Moon – Sept 27 Full Moon – Oct 1 (Sun Libra, Moon Aries) Disseminating Moon – Oct 6 Last Quarter – Oct 9 Balsamic Moon – Oct -13
October 16, 2020 – Reed New Moon
Please know these are not exact dates, but very close.