Rev. Katherine Torres, Ph.D., D.D.


Is the whole world asleep? I pray not. For Goddess is granting Goodness, Grace, and Opulence. Is anyone thinking of Her; feeling Her? She is so Good and so Compassionate. She awaits our awareness so She can give more to our hearts, more to our minds, more to our souls.

Is the whole world asleep? I Pray not. For Goddess is granting new awareness. If we are awake, we can receive it. She is Filled with Love, Filled with Nurturing and always giving it to Her off-spring. But asleep her children cannot receive, cannot hear Her or feel Her gifts. If they cannot feel, they do not receive, for according to their Free Will and Free Choice, there state of sleeping renders the choice of ignoring, turning away the Precious Gifts of Goddess.

Is the Whole World Asleep? I pray not. Awakened the children of the Earth sing praises to Her, The Great Birther. Awakened we Bless Her with our Love, compassion and good actions as conduits of Divine Energy. Awakened, we bless the Oceans of the World, the Creatures who abide on Earth, and all Brothers and Sisters of Humanity. Awakened, we bless the Greater Galaxy and honor the Oneness.

I invite the whole world to be Awake. Open to Receive the Goodness, Grace and Opulence of the Goddess. I invite the whole world to be Awake and feel Her Compassion Her abundant gifts that fill every nook and cranny of our existence and our needs.

I invite the whole world to be awake and know the Sacred Union of each other, for in this union, the Blessings of the One, the blessings of the Goddess is recognized and abundance flows like a great river in the hearts, the minds and the soul of every living creature.

I invite the whole world to be a awake and LOVE the Divine Source.

I invite the whole world to be awake and LOVE.


Excerpts from THE BOOK OF PRAYERS, ©2012, Rev. Katherine Torres, Ph.D.,D.D.