Hello Everyone:
Our continued message of Oneness can be seen in the Trio of Consciousness this month. Ivy represents the power to learn how to be in union at a deep and intimate level and be conscious of it. Rowan reminds us how we can use the inner light of our self to quell the old memories of separation, and thus detach from uncertainty, and the light of our inner essence intertwines our selves with all existence with compassionate detachment. enjoying, honoring, and blessing uniqueness. Hawthorn
presents us with the highest awareness this month of knowing we are all in Union and it is our Free Will that provides us the power to choose to recognize the Oneness. May we continue to unfold the awareness and live it! All three are a quality of the element of Air and the power of communication as well as thinking. May we find ways of communicating by talking, sending harmonizing thought forms, energetic telepathic vibrations of higher intentions, and create the visual power of One Mind – One Heart, as well as speak of our union with each other!
As we continue the course of our year and move more deeply into Fall, I hope all of you in our Northern Hemisphere are experiencing crisper mornings, perhaps the beauty of changing colors in the trees, flowers, and bushes. May the days be a bit more quiet, and the nights restful as the shades of darkness present hidden blessings for the next several months. For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere may you be blessed by light, spring time warmth, and colorful greens and flowers showing their faces.

We won’t have a ritual through this lunar cycle. However, do read about the Cosmic Influence of the New Moon on the website: www.katherinebell.org. Shannon will have my input to complete the video of the Moon Mothers influence as well as the Prayer-Meditation for the month on the website as well. Also, Carrie will have it all noted in the monthly New Moon Newsletter.

Our Annual Workshop will occur during this time as well, and the presentation of Union will be incredibly meaningful with this lunar energy supporting the journey.

Ivy – The Foundation of Consciousness for this Lunar Cycle

Be still. Observe what is going on around you. In observation you will see more harmony than you realize. You will see how we all cooperate with each other. Sometimes that cooperation is through peace, understanding, and fairness. Other times we cooperate with agitation, judgment, and injustice (which is always the call to make changes in order to form balance). The greater ideal to form a true harmony is the foundation of love that serves to honor all life and brings the teeter- toter into a state of balance. Oh, I know we give Ivy/Libra the usual identity of a Spouse, where intimacy is concerned. Yet, truly, we can look at those whom we are willing to share our deep feelings, dreams, and desires with and form a true authentic relationship with all. How does Ivy assist this deepening within a relationship?
The Ivy vibration of the Universe asks us to connect with the Divine with a realization that It already is intertwined with us. From within we are always presented the mastery to know and understand we are All One and in our universal expression as an individual, we have the blessing to recognize how each person, circumstance, and event is helping us create, live, and express uniqueness in this worldly endeavor. In order to have a deeper understanding, each of us is called to be open, truthful, and vulnerable…wherein authentic expression flows. We, then can recognize that everyone and everything is intertwined within us.
As Ivy is the foundation of our cognitive awareness, we need to look outward in our personal world and the people we interact with each day. They are our support team. To support us, we must become intimate with them. What does that mean? We must be open (not hiding our beliefs, emotions, fears, or our talents, wishes or dreams). It is important to share the truth of all parts of our self. Are we receptive to support given? Do we try too hard to receive support? Can we walk a silent path for a while to truly learn how to be deeply interactive and in harmony? Can we be good listeners, givers, supporters to others? These are question that will aid us in observing how we can create the Harmony of Oneness in a world that presents the mirror of multiplicity. Perhaps the active power of Venus can give us a clue.

Conscious Action Venus- Venus

In the power of communication, may I first suggest that we observe our thoughts in relationship to our self with the most intimate group of people in our life. With Venus, realize each person is a mirror reflecting the very essence of our being. They reflect our worthiness, our nurturing, our value on all levels. They reveal how we treat our self and the realm of Oneness. They interact with us and weave the blessings of our talents, our soul intentions, and the challenges that encourage us to turn the corners to the next adventures of our soul evolution, according to what we are willing to reflect. Note that everyone we see are angels revealing the wisdom of the Divine that is within us. As they do, they open the doorway of our imagination that stirs the fertile ground of our creative processes that enriches our world. Are we willing to reveal the true self and gain wisdom to create a truer existence of our purpose?
If we only use our cognitive mind to view everyone as separate from our self, relationships that are good or bad, and challenges that keep us from being loved and honored, then we stand in great fear of life. We stop the progress of our harmony. We interfere with the release of our creative flow, and the wisdom of communicating our deeper desires that can flourish when others step forward to help. If we are willing to observe and reflect on what is occurring we can recognized we are called to let our mind and heart be open to intimate sharing which becomes the doorway of healing wounds, the joy of being nurtured, honored, and supported. In this way, the decisions that will guide us on the ever evolving path of our life are easier to make and act upon.
In our active approach, we are called to walk humbly into our world, meaning to know that we are all one, thus when in a humble position we can see, hear, and honor all interactions. We can learn, create, and manifest the harmony of life. WE are the causal energy that defines and manifests the effect of all who look as separate. We can know every single being are truly present a ray of light streaming from the One Light. When we hold respect, honor, love, and compassion, we will bring a brighter light into our world. Let’s take action each and every day!

The Subconscious/Unconscious World of Ivy – Rowan

This month is yet another opportunity to release old memories. What would Rowan report to us that remains as a part of our saboteur? False beliefs for sure that betray our understanding of the inner strength we do have. Betrayal will first look like someone we know has been disloyal, unfaithful, and reveals a wrong doing. In truth, we have attracted the actions because we, in some form or another have betrayed our self, our truth, and dimmed our inner light. Our saboteur self found a way to keep us unwittingly aloof from truth, our deep inner awareness, and ability to know our inner qualities. In fact, we became detached. We detached from our emotions, our intuition, our dreams and desires. We used the “fake it till we make it,” messages and we never quite make it toward fulfilment of our joy-filled life. We detach from others because we don’t realize and don’t want to know that the “they” that we see are the “We that is Me and the Me that is One, and the One that will Create the Outcome we desire.”
Venus as the subconscious action just keeps us on the saboteur track of believing in our unworthiness and looking for the mirrors that will be the actors of betrayal. Oh, they will most certainly be part of our most intimate group, though we think we have held them at bay and not let them know our thoughts and feelings. We will believe that we have shared nothing and carry on with the lie that they don’t know us. Ah, but the vibration of air is a transmitter of energy that is telepathic in nature, and reports our own self-betraying emotions. Through the wave of energetic vibrations our messages go out and our saboteur wins. for what goes out will manifest itself and
the mirror of Venus will reflect it to us—I am alone, unworthy, filled with lack and limitation. What I see is all there is.

Rowan as the Soul -Unconscious World of Ivy

Moving deeper into the second level, we can open the door to the Soul/Unconscious realm. Rowan is no longer the field of betrayal. She is the field of light radiating and illuminating the path of the soul. The will to express our unique qualities as an individuated component of the whole is vibrantly radiating and transforming the dark levels of the saboteur challenges. We are able to move from believing the lies of the past and honor the very moment of our existence. The power of knowing Oneness presents us with a different form of detachment. We are detached from outcomes because we are in the element of Oneness that always knows we are creating and manifesting at the very same time. We are dreamers dreaming everything into existence. From the soul essence we honor the Many in the Oneness and thus Compassion comes forward. It is Compassionate Detachment for no longer is attachment necessary. Attachment serves to keep us feeling less than and needing something outside our self to make us feel whole. In this soul-state of awareness, our knowing is Oneness, the uniqueness of creation, the joy of interacting with the multi-essence of creative aspects. Thus, as we meet other people, experience events, we see the reflection of the creative process revealing ideals we want to manifest. We also recognize the reality that we are all the thread as well as the crochet needle interlacing and weaving the greatest piece of artwork of our oneness. Humbly, compassionately, and delightfully we create and manifest, drop a stitch or two, and weave a bit more.

Venus in the Soul/Unconscious with Rowan

Ah, at this level is at her most powerful point. She holds the secret of being a symbol of the doorway of the soul. If you recall, she a messenger of 2019 when adding all numbers together (they become 3 – a number given to Venus). She is a powerful energy drawing our attention to the laws that dance within her field: The Law of Creative Imagination and the Law of Attraction. In this place of soul consciousness Venus actively produces the energy of imaging the powerful qualities of creation seeded within the individuated qualities of Oneness and used by the soul. She is the vibration creating all forms of being, manifesting in the realm of matter, as a vital intention of the soul. When the soul activates the transmission of energy through our unconscious it is also stirring the essence of attracting all that is needed to bring the vision into form and function in our earthly existence. The soul does not doubt that. In fact, with the Rowan energy, it sets the stage of the mind to see it, draw pictures of it, and scintillate the mind to visualize, the heart to feel, and the spontaneous desires to jump into action without any fearful doubts.

The Supernal Consciousness of Ivy – Hawthorn

The purity of innocence provides the gateway to the realm of Higher Intelligence and Union with Divine Mind. Innocence is the manner in which Oneness is known without the chaos of judgment, the mental flurry of confusing thoughts, or irrelevant thinking. No longer is there a need to experience being self absorbed in a fashion of separation. Instead, at this level, the foundation is set to enter the field of mind expansion, through the realm of a deep desire of Oneness Awareness, and unify as One Mind-One Heart. The energetic frequency is harmony and the weaving of union is known.
In this range of consciousness, inspiration to explore and experience a plethora of Creations expressions is provided. Curiosity is stirred. Within our individual self, our minds carry the questions, “What exists beyond the me? What is this essence called the Universe? Who Created everything? What more can I know? Why does this or that exist?” Oh, there are so many questions to be asked. Within our higher mind Hawthorn is stirring our Quest to Know and Ivy stirs to Quest to Learn…together we they form the perfect balance. learn what you want to know about and you will discover the Light within your Soul.

Active power of Venus in the Supernal Consciousness with Hawthorn

In the Supernal Conscious Level Venus activates and creates the refining of the mind, renewing the union, refreshing the creative intentions that are always ready to birth new evolutions of consciousness. The power of the doorway starts here by revealing that the portal of higher consciousness is always open. It is always available to the seeker. It provides the wisdom of the unmanifested Oneness manifested as Everything knowable to our personal reality and well beyond. Reflecting the Primal Will, Eternal Life, and All that Is, Venus reminds us that Nothing Stands in the Way of our Good for All Is the Oneness.
Venus at this level is teaching of the Holy One and revealing the blessings of Grace. There is no one left without love. There is no one left without creative qualities that manifest through their existence on earth. There is no one without the mastery to be Creators Creating.
May you use the blessings of these states of consciousness to assist you in continuing your journey into Oneness Awareness. May we all assist in the powerful ever growing Evolution of Oneness.
Enjoy being more intimate with yourself and others. Allow deeper intimacy with your inner self, and your Divine Self. Uncover your greatest wisdom, desires, and creative qualities.
New Moon Blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell, PhD, DD

Download the PDF version of the Ivy 2019 New Moon Letter